GNOSIA, the critically acclaimed RPG, is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Store this December

Get ready for the ultimate werewolf experience on PlayStation and Xbox this December 14, 2023

GNOSIA, the critically acclaimed RPG, is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Store this December

Playism recently revealed that they are releasing GNOSIA for PlayStation and Xbox. GNOSIA is a highly-rated single-player werewolf game developed by Petit Depotto. The game is set to release on December 14, 2023. It will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and the Microsoft Store.

GNOSIA, first released on the PS Vita in 2019 and later on the Nintendo Switch in 2020 and Steam in 2022, is now expanding to PlayStation and Xbox.

The game takes place on a drifting spaceship in space. Players have to find and destroy the Gnosia, a dangerous enemy that masquerades as humans. To fight this threat, the crew will identify the most suspicious people and put them to "cold sleep" to eliminate the Gnosia.

Players can play as either a human or a Gnosia. The goal is to win the game by fulfilling the win or lose condition for the role. In the role of a human, the objective is to identify and vote to put all Gnosia into cold sleep. Conversely, as a Gnosia, the goal is to eliminate crew members every night until Gnosia outnumber humans.

GNOSIA unfolds through a series of "loops" that lasts around 15 minutes. At the start of each loop, players will be assigned roles, such as "Crew" or "Gnosia". Character interactions are shaped by factors such as their role, personalities, and trust levels. This results in unique quirks and principles that fuel captivating debates during each loop.

The game combines elements from role-playing, simulation, and visual novel genres. It carves a niche as a distinctive "roguelite visual novel." As players progress through the game, they will discover bits and pieces of information about the Gnosia and the mystery of the spaceship.

Players can also improve their character's parameters like charisma and logic. As the player's level increases, they can allocate points to these parameters. They become key players in discussions, exerting direct influence and swaying opinions.

GNOSIA ensures a unique journey for each player. Fellow crew members may become both allies and adversaries in a quest to unveil the narrative's secrets. The story is closely tied to the player's choices. It reveals drama and chemistry between characters. Betrayals and alliances are especially powerful for emotional highs and lows.

No two playthroughs of GNOSIA will be the same, thanks to the game's colorful characters and infinite possibilities.

Join the Battle of Survival in Space on PlayStation and Xbox this December 14, 2023. For more information about the game, check the official website: PLAYISM

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