Bandai Namco Announces Family Trainer for the Nintendo Switch

Discover a fun way to move!

Bandai Namco Announces Family Trainer for the Nintendo Switch

With the pandemic forcing everyone to stay inside, everyone is looking for more ways to move at home. Bandai Namco is answering the call with this upcoming title for the Switch.

Have a look at Family Trainer:

Discover a fun way to move with Family Trainer! Over a dozen mini adventures to challenge yourself and enjoy a fun workout, solo or with a friend.

Family Trainer is a combination of mini-games that are made to get players to move. It has games that you can play with a traditional controller as well as games that use straps to register your leg movements.

While it’s possible to play the game solo, it also has games to compete or play co-op with friends and family. Players can adjust the settings to the kind of workout that they’re looking for.

Though you can order the full game itself, a pre-order bundle that will include 2 leg straps is available.

Though heavy-hitting consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox are more focused on story-driven AAA games, the Switch sets itself apart with its focus on gameplay, and movement-based games.

Catch Family Trainer when it launches for the Switch on Sept. 3. Check out more family-friendly titles for the Switch.


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