Eternal Threads Console Launch Dates Revealed

In a press release, the two studios announced they will roll out the 2022 game this May 23rd.

Eternal Threads Console Launch Dates Revealed
ByMarie MijaresMay 15, 2024

The much-awaited console versions of the award-winning puzzle game Eternal Threads is coming soon.

Secret Mode and Cosmonaut Studios recently unveiled the launch dates for the console version of Eternal Threads. In a press release, the two studios announced they will roll out the 2022 game this May 23rd. It can be played on next-gen Xbox and PlayStation devices as well as on Nintendo Switch.

Eternal Threads first came out for PC in 2022. Upon its release, the game received wide praise. Whatoplay gave it a playscore of 8.2.

It also bagged several awards and recognition. This included the Best Puzzle Game award at the TIGA Games Industry Awards. It also received an Honorable Mention for Excellence in Narrative at the Independent Games Festival.

Eternal Threads is a single-player, first-person adventure. The game features a non-linear narrative puzzle. It throws players into an alternate universe where time-traveling is possible. There, they become a rookie time traveler named Operator 43. Their mission, under Second Chance Project, is to fix a corrupted timeline.

In turn, players found themselves in North England in 2015 when a house fire claimed the lives of six people. As Operator 43, they must find a way to save them all under one condition. And that is they should not prevent the fire from happening.

Each of the six housemates can be saved in multiple ways. This leaves players with multiple choices that have lasting effects on their futures.

Some choices will have minor ripples. Meanwhile, others will completely rewrite the timeline. Or even introducing new events and possibly replacing them entirely.

A console edition of Eternal Threads was initially planned shortly after its debut on PC. The reasons for the delay remain unknown.

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