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Critics divided over latest Sony PlayStation Exclusive, Days Gone

Critics divided over latest Sony PlayStation Exclusive, Days Gone

With names unforgettable names like The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, and more recently, God of War and Spider-Man under their belt, Sony has definitely set the standard when it comes to their exclusive lineup. However, the release of their open-world survival game, Days Gone, may have changed all that.

Pulling the scores on either side, it certainly isn't bad but there's a whole lot of talk if it has the longevity and charm that their previous games had. Here's what the critics had to say.

We Got This Covered 8.00/10

Days Gone overcomes loose controls, familiar mechanics and gameplay loops, and a well-worn setting to tell a very relatable story featuring one of my favorite characters in recent years.

Destructoid 6.00/10

Days Gone ups the open world survival ante but doesn't have enough cash to pay for the rest of the rounds of betting, making it one of the weirdest AAA releases in recent memory. If enough people buy it, its stronger moments will likely be immortalized in YouTube videos for years to come. Yet, most people will probably remember it as the open world zombie game that didn't bring much mechanically to the table. With some tweaks to the pacing, it could have reconciled its warm, frank look at humanity and been something special.

Gamezone 6.50/10

As it stands, Days Gone isn't some abomination but it's not up to par with what we expect from a Sony first party game. It has significant redeemable qualities to be found in its story but still fails to deliver a tight, focused narrative without loads of extra fat or a compelling enough gameplay experience.

Gamesradar 7.00/10

Days Gone is a keen and engaging open-world zombie adventure despite some issues.

Critical Hit 8.00/10

Days Gone has moments where it reveals its brilliance, but they’re buried under a litany of uninteresting and repetitive missions and numerous technical issues.

Game Revolution 8.00/10

This is a game that doesn’t innovate or do anything new. Instead, it’s one of the titles you start seeing near the end of a console generation that polishes the ideas that other games have introduced. The story is a slow-burn, but once you start getting into it, you’ll want to finish the ride.

IGN 6.50/10

There’s a good game in here somewhere, but it’s buried in a meandering storyline, repetitive missions, and just too much obligatory stuff to do without an eye on the smaller details that could have given it much more character. Some fine tuning and editing could have removed the tedium and celebrated what makes this game unique and interesting, but Days Gone rides strictly down the middle of the dusty road and never finds its rhythm.

USGamer 7.00/10

The zombie apocalypse is well-trodden territory and the open-world spin of Days Gone can only differentiate it so much. There's a strong narrative focus, but Deacon St. John doesn't carry that weight as deftly as he could. There are highlights and fun tools available within, but the game doesn't push those forward initially, leaving the players to deal with some tedium first. Days Gone is a great foundation for something better though, so hopefully, Bend gets the chance to improve upon it.

Wccftech.com 8.40/10

Days Gone puts Bend Studio once again on the map of all PlayStation gamers after many years of oblivion. While it doesn't deliver any meaningful innovations in terms of open world and gameplay mechanics, it's a fun game that sports gorgeous graphics and a surprisingly great story/cast of characters, easily paving the way for a sequel to the stories of Deacon 'the Drifter' St. John.

COGconnected 8.00/10

It has rough patches, but Days Gone is a good time. Ripping across the vast wilderness looking for hordes to wipe out is undoubtedly fun, and Deacon’s sort of comic book story is competent. Is it an excellent open world game? Not quite. Is it worth playing? Oh yeah. The gorgeous and well-built environment is a treat, and the mechanical twists on the Sony’s first party formula make Days Gone a nice spring surprise.

GameSpot 5.00/10

I did a lot of things in Days Gone. I burned every single Freaker nest; I cleared every ambush camp; I maxed out my bike; I took out a few optional hordes just because. Like Deacon with Sarah, I kept going because I hoped to find something, to follow a thread to a possibly fascinating or satisfying or impactful conclusion. But at the end of it all, I'd only gotten scraps.

Attack of the Fanboy 8.00/10

Days Gone is by no means perfect, but if you’re willing to put up with some shortcomings the reward is one of the best open-world zombie apocalypse games to date.

The Escapist 8.00/10

Glitches aside, Days Gone is a remarkable surprise. Open worlds and zombie games are a dime-a-loot box and have been for years, yet SIE Bend Studios rose to the occasion. In theory, Days Gone’s undead sandbox sounds dated and cliche. In practice, a hybrid of The Sons of Anarchy, The Last of Us, and Red Dead Redemption is a truly captivating experience thanks to Deacon’s sympathetic presence. After all, none of us could do better in Deacon’s situation as he attempts to maintain his humanity in the face of the living death, fighting for the future by remembering love, life, and the days gone.

Hardcore Gamer 8.00/10

The game does hit a few snags with its gunplay, bike maintenance, and performance issues, but overall it comes together well. There’s no denying that Days Gone borrows heavily, perhaps too much, from other games, but Bend Studios manages to weave all the components together into a compelling product. There are a few bumps in the road, but Days Gone is still worth the ride.

Push Square 7.00/10

Days Gone’s survival horror underbelly gives it just enough personality to distance it from the dozens of other open worlders already available. A dense selection of overlapping gameplay mechanics makes for entertaining action, even if the title’s unremarkable mission design doesn’t always make the best of them. The story can drift, and the overall package isn’t quite as polished as its PS4 exclusive counterparts – but as far as gaming comfort food goes, you could feast on much worse snacks than this.

Game Informer 7.75/10

Days Gone has good gameplay foundations. The scarcity of supplies and the ever-present threat of zombies put me on edge as much as it gave me options to escape by the skin of my teeth. But the inability to fully deliver on either the story or open world fronts makes it a title of both possibilities and limitations.

Metro.co.uk 6.00/10

A peculiarly constructed open world zombie game that sidelines its most unique features in favor of generic action and unengaging storytelling.