Dawnlands, a new open-world survival craft from Seasun Games, is set to open another beta test. Seasun Games announced they would launch Beta: Warriors Trial on June 25.

Players need to sign up and obtain Trial Keys in advance to participate successfully, the China-based developer and publisher said.

Beta: Warriors Trial will be the second beta test for Dawnlands. The new title from Seasun Games is expected to be released this year. A month and date, however, have yet to be revealed.

In the meantime, Seasun Games' announcement for another beta came as Dawnland reached another milestone. The gaming company said the upcoming game has already reached 1.5 million pre-registrations.

Players who successfully pre-registered may earn exclusive in-game items, they added.

Dawnlands will be available for PCs, Android, and iOS. Its story arc involves a warrior on a mission to find and destroy the remnants of the Demon Lord. Players will take control of the warrior, traveling to unknown lands to start the quest.

Developers confirmed that the game will feature single and multiplayer options. This means gamers can team up with friends to complete tasks.

Seasun Games also promised that Dawnlands would not become a gacha game to access power-ups and rare materials.

For some players, the pay-to-win model is not an enjoyable gaming experience. However, when experiencing Dawnlands, there is no need to worry about such issues, they said.

Instead, they advised players to build up their character. In addition, they must gather more resources to accomplish their objectives.

In this unfamiliar world, players will begin their adventures with very limited tools, developers described.

You will need to collect and gather hundreds of resources and building schematics to complete the base and home of your dreams, they added.

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