Dragon Quest Monsters fans have something to look forward to this year.

Video game giant Square Enix confirmed the development of a new title for the hit RPG series, Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch consoles on December 1.

In The Dark Prince, players will take control of Psaro, a demon prince who is cursed with the inability to inflict harm on monsters. He becomes a Monster Wrangler, traveling through the fantastical world of Nadiria. Along the way, players will befriend different monsters, breed, capture, and train them.

Square Enix has introduced new features to the game, including a dynamic seasonal system. This means that the landscapes of Nadiria will change depending on the season, and players will encounter unique monsters that emerge during specific seasons.

The game also features a newly evolved synthesis system. This system allows players to create new monsters by combining monsters on their roster.

The announcement of Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince came hours after the game's trailer was revealed during the Nintendo Direct. The trailer showcased the game's stunning visuals and action-packed gameplay.

Square Enix also confirmed that players could unlock at least 500 monsters in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince.

[This included] franchise favorites, dark lords, and completely new creatures, they said.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince is the latest entry in the Dragon Quest Monsters series, which started in 1998. Due to its critical and commercial success, it has spawned several spin-offs and remakes.

The series is part of the larger Dragon Quest franchise, which is celebrating its 37th anniversary this year.

The Dragon Quest series is one of the most popular and influential role-playing game series in Japan and worldwide, with over 85 million units shipped globally.

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