Crusader Kings III Announces Upcoming Expansion: Royal Court

Take a break from war and expansion and focus on your royal court of servants and spies.

Crusader Kings III Announces Upcoming Expansion: Royal Court

2020 saw the release of Crusader Kings III (CK3) from Paradox Interactive. Besides the announcement of Victoria 3, Paradox has also dropped a reveal for CK3’s first major expansion, Royal Court.

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Invite your subjects to come to you with their problems, knowing that every problem is also an opportunity. How will you rule?

If you’ve watched Game of Thrones, you’ll know that the drama happening in the throne rooms are just as important as the battles on the fields. Royal Court invites players to take a deeper look into the throne rooms. Manage subjects who demand your audience and even the decorations in your throne room. Decorating, among other things like better food, gives you more Grandeur. It’s one of the expansion’s features and improving means higher quality guests.

Also included are three new features:

  • Inspired People - talented artists and thinkers who add valuable treasures to your court.
  • Cultural Divergence - split from traditional culture and adapt something that fits your plans.
  • Hold Court - interact with vassals and courtiers, all seeking your royal advice.

Royal Court also comes with a major update that includes a new culture interface and more.

For more info on Crusader Kings, you can visit the official website.

No release date has been set for Royal Court, but you can pre-order it now on Steam. Crusader Kings III is available on PC. Find more games in our list of anticipated PC games.


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