More 'The Room' Games Coming Soon: An interview with Fireproof Games

More 'The Room' Games Coming Soon: An interview with Fireproof Games

In 2018, Fireproof Games graced mobile gamers with The Room: Old Sins on iOS and Android, another installment of their award-winning puzzle-adventure series. Previous The Room games received numerous awards not just for the challenging puzzles but also the ingenious ways they utilize touch functions on mobile devices. Old Sins is no exception.

Raine Colubio, whatoplay’s Community Manager, had the opportunity to interview Barry Meade, one of the founders of Fireproof Games.

Raine: Hello Barry. Thank you so much for giving us the time to talk to you about the original The Room trilogy and the new Old Sins. Fans, me included, waited for its release and it was every bit as good as expected. The first three The Room games were interconnected -- following the same story. However, Old Sins while still in the same universe, has its own storyline. Will it be followed by a couple more games?

Barry: We don’t feel like we’re finished with The Room yet so yes, we expect more games to come in the future. As for stories, we would only look back to an older story if we thought we had something cool to add to it. We enjoyed making an original story for The Room: Old Sins and in a similar way I expect we’ll continue to give each new game its own flavour.

Raine: The first game of the trilogy was released on the Nintendo Switch last year. Are games 2 and 3 following anytime soon?

Barry: We’d love to put all the Room games on Switch as the platform is such a natural home for The Room’s kind of gameplay. It all depends on the sales of the first game however – if enough people buy it, we’ll put as many games as we can on Switch!

Raine: The 3D puzzles of the whole series are one-of-a-kind and among the best in mobile platforms. Are there plans to expand to a full VR experience?

Barry: Honestly, we’ve always wanted to make a VR-only Room game and we’re constantly looking for ways to make it happen. As far as we’re concerned The Room has the potential to be one of the very best VR games so I’m pretty sure sure one day it will, I just can’t say exactly when.

Raine: What can we expect from Fireproof games? Are you currently working on a game outside of the The Room?

Barry: Fireproof are always dreaming up new game ideas outside of The Room! We have a few ideas that we already like the look of and as a team we like to be experimental where we can, so I would definitely say there are non-Room games in our future.

It is truly exciting to see where Fireproof games will take us next, whether we’ll be once again trapped in another Room installment, or be it another game entirely. This is a game studio to look out for not only on mobile, but potentially the other platforms as well.