Top 10 Android Games of 2023 (First quarter)

The hottest game releases for Android gamers.

ByFeliciano Mondigo III April 28, 2023

10. Cat Snack Bar

A snack bar… for cats! Of course, cat lovers will find this relaxing and therapeutic. Gather those feline friends and build a booming business empire full of these adorable pets. Tend to their needs or satisfy their wants as you expand with more amenities for pets, and your patrons. What’s not to love about your very own cat sanctuary?

9. Pucca Puzzle Adventure

Match three puzzle games are all over the mobile and this South Korean cartoon character is joining in. Hop into dimensions as Pucca and rescue her friends from the hands of the evil Dong King. There’s over 100 match-three puzzles. Each has its own gimmicks that can freshen up the challenges in your adventure. If you’re tired of all that puzzle solving, you can also dedicate your time to developing your village from the awards you earned!

8. Ace Racer

So far he best Android racing game in 2023. Ace Racer’s multitude of tracks is second only to its massive selection of cars. From manufacturers like Porsche, Volkswagen, BMW and more, there’s a lot of choices for car enthusiasts. Despite being a racing game, Ace Racer’s gacha elements add a unique twist. To get more cards and sweet rides, you have to pray to the RNG gods.

7. Merge War - Army Draft Battler

This is the perfect game for busy casual gamers It's an auto-battler that’s sort of like 2048 -- you need to fuse similar units to form more powerful heroes to add to your legion. It has roguelike elements that keep things from getting stale. The mechanics are simple and it's one of the few games that won’t assault you with ads in the first 10 minutes.

6. Escape Game lily of the valley

An escape the room puzzle game taking place in a Japanese-style room. Find your means of exit while uncovering all the mysteries scattered around this perplexing place. It’s not as convoluted as other escape room puzzle games on the market. It’s also easy to pick up since it gives you hints when you get stuck. Just find the clues and get the hell out of there.

5. Happy Game

Don’t let the title fool you, this is a horror game. For something with ‘Happy’ in its name, there’s no sign of that here. Solve a variety of twisted and disturbing puzzles scattered around a child’s nightmare. Of course since this is a horror game, there will be creepy screeching sounds and jumpscares. If you’re easily rattled, you might want to avoid this one. And please don’t let your kids play this.

4. Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG

Enjoy an open world where you can grow an empire from scratch. There’s a lot of activities here that you can sink hours and hours of playtime into. Gather the necessary resources and build an army that can rival a horde of monsters. This is all in the effort to save the princess from clutches of an evil Dark Knight.

3. Paranormasight

A visual novel horror game taking place in 20th century Japan. It’s a murder mystery and each character has enough motivations and secrets to raise suspicions. It’s up to you to collect enough clues to uncover the deeper truth behind it all. The story only gets more interesting as you uncover paths that lead you into the realm of the paranormal.

2. Orixo Hex

The pulsating polygons of Orixo Hex lures you into its world of complicated logic puzzles. If you’ve played the previous game, this new and improved version adds more complex challenges to twist your synapses. The rules remain the same: fill all the cells in the correct order. It’s free with over 100 levels to solve, so you can’t go wrong with this one. Just hop in and out if you feel like giving your brain a challenge.

1. Pickle Pete: Survival RPG

The best Android game of 2023 lets you play as a mutated pickle with superhuman strength. Use a selection of insane firepower to survive waves of enemies and make it through the day. In between bosses, you’ll be gearing up for the next horde. It’s a game that doesn’t seem to end. Just keep upgrading and maximizing abilities to become the most dangerous Pickle in the galaxy.