Gamers can now contemplate the meaning of life with the launch of the demo for An Everyday Story, a story-based platformer game from indie developer Cactus Production. The demo is available as part of Steam Next Fest, Valve's week-long celebration of upcoming games.

Steam Next Fest is a week-long event where gamers can try out demos of upcoming games, watch developer interviews, and participate in live streams. The event is a great way to discover new games and get a taste of what's to come.

The demo for An Everyday Story is available now as part of Steam Next Fest. The demo features two levels of the game, giving players a taste of the story, gameplay, and art style. The demo is free to play until June 26.

It will be a pleasure for us to see you experience the first two levels of the game and get some feedback to help us improve the game! they added.

Cactus Production unveiled the development for An Everyday Story in December 2022. The game's main story revolves around an unnamed Italian-American man who takes a trip down memory lane.

The protagonist has lost his memories. But he had clung on to three different toys in an attempt to retrieve them.

The players will then take control of these toys as they help the man revive the bonds he shares with his loved ones. They become a tin soldier, a bat origami, and a wood shop. Each toy has its own abilities and weaknesses and can interact with the environment differently, as the developers described.

Along the way, players will find themselves reflecting on life itself.

The main theme of the game is the melancholy of life, needings and wishes, forgiveness, memories, nostalgia, and family, said Cactus Production. The game features a variety of locations and scenarios, from realistic to fantastic, that reflect the man's emotions and experiences, they added.

An Everyday Story will be released for PC via Steam this year.

The game has already earned several recognitions, including the Big Indie Pitch 2020 bronze award. It was also named semi-finalist at the Xsolla XDC Contest for LATAM developers.

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