Airborne Kingdom Soars To The PC And Mac This December 17

Air Supremacy at its finest. Construct castles in the sky in this upcoming game from The Wandering Band

Airborne Kingdom Soars To The PC And Mac This December 17

City builders are a thing of the past, yet time and time again, the genre continues to evolve into something unique. The Wandering Band’s project takes all the best things about City Builders and combines them into one exciting title.

Airborne Kingdom tasks players to construct their floating civilization. As its creator, you will build and manage the kingdom to satisfy the needs of your people. There is a lot of emphasis on sim-style management and nodal storytelling. It’s simple on paper, but as an aerial city, resources are limited and that’s up to you to keep it intact. Call upon the aid of lost civilization technologies, or seek answers from the inhabitants from below.

Airborne Kingdom will arrive December 17, available exclusively on the Epic Games Store for Windows PC and Mac for $24.99.

Pre-orders are now available here. For more info on the game, you can visit

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