What is the playscore?

The playscore is a standard rating that combines reviews published by our accredited gaming publications and ratings by active gamer communities.

How is the playscore calculated?

There are three steps in the calculation of the playscore.

  1. Calculating the normalized average of a game's critic reviews
  2. Calculating the normalized average of a game's gamer reviews
  3. Averaging of normalized critic and gamer average

What does the color associated with the playscore mean?

The color is an indicator of what score group the playscore of a game belongs to, an aid when browsing long list of games. There are five score ranges. See below for their corresponding score ranges:

  • 9.00 to 10.0
  • 8.00 to 8.99
  • 6.00 to 7.99
  • 4.00 to 5.99
  • 0.00 to 3.99

What are the minimum requirements for a game to have a playscore?

Every platform has its own set of requirements. This is based on how often a game released on that platform receives critic and gamer reviews.

PlayStation 4350
Xbox One350
Nintendo Switch330
Nintendo 3DS350
PlayStation Vita350
PlayStation 3350
Xbox 360350
Nintendo Wii U350

What happens if a game doesn’t reach the set requirements for the playscore?

When a game reaches the minimum requirement for either the critic or gamer reviews, it will receive a Provisional playscore. Any game that fails to reach both critic and gamer requirements will not receive a playscore, and is marked “NA” for “not applicable”.

Why are there different playscores for the same game released in multiple platforms?

Early on the development of this scoring system, we realized that a game released on several platforms can behave differently for various reasons.

It’s more optimized on one platform and not the other. It may be built for the console and is merely ported to the PC. Or one platform’s release is developed by an outside contracting firm. Finally, gamers and critics usually just review the game on a certain platform.

How often is the playscore updated?

There are two types of updates that happens. The first is the platform-wide. It’s when the algorithm recalculates the playscore of all the games under a certain platform. This happens every 2 hours.

The second update is for individual game. Once a game reaches the minimum requirement (see above), the system automatically calculates its playscore. This happens in realtime as new critic reviews or gamer ratings are added.

Why do some upcoming games already have provisional playscores?

Both released and upcoming games are subject to the same platform-specific requirements to get a playscore. Some of the games are reviewed prior to its release. The reviews can be from game critics or gamers that played the pre-released version of the game.

When an upcoming game receives a provisional playscore, it simply means that it has reached the minimum requirement for either critic or gamer reviews.

Why is my favorite game not in your database?

We strive to fill our growing database with as many games as we can but it’s a monumental task. Most older titles, released before 2010, are yet to be added.

If your favorite game is not yet on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us.