Xbox Series X

Tennis World Tour 2 - Complete Edition

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Ross MitchellMar 28, 2021
Tennis World Tour 2: Complete Edition is a great next gen version of the original with crisper visuals, vastly superior load times and more things for the player to do. The MOCAP work could be a little better and perhaps some work is needed on the card system (or just scrap it altogether). Tennis World Tour 2 is one of the better tennis games I have played in a while, but it still needs a little work to take Top Spin’s crown.
garethApr 01, 2021
It was great to look at and does capture the experience of Tennis at a professional level; it just wraps much of the game in a cumbersome experience which is lacking in fun.
Darren EdwardsApr 07, 2021
In summary, Tennis World Tour 2 – Complete Edition on Xbox Series X is fun for a time, but falls short of the line. Even if you’re a fan of the sport, there’s not enough here to justify the price tag.
Andy MansonMar 25, 2021
Early impressions are poor and don’t really get any better from there. Tennis World Tour 2 – Complete Edition is a sterile, sluggish experience from start to finish, and has little in the way of reason to stick with it long-term. If you absolutely must play a tennis game, you might need to dig an older console out of the cupboard. Avoid.
Δημήτρης ΒασιλάκηςAug 09, 2021
Τι αλήθεια να πούμε ως κατακλείδα για ένα παιχνίδι, που ουσιαστικά δεν παίζεται; Που δεν επιτρέπει στον παίκτη να χαρεί το πανέμορφο άθλημα του tennis; Ειλικρινώς τίποτα, παρά να συλλογιστούμε με νοσταλγία την εκπληκτική σειρά Top Spin και το υπέροχο Virtua Tennis των προηγούμενων γενεών. Και να κλάψουμε.