Sniper Elite 5 for Xbox Series X|S
Xbox Series X|S

Sniper Elite 5

May 26, 2022 NEW
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Developer: Rebellion
Content Rating: Mature


The award-winning series returns as Karl Fairburne fights to uncover Project Kraken in 1944 France. The genre-defining authentic sniping, with enhanced kill cam, has never looked or felt better as you fight across immersive maps to stop the Nazi war machine in its tracks.

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Martin Ruiz

Martin Ruiz

Jun 8, 2022

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Jordan HawesMay 31, 2022
Sniper Elite 5 is definitely the best of a series that continues to grow with each installment. I’m happy to say that this one has some of the most meaningful updates to its formula to date. The heavy focus on more involved maps, and gameplay freedom within them is a breath of fresh air and exactly what this series needs. The addition of the multiplayer elements with invasions adds an entirely new dynamic that is exhilarating.
Ash BatesMay 30, 2022
Sniper Elite 5 successfully builds on the foundations of Rebellion's long running series, but some glitches do hamper the experience somewhat.
Ken McKownJun 22, 2022
Sniper Elite 5 is a solid follow-up. It won’t change the formula or anyone’s mind who finds these games boring or shallow. Still being available on Game Pass day one is a huge bonus. It is more than worth playing and I recommend at least checking it out. It is unapologetic violence and the design is high quality. This is the definition of gaming fast food, a treat for all the senses.