Nobody Saves the World for Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

Nobody Saves the World

Jan 18, 2022 NEW
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Developer: DrinkBox Studios
Content Rating: Teen


Transform into a ranger, a knight, and a HORSE in this new twist on Action RPGs from the creators of Guacamelee! Discover over a dozen forms, mix-and-match their abilities, complete quests and... SAVE THE WORLD??

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Steve WattsJan 18, 2022
However, when the end does come, it's abrupt. With the Calamity closing in, plot revelations are quickly delivered and you're swiftly funneled toward the final boss. The story does ultimately resolve in a satisfying way for the large cast of weirdos but the final dungeon is disappointingly short, mainly consisting of a final boss encounter. Then again, this may just be that I didn't really want the game to end. So for me, it hasn't. After finishing Nobody Saves the World, I went right back to it. There were still dungeons to explore, powers to unlock, secrets to uncover, and a New Game Plus mode to conquer. When a game is this much frictionless fun, it's hard to resist.
Kim SnaithJan 18, 2022
Making your way around Nobody Saves the World‘s map is nothing but a pure joy. This gorgeous, whimsical adventure feels like a more playful A Link to the Past at times – if A Link to the Past had you changing into a slug or a zombie, that is. If you’re a fan of accessible action RPGs and enjoy laying waste to tonnes of enemies, you can’t go wrong here. Once again, Drinkbox Studios has taken an oversaturated genre and turned it into something unique and delightful.
George FosterJan 18, 2022
Admittedly, I had a hard time putting Nobody Saves The World down to write up this review, and that speaks to how satisfying its rewarding challenge-based progression and surprisingly deep form-changing gameplay are. Prepare to see Nobody Saves The World in the dungeon-crawling hall of fame.

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