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Alex EverattAug 10, 2021
Give me epic explosions or something to punctuate my failures – not just a simple black screen. If you’re currently an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, then you have no choice at all – download Microsoft Flight Simulator right at this moment and experience this amazing accomplishment in gaming. Yes, this game is a simulator, but it’s a simulator that does so many things right.
Matt BrownJul 26, 2021
One of the most demanding PC games makes a slick transition to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The full Microsoft Flight Simulator experience comes to the living room, serving as a true graphical showcase for its consoles.
Dave AubreyJul 26, 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator deserves to be played - but it shouldn't be considered essential. It's a unique experience, one that won't capture everyone in the same way, but you really do owe it to yourself to find your house, your partner's, your parent's, your favourite holiday destination, and just fly over.
Cody MedellinJul 27, 2021
The Xbox Series X version of Microsoft Flight Simulator works best if you look at it as the closest approximation that anyone could get to a sophisticated flight simulator without a beefy PC. The cracks start to show when you check the ground for details, and the frame rate could be better, but it remains a stunning game that showcases the system's power.
Fraser GilbertJul 28, 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator is nothing short of revolutionary, featuring an almost impossibly large, authentic and living open world that's bound to take your breath away. Asobo and Xbox Game Studios have delivered a truly special entry in this historic franchise, and it's only going to get better in the years to come.
Hylton GoodwinAug 28, 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator is a wonder, a breathtaking escape into a beautiful world beyond the confines of your home and it couldn’t have come at a better point. In a time where we are stuck inside and restricted from travelling in most instances, it serves up a level of escapism and realism that is unmatched. I wondered, just out of interest, where most new players travelled to first when they started flying? Would it be the big smoke of New York, a spin over the Thames and London, a flyby of Everest? No, according to Asobo, most users fly home.
Edmond TranJul 27, 2021
if you're able to get past the overwhelming menus at first, there's many ways to jump in and have a great time with Flight Simulator, whether you're planning to engage deeply with its systems or just take a relaxing flight from one coast to another. It's a visually stunning showcase that really pushes the Xbox Series X, making it a great first title to exist solely on Microsoft's latest hardware.
Andrew ThorntonJul 30, 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator is a stunning showcase for the Xbox Series X. It makes a stronger case than any other game on the system about what the next generation of gaming can bring. While a little more direction and a better interface would have been nice, my head has been stuck in the clouds ever since my first jaw-dropping flight. I can’t think of a better time for the sort of freedom it provides. If you have an Xbox Series X, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.
Leo FariaJul 30, 2021
It literally gives the entire world for you to explore, with an astonishing degree of realism, with simple controls and a laid-back atmosphere. I never thought a “game” like this would work on a console, but here we are. This is the first next-gen exclusive I’m playing on my newest Xbox, and I’m loving every second of it.
Dominic LeightonJul 30, 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X|S is a remarkable achievement, and one which brings the flight simulator experience into your living room with emphatic effect. There’s no sense that this is a cut-back console port, but one that widens the genre’s influence into places it’s never conquered before.
Kaan SerinAug 08, 2021
Whether you’re soaring above the clouds or watching the sunset paint the sky red, Microsoft Flight Simulator is peerless in its attempt to recreate sights from the real world. These unbelievably real sights make Flight Simulator immediately attractive to any gamer. However, like any hardcore simulation game, Microsoft Flight Simulator is simply not made for everyone.
Chris WhiteAug 04, 2021
Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X is a stunning piece of technology that gives you freedom unlike anything has before. With beautiful visuals and a fully realised world to explore, it's hard not to be blown away.
Lorenzo MosnaJul 30, 2021
In conclusion, the Xbox Series X|S version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is a real technical gem, a product that does not look bad at all compared to the PC version. If combined with a good joystick, this is a title that manages to provide an experience equal to the PC version, in some cases even amplified by the possibility of playing on a large screen in 4K HDR resolution.
Ben SalterJul 26, 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator is a marvel running on Xbox Series X and S. This is an ambitious game that really should be restricted to high-end PCs, but Asobo Studio has defied the odds to craft a well optimised console version that delivers the full simulation experience. If you want a punishingly accurate simulation of flying a passenger jet, while that remains fully intact on Xbox, Flight Simulator is best suited to a keyboard and mouse with a monitor.
Shannon GrixtiJul 24, 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game that you have to play to understand just how incredible of an experience it is. It's an incomparable adventure that consistently surprises and delights. The game provides you with all the tools necessary to conquer the unthinkable task of flying the plane. Asobo has laid an incredible platform that will provide hours upon hours of joy for both casual gamers and flight experts alike, and it's only upwards from here.
David CruzJul 27, 2021
No hay mejor título actualmente en Xbox Series; una experiencia completamente disfrutbale en consola, que hace que te olvides del PC. Una proeza técnica para los simuladores de aviación que ha hecho historia y que te llevará de la mano durante cientos de horas de vuelo.
Toni PiedrabuenaJul 31, 2021
A pesar de la incuestionable especialización y simulación presente en el videojuego, Microsoft Flight Simulator se las ingenia para mostrar una cara amable con cualquier jugador sin importar su especialización en el género. El título de Asobo tiene experiencias para todo tipo de jugadores y se convierte en el primer juego de la saga en aterrizar en Xbox.
Daniel VillagrasaJul 26, 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator es una proeza técnica que suma la potencia de Xbox Series X con las tecnologías en la nube e inteligencia artificial para resultar en un simulador que se adapta tanto para los más casual como para los más exigentes.
Alejandro CastilloJul 26, 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator en Xbox Series X está a la altura de las excelentes sensaciones que nos dejó su lanzamiento original. La versión de consola logra adaptarse como anillo al dedo a la ambición a la que Asobo apuntó hace algo menos de 12 meses. Estamos ante un auténtico juego de nueva generación que asombra por la vista y que llega fácil a todo tipo de usuarios a través de tu mando de Xbox.
Daniel QuesadaJul 26, 2021
Te gusten los simuladores o no, este juego es una experiencia que debe probarse. Supone una experiencia de esas que te hacen comprarte una tele más grande.
Marcel KleffmannJul 30, 2021
Trotzdem dürfte der Microsoft Flight Simulator ruhig mehr spielerische Elemente abseits der Lande-Herausforderungen wagen, selbst wenn es nur optionale Missionen oder eine kleine Kampagne wären, die einen stärkeren Rahmen setzen könnten. Letztendlich setzt der Titel von Asobo und den Xbox Game Studios eine Bereicherung für die Konsole und setzt vor allem in technischer Hinsicht neue Maßstäbe.
Pedro PestanaAug 04, 2021
Com a versão de consola de Microsoft Flight Simulator, a Asobo e a Microsoft conseguiram o incrível feito de reproduzir a exigente experiência de PC na Xbox Series X, com um detalhe e fidelidade absolutamente incrível. Pode não apelar a todos os jogadores pela sua estrutura, mas merece ser jogado nem que seja uma vez por todos os subscritores do Xbox Game Pass.
Daniele CucchiarelliJul 27, 2021
Microsoft aveva promesso una versione console di Flight Simulator praticamente identica a quella PC e ha raggiunto il suo obiettivo. L’inclusione del gioco nel Game Pass vi permetterà di godere di un’esperienza davvero unica, forse non adatta a tutti i palati ma sicuramente indimenticabile.
Mirko RossiJul 26, 2021
La possibilità di esplorare praticamente ogni punto della Terra sapendo di star osservando una riproduzione fedele della realtà, basterebbe da sola a rendere questo nuovo capitolo imprescindibile per tutti gli appassionati, ma gli sviluppatori sono andati oltre confezionando un prodotto di qualità pensato per essere giocato e apprezzato anche da chi non ha mai provato un titolo simile in vita sua. Imperdibile!
Marino PuntorieriJul 28, 2021
Al netto di alcuni necessari compromessi, Microsoft Flight Simulator si presenta su Xbox Series X in una veste solida e completa, da considerare next-gen sotto quasi ogni punto di vista. Il frame rate ancorato sui 30 fps può sembrare uno scivolone di non poco conto, ma vi assicuriamo come non intacchi un’esperienza nel complesso tanto piacevole quanto unica nel suo genere.
Alessandro BruniJul 26, 2021
Flight Simulator approda su Xbox Series X con un’edizione che torna a confermare il grande talento degli sviluppatori di Asobo Studio, autori di di una conversione tecnicamente sorprendente. Sull’ammiraglia di Microsoft il titolo mantiene sostanzialmente intatte le qualità di un comparto grafico monumentale, che sfrutta la potenza del cloud per comporre scenari fotorealistici straordinariamente suggestivi, tra le maglie di quella che è un’esperienza sensoriale unica nel suo genere.
Pierpaolo GrecoJul 26, 2021
Considerato il supporto garantito da Asobo e Microsoft in questi 11 mesi di vita della versione PC, possiamo solo aspettarci costanti miglioramenti tecnici e una continua iniezione di nuovi contenuti gratuiti e a pagamento quindi, se ad oggi, non avevate ancora trovato il modo di provare il titolo perché magari sprovvisti di un computer all'altezza, ora davvero non avete più scusanti. Il cielo vi attende.
Denis KoshelevAug 06, 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator — это максимально реалистичный авиасимулятор, который понравится не только фанатам жанра, но и новичкам. Это одна из самых инновационных игр последних лет, и версия для Xbox оказалась более чем достойным портом, который практически не страдает от технических проблем и разочаровывает разве что неоптимизированным управлением. Вердикт: пробовать надо всем.
Wojciech GruszczykJul 29, 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator to pokazówka tego, jak gry mogą wyglądać w przyszłości. Tytuł czerpie garściami z nowoczesnych technologii, by zapewnić next-genowe doświadczenie. Nie trzeba być fanem gatunku, by docenić ten tytuł.