Xbox Series X

Metro Exodus: Complete Edition

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Shubhankar ParijatJun 28, 2021
The implementation of ray tracing is excellent, and the boost to dynamic 4K and a rock-solid 60 FPS makes for a game that is even better looking and better playing than the already excellent base release. Some issues not withstanding, Metro Exodus on new consoles is a visual and technical feast.
Ryan TaylorJun 27, 2021
Overall, it is an utter treat to revisit Metro Exodus with the new enhanced version on Xbox Series X|S. I do recommend that if you are new to the Metro Series then play the first two games – Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light – before picking up Exodus, however if you’ve played those and never managed to get around to Exodus, this is the perfect time to visit it.
Brodie GibbonsJun 25, 2021
Metro Exodus shows some heart, and it's clear the developers have poured a lot into this third chapter of Artyom's story. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that keep the game from hitting the standard set by its predecessors. Pacing is hamstrung by the ambitious misfire of an 'open-world', while performance issues and glitches mar much of Exodus.
Adrià PérezJun 28, 2021
Metro Exodus es un digno sucesor de las anteriores entregas, que introduce nuevas mecánicas, y mejora las ya vistas en los títulos previos. Aún con algunos fallos, es un excelente juego para estrenar la nueva generación.
Cesar OteroJul 09, 2021
La versión Enhanced de Metro: Exodus es, sin duda, la mejor de todas y la definitiva. Y si tienes una consola de las nuevas o un PC potente, merece mucho la pena sin duda. Más aún en PS5 gracias al uso del DualSense. Ojalá que volvamos a ver a Artyom y Anna en el futuro, porque tras Exodus no queremos decir 'До свидания' a este universo.