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Daniel HollisApr 27, 2021
If you've never played Judgment before, what are you waiting for? The remaster is one of the best next-gen exclusives to play right now and has never looked better. If you've already played it, it may be hard to justify the price tag at this point, but the substantial upgrades ensure it's the best the game has ever been. There's nothing in the way of new content outside of all previously released DLC, but Yagami's adventure is just as compelling and original as it once was.
David RestrepoApr 30, 2021
A solid spin-off that capitalizes on the studio's strengths, but ultimately relies on its formula too much. Add in half-baked detective mechanics and Judgment doesn't realize its concept's potential.
Ken McKownMay 06, 2021
Judgement is a game that was limited by its one console release. It is great to see the team at Ryu Ga Gotoku bring it to a wider audience. If you have never played a game in the Yakuza franchise this is a great jumping off point. It captures what makes those games so great without requiring a ton of investment in older titles to appreciate the story.
Zackery CuevasApr 22, 2021
Judgment is a great spin-off of Yakuza, and is an excellent starting point for those interested in the series. However, the new detective elements don't go as far as they need to and end up feeling like scene dressing.
Richard WalkerApr 23, 2021
Judgment might be flawed, then, but its twisty storyline, brilliant characterisation and varied gameplay completely glosses over the scuffs. Granted, this is superficially yet another Yakuza game in all but name, but Judgment gets by on its own merits, not limited to its cast of loveable rogues.
Richard DobsonMay 03, 2021
Judgment on Xbox Series X|S is an incredible achievement. Whether this is your first foray into the wider Yakuza franchise, or you played it upon its original release, the graphical upgrades are very impressive. It is also helped by being a brilliant game, mixing more traditional Yakuza elements in with a detective film noir thriller. Don’t let the word spinoff put you off; this is still a full-length open world game and the best game right now that is playable solely on the Xbox Series X|S.
Chris WhiteApr 25, 2021
Judgment is shinier, prettier, and more powerful on next-gen. Ryu Ga Gotoku has done a fantastic job of improving the game's biggest plus point, the combat, as well as sharpening up the textures and resolution.
Kieron VerbruggeApr 27, 2021
Judgment on the new generation of consoles might not be a must-play for anyone who already enjoyed it on the PS4, but it's absolutely the best way to play the game and still represents a fantastic jumping off point for anyone keen to dip their toes into the Yakuza franchise.
Paula CroftMay 02, 2021
Judgment es un spin-off imprescindible para los fans de la saga Yakuza y más que recomendable para todo jugador al que le llame la atención el género del thriller de suspense y asesinatos. En la piel de Takayuki Yagami descubriremos una historia interesante y repleta de giros, con un toque de humor propio de las obras del Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio y una buena dosis de drama, acción y nuevas mecánicas jugables.
Daniel VillagrasaApr 22, 2021
Judgment es un thriller de investigación con una elaborada trama de temática oscura y que no para de sorprendernos con giros de guion, involucrando desde organizaciones criminales al propio gobierno japonés. Esta nueva versión con gráficos mejoradas y rendimiento a 60 fps mejora un juego que ya de por sí era notable.
هاشم حبیبیانMay 19, 2021
در مجموع نسخه‌ی بهبود یافته‌ی عنوان جاجمنت با تغییراتی جزیی در بخش گرافیک عرضه شده است. به لطف مواردی مثل لودینگ‌های سریع یا افت فریم‌های کمتر نسبت به نسخه‌ی پیشین می‌توان گفت، اگر هنوز این بازی را تجربه نکرده‌اید بهتر است برای بازی کردن آن به سراغ نسخه‌ی بهبودیافته‌ی آن بروید.