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Josh WiseDec 06, 2021
It was as though 343 had succumbed to rampancy, crowding its action with fragmented characters and diverting into muddy tributaries of plot. With Halo Infinite, the studio seems to want to break the cycle and start afresh. The irony is that it has done so by drawing closer to the past.
Cameron WoolseyDec 06, 2021
W przypadku nowej produkcji Sony pewnie wielu z Was zadawałoby sobie pytanie, czy kampania na kilkanaście godzin w porywach plus dodatkowy czas, który można spędzić w otwartym świecie, warte są swojej ceny. Game Pass rozwiązuje ten problem – nawet jeśli nie łapiecie się na mityczne 4 zeta, to kilkadziesiąt złotych, jakie normalnie kosztuje ten abonament, dalej jest szokująco atrakcyjną ofertą. A przy okazji zdążycie jeszcze w ciągu miesiąca przejść całą serię. Na Waszym miejscu bym się nie wahał – bo co niby macie do stracenia?
Shubhankar ParijatDec 14, 2021
Thanks to a stellar campaign that recapture the essence of Halo while also redefining the series' long-standing formula, and an insanely addictive multiplayer component that has all the pieces in place for improving even further as time goes on, Halo Infinite is one of the series' best outings in years, if not ever.
Jamie CollyerDec 06, 2021
343i are trading heavily on Halo nostalgia with Infinite, and for the first time since taking over the series they have delivered a game that can easily stand shoulder to shoulder with the Bungie originals. The combat is excellent, it looks stunning, the hits of nostalgia at points are perfectly placed, and outside of the lack of co-op for now, this is exactly what I’d expect from a new Halo game.
Jordan RaméeDec 06, 2021
It turns out that was a risk worth taking for the franchise, as Infinite is an incredible game. Certain story elements are on the weaker side and the amazing Grappleshot makes the rest of Chief's equipment feel a bit lacking in comparison, but these are small shortcomings in what otherwise feels like the best Halo campaign in years and an excellent evolution of what Halo can be.
Chris CarterDec 06, 2021
If I had one piece of advice for people on the fence with Halo Infinite, it would be to not worry about the open world and embrace how it’s handled here. I was incredibly worried at first that 343 wouldn’t be able to resist the siren’s song of other major publishers, but the restraint here is appreciated. This is an extremely 2021 Halo, and I think it’s going to win over both lapsed players and diehards.
GrayshadowDec 10, 2021
It feels like Halo but new elements give the franchise that much-needed boost without losing what made it great. The multiplayer will hopefully get more cosmetics not locked behind a paywall and the option to choose specific modes but the overall gameplay is extremely well-tuned. Halo is why people got an Xbox and Halo Infinite shows us why that is true today but now you can play it on PC as well.
Richard SeagraveDec 06, 2021
After the disappointing Halo 5: Guardians, it really does feel like 343 Industries is getting the series back on track with Halo Infinite. The setting is familiar, and so is the gameplay, but like returning to your hometown to meet up with long-lost friends, it’s a wholesome experience and, once you scratch the surface, things are different enough to allay any fears that you’re just re-treading the same old ground.
Jade KingDec 06, 2021
At its core the punchy gunplay, reactive movement, and reliance on teamwork remains, and that’s all Halo Infinite needs to become a winner. As someone who grew up as a blubbering fangirl, it feels so good to see Master Chief deliver an adventure that is once again worthy of his iconic status.
Brendan LowryDec 06, 2021
Halo Infinite is familiar yet fresh, traditional yet novel — it's everything a veteran or a new player could ever want from a Halo campaign experience, and I can't recommend it enough. After spending a week with it, I can say it. combined with the free-to-play Halo Infinite multiplayer experience that recently launched on Halo: Combat Evolved's 20th Anniversary, makes for one of the best Xbox games ever made.
Matt MillerDec 06, 2021
Like many, I’m sad that Halo Infinite doesn’t offer cooperative multiplayer at launch, if only because it’s been a bulwark of the series’ identity. It’s a disappointing omission, but I have to judge the game before me, not the features I wish might be there. And by that measure, Halo Infinite is a rousing success. Whether you want a big, mysterious sci-fi adventure or a chance to engage with some intense PvP, Halo Infinite nails the shots where it counts and heralds a new era for one of gaming’s most recognizable mainstays.
Michael GoroffDec 06, 2021
Halo Infinite handles the burden of the franchise’s long history gracefully. At times, as with the campaign’s story, it can feel like developer 343 Industries is weighed down by Master Chief’s Mjolnir armor. But Infinite’s bolder design choices, like its open-world environment and Grappleshot, make it feel exciting and new.
Mansoor MithaiwalaDec 06, 2021
It's unfortunate because Halo Infinite's multiplayer is truly terrific, but where it falters is in being free-to-play. Whether the issues stem from creative choices or business decisions, there's a fundamental misunderstanding of what a shooter game should be in 2021 — and, more importantly, what a shooter game shouldn't have. It's plausible Halo Infinite will eventually become an era-defining game, one that reestablishes it as a dominant shooter franchise, but it's not there yet and there's no telling when it will be.
Andrew StretchDec 06, 2021
Halo Infinite does a great job of nailing what makes Halo work so well while expanding the gameplay, adding in new elements like an open world and new armor abilities. The core experience can still be found in the linear style levels you'll come across so there's something for new or returning Halo fans. The Multiplayer itself is fun but does seem feature lite while in its "beta" phase.
Ryan McCaffreyDec 06, 2021
Halo Infinite's single-player campaign is exactly what this series needed. It brings out the best in Master Chief's unique and satisfying combat style while leveraging old ideas to create memorable new moments. Its story falls short for both new and veteran players, but it was worth the six-year wait.
Josh WestDec 06, 2021
Against impossible odds, Halo Infinite is both a familiar celebration of two decades of adventures with Master Chief and an expansive foundation for future evolution. 343 has siphoned the spirit of Combat Evolved and modernized it, delivering the best Halo campaign in quite some time in the process. Whether you're a series veteran coming in to finish another fight, or a new player landing on Zeta Halo to start one, this is one adventure you should jump right into.
Stella ChungNov 24, 2021
It’s so nice when a game actually lives up to sky-high expectations! Halo Infinite has been one of the most anticipated games out there since it was first announced three years ago, and for its multiplayer component to so fully deliver on the series’ classic feel while also keeping up with the modern-day competition in the FPS genre is a huge achievement.
Sam ChandlerDec 06, 2021
You won’t be able to experience it in co-op at launch. And even though the multiplayer has some growing pains to work through, it remains an absolute treat to play, especially with a group of friends. Hats off to 343 Industries. The whole team should feel proud because Halo Infinite is an instant classic. Halo’s back, baby!
Dan WebbDec 06, 2021
While Halo Infinite's campaign structure is new territory for the series, and will likely divide opinion, it tells a good story, and creates moments that rank it in the top half when it comes to good Halo campaigns. Throw in a phenomenal multiplayer arena and some stellar shooter mechanics, and it's safe to say that 343 has finally put its stamp on the wonderful world of Halo.
Lee MehrJan 08, 2022
Halo Infinite does often corner me into praising it "in spite of x faults", rather than the "because of y positives" that I'm used to; that said, it's hard to mind when I'm so thoroughly engaged with what's on offer. It's true the delayed content (Forge/Campaign Co-op) and the live-service approach dampen my enthusiasm, but it shows how much still spills over with what's already here.
Stefan LNov 29, 2021
Halo Infinite's multiplayer is a fantastic showcase of just how brilliant Halo can be, its fundamental gameplay and the mix of small and larger-scale modes a joy to play. It's just a shame that so much of that is being clouded by the dismal battle pass, paid cosmetics and unsatisfying progression. Halo Infinite multiplayer is a must-play for shooter fans, but its monetisation needs to change if it's going to survive in the long run.
Chris WhiteDec 03, 2021
The Halo Infinite Multiplayer is a strong entry into one of the greatest FPS series of all time, with cool maps and some awesome modes.
Jonas MäkiNov 30, 2021
343 Industries has succeeded in the feat of making Halo Infinite feel new and fresh so more people can discover the series while backing the band in the way older fans wanted. Although I would have liked a better level system and a separate playlist for Team Slayer, there are trifles in this context. Halo Infinite's multiplayer is simply a game that offers all that makes Halo so wonderful, better packaged than ever before.
Adam CookDec 06, 2021
343 Industries has nailed it. There’s no question this is a brilliant experience that I couldn’t put down once I’d started. It’s not perfect, and the abilities outside of the grappleshot definitely don’t live up to the fun of bouncing around the map. But really, all that matters is the story and gameplay, and both are utterly excellent.
Khari TaylorNov 24, 2021
Unencumbered by the baggage of the upcoming story campaign, Halo Infinite Multiplayer is arguably the definitive incarnation of the franchise’s online competitive component and is strong enough to stand on its own despite its F2P leanings.
Kosta AndreadisDec 06, 2021
In the end though it’s hard to fault what 343 Industries has accomplished with Halo Infinite. It’s very much the spiritual successor it purports to be -- with forward thinking design and elements that flow in a way that reminds you of the timeless nature of the fluid, stylish combat of old. The lack of co-op is something you feel, but in terms of cinematic spectacle this is the Master Chief carrying the flag once more for Xbox. Albeit in that new-school form of being able to jump in and, well, play anywhere.
Brodie GibbonsDec 04, 2021
With an adventurous campaign, complete with a sandbox that’ll still be there when your friends can join the fight, and a multiplayer suite that feels like a note-perfect revival of the Halo of old, Halo Infinite feels like the complete blockbuster sci-fi shooter we’ve been waiting for from 343 Industries. It hasn’t happened overnight for the team, but the mantle passed to them, at last, feels earned.
Steve WrightDec 06, 2021
I was tempted to award Infinite a perfect score, but holes in functionality in both campaign and multiplayer hold it back ever so slightly. Don’t get me wrong, though — this is a fantastic offering and you absolutely owe it to yourself to play it. I imagine by May 2022 or so, that 10/10 experience will be there for fans and casual players alike.
Adrià PérezDec 06, 2021
Halo Infinite es el mejor título creado por 343 Industries, y la mejor celebración que se podría haber hecho jamás por el 20º aniversario de la franquicia. Un título divertido a rabiar, largo, con una trama muy interesante, y un modo multijugador que nos dará horas y horas de diversión. Poco más que añadir para hablar de un juego que, sin duda, sorprenderá a todos los usuarios que puedan disfrutarlo. Larga vida a Bungie, 343 Industries, y al Jefe Maestro.
Alfonso CánovasDec 06, 2021
El compendio de Halo Infinite es muy bueno en todos los sentidos y el trabajo de 343 Industries es impecable. Una buena campaña junto a un multijugador divertidísimo hace que la entrada de John 117 a la nueva generación sea fantástica.
Alejandro CastilloDec 06, 2021
Halo Infinite es la entrega que la saga necesitaba. Si estuviésemos en un partido de tenis, 343 Industries habría ganado una bola de partido. El equipo da su brazo a torcer imponiendo su única visión creativa para volver a la casilla de partida. Porque Bungie dejó en su día el camino marcado, y no era más que modernizar lo justo una fórmula inmortal. Volvemos a escuchar las melodías de siempre; volvemos a combatir contra el feroz Covenant de siempre; volvemos a vibrar junto al Jefe Maestro en una aventura que solo encontramos en la marca Halo.
DefaDec 03, 2021
Si bien, la manera en la que está contada su historia es poco amigable para los nuevos, te diría que de todos modos encontrarás un gran FPS en caso de que nunca le hayas dado la oportunidad a John 117, y si eres de los viejos veteranos, pues abrocha bien tu cinturón pues te espera un auténtico viaje lleno de emociones que seguramente te regresarán a los momentos más memorables de esta súper icónica franquicia. Xbox es Halo y Halo es Xbox.
Carlos LeivaDec 06, 2021
El Jefe Maestro regresa por todo lo alto con una aventura excelente y un multijugador competitivo que aspira a lo más alto de la saga.
Víctor MartínezDec 06, 2021
Ahora sabemos que no queda raro; lo próximo, si me preguntáis a mí, es pulir esa ambición, sustituir el miedo por la audacia y aplicar la misma filosofía que hizo que el primer Halo fuera genre defining y no solo un excelente juego de tiros al diseño de mundos abiertos. Hoy 343 demuestra que ha aprendido; mañana —el Jefe Maestro no requiere menos— toca enseñar a los demás.
Fabien PellegriniDec 06, 2021
C'est une réussite, et nous ne pouvons que vous conseiller de l'essayer par vous-mêmes. Cette séparation entre la campagne (payante) et le multi (gratuit) nous semble d'ailleurs profitable à tout le monde. Les joueurs qui n'ont que faire du solo n'auront pas à ouvrir leur porte-monnaie, tandis que ceux qui ont acheté Halo Infinite ou sont abonnés au Game Pass profiteront de bonus cosmétiques pour le multi, en plus des bons moments passés durant l'aventure. Car si les promesses next-gen ne sont pas tenues, le jeu reste malgré tout très satisfaisant !
CarnbeeDec 01, 2021
Le multijoueur de Halo Infinite puise dans les vieilles armures Mjolnir pour faire le meilleur des combattants. Empruntant beaucoup à Halo 3 et un peu à Halo 5, il livre un gameplay grisant, très efficace, capable de rassembler les pros comme les nouveaux. Certes, adopter le modèle du free-to-play est indispensable pour tenter de concurrencer Apex Legends et Call of Duty : Warzone, mais ce système articulé autour d’un Battle Pass mérite d’être revu.
Pierpaolo GrecoDec 06, 2021
L'ottimo gunplay della nuova opera di 343 Industries permette, infatti, di dimenticare tutte quelle sbavature che affliggono la struttura open world di questo sequel e di passare sopra ai problemi dell'intelligenza artificiale e a una ripetitività di fondo delle missioni che portano avanti la trama. Quando si spara e si combatte, Halo Infinite è un orologio svizzero e per uno shooter in prima persona, questo conta più di tutto il resto.
Marino PuntorieriDec 06, 2021
In un contesto dove le software house faticano ad uscire dalla comfort zone e preferiscono quasi esclusivamente puntare su un effetto nostalgia, 343 Industries dimostra coraggio e perseveranza nel cercare nuove soluzioni da integrare ai capisaldi che hanno reso grande la serie. Halo Infinite presenta un mondo open world che funziona e convince nella sua unicità, ma non dimentica di dare il giusto spazio alla narrazione e ai vari personaggi principali, evitando in modo intelligente il rischio diluizione.
RedazioneDec 06, 2021
Halo Infinite è 100% Halo, nonostante le novità come il rampino e la struttura open world che, anzi, fanno leva proprio sugli elementi che hanno reso la serie di Master Chief un grande classico dei videogiochi potenziandoli anziché cambiarli. Struttura di gioco, gameplay, gunplay, IA, grafica, musiche: tutto fa sentire a casa loro i fan della serie, mostrando inoltre a chi non ha mai giocato questi titoli perché Halo è così amato.
Francesco FossettiDec 06, 2021
Se tutte queste doti verranno messe a frutto in futuro siamo sicuri che 343 Industries scriverà una pagina importante della storia degli FPS single player (alla stessa maniera di come l'ha già scritta per il multiplayer). Al momento la campagna Infinite indica una direzione, un punto d'approdo: è una partenza solidissima anche se a tratti imperfetta, che tuttavia non mancherà di lasciare estasiati i veterani della saga e i curiosi che ad Halo si avvicineranno solo grazie a questo capitolo.
Eren EroğluDec 14, 2021
Halo Infinite, genel itibariyle içerisinde birçok eksik bulunduruyor olsa da, başarılı tasarlanmış temelleri sayesinde bu eksikliklerin çok büyük bir kısmını rahatlıkla kapatıyor ve gerçekten güzel bir yapım olduğunu hissettiriyor. Her Xbox Game Pass abonesinin mutlaka göz atması gereken bir yapım olmuş. Özellikle çok oyunculu tarafı (Tamamen ücretsiz) daha da eğlenceli.
Stefan StuursmaDec 06, 2021
Het is de kern die het zware werk moet doen en op dat punt schiet Halo Infinite in de roos, ook in de multiplayer. Ja, nog niet alles werkt feilloos. Het progressie-systeem is momenteel nog niet wat het moet zijn en sommige technische punten verdienen nog wat extra aandacht, maar in het algehele plaatje voelt Infinite als de shooter die we verdienen. Wie Battlefield beu is en Call of Duty dit jaar overslaat, geeft deze veteranenserie een kans. Geloof ons, je krijgt er geen spijt van. Master Chief is back!
Adam ZechenterDec 06, 2021
Halo Infinite to udany eksperyment Microsoftu. Nie uświadczycie tutaj grama rewolucji – to tylko bezpieczne ewolucja z poszanowaniem materiału źródłowego, ale w sumie: po co zmieniać coś, co działa? Otwarty świat jest tu raczej dodatkiem dla zainteresowanych – nie psuje tego, co w Halo zawsze było najlepsze, czyli epickiej historii i dynamicznej akcji. Nawet oprawa graficzna, która nie powalałaby i na PS4, nie mówiąc o nowej generacji, krzyczy wprost: Infinite to oldskulowa gra. I faktycznie, to taka brama przenosząca w zamierzchłe czasy – co można postrzegać zarówno jako zaletę, jak i wadę.
八云猫车Dec 06, 2021
بهرام بی غرضDec 11, 2021
هیلو اینفینیت نتیجه شش سال توسعه و تغییر جهتی است که استودیو 343i برای بازگشت سری هیلو به دوران طلایی خودش در پیش گرفته و نتیجه‌ با این که دارای کم و کاستی‌هایی است، اما به خوبی توانسته بازی را در مسیری مناسب قرار دهد. آخرین ماجراجویی مستر چیف، بهترین‌ عنوان ساخته شده توسط استودیو 343 و یکی از بهترین شماره‌های سری هیلو محسوب می‌شود. عنوانی با روایتی مناسب که قهرمانش را به عنوان تمرکز اصلی قرار داده و با فراهم کردن آزادی عمل و گیم‌پلی سند باکس در کنار هوش مصنوعی پیشرفته دشمنان، سازنده عنوانی به شدت سرگرم کننده در سبک شوتر اول شخص است.
saverDec 06, 2021
Halo Infinite ukazuje, že Halo značka je späť a vrátila sa v najlepšej forme. Štúdio 343 Industries zapracovalo, rok odloženia pomohol a prinieslo ako kvalitnú kampaň, tak aj kvalitný multiplayer. Celé je to nové a svieže. Síce detaily v multiplayeri, ako hlavne získavanie skinov budú musieť autori doladiť, ale základ majú veľmi dobrý a všetko funguje, ako má.
Χρήστος ΧατζησάββαςDec 06, 2021
Ανακεφαλαιώνοντας, το Halo Infinite είναι η θριαμβευτική επιστροφή του Master Chief από κάθε άποψη: πρωταγωνιστεί σε μια καλογραμμένη ιστορία που θυμίζει το ντεμπούτο του, πλαισιώνεται από ενδιαφέροντες χαρακτήρες και το gameplay φρεσκάρεται χωρίς να χάνεται η ταυτότητα της σειράς. Η μουσική είναι άριστη, οι μηχανισμοί και το shooting απολαυστικά, οι εχθροί ποικίλλουν και το Zeta Halo προσκαλεί όλους να το εξερευνήσουν.