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Josh BroadwellNov 08, 2021
I went into Forza Horizon 5 expecting a pretty racing game. What I got was an experience, a splendid open-world car exploration simulator with light RPG elements and a trunk full of things to do and see. While I’d like to see Playground try something new or perhaps break free from the existing formula next time, this is a clear candidate for 2021’s best game and a must-play, whether you have Game Pass or not.
James BentleyNov 23, 2021
Horizon 5 is accessible and constantly rewards the player but doesn’t blaze new trails or do anything unexpected. Perhaps it’s too harsh to say this entry plays its safe, but with a new generation comes heightened expectations and although Horizon 5 passes most of them with flying colours because it surely looks and plays fabulously and keeps you putting the pedal to the metal for hours and hours on end, it’s in need of a grander evolution. All told Horizon 5 is a true showpiece and the best open-world racing game there is, but it could have done with being more audacious.
Josh WiseNov 04, 2021
It may well be more of the same, but Mexico beckons, ravishing the eye and devouring up the miles.
The gameplay is fun and varied, the music is solid, there are tons of cars to unlock, and it's absolutely gorgeous to look at. The whole package is really breathtaking. Playground Games found so many ways to make Mexico come to life, taking great advantage of the region's diversity, while also pushing the Xbox Series X hardware to its limits.
CJ AndriessenNov 06, 2021
It would be foolish of me to say that Forza Horizon 5 is the best game in the series given my very limited knowledge of its history. However, I can say with confidence this is the most fun I’ve had with a racing game that doesn’t involve a plumber and a princess. There is just so much to do and so much to see that I can easily lose hours of my day exploring all it has to offer.
Alessandro BarbosaNov 04, 2021
Forza Horizon 5 is another meaningful evolution of the series as opposed to a reinvention, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a case of more of the same. Even when it is familiar, Forza Horizon 5 makes small, but thoughtful changes to its established blueprint that hones in on the people behind the cars in a way that the franchise has previously just glossed over.
Leo FariaNov 08, 2021
Forza Horizon 5 is the ultimate car enthusiast’s power fantasy. It’s a game that just wants you to go bananas and appreciate the beauty behind motoring, by offering every single tool, event, car model and online functionality available. It basically wants to act as your safe haven to enjoy driving around with ludicrous gas-guzzling V10s in an era where mentioning you like to analyze how fast a car can get from 0-60 is enough to condemn you as Captain Planet villain.
Luke AlbigesNov 04, 2021
Beautiful, vast, creative, varied, and exciting, Forza Horizon 5 is an incredible game that will have you hooning around Mexico for months. There's an amazing sense of variety to everything about this game, and the smart Accolades system should have many achievement hunters hooked as they explore the full extent of what this remarkable racer has to offer. Fantastic handling, interesting events, and a wonderful history-spanning selection of cars makes for an amazing experience — arguably the best game in the series to date, and inarguably the best game in the series to DOOT. See you in Mexico, amigos...
Daniel BloodworthNov 16, 2021
Liam DoolanNov 04, 2021
It is mostly a flawless experience, but the lack of major evolution is how other franchises like Need for Speed fell behind in the first place. If the Forza Horizon series is to continue, it really needs to push the formula to new horizons. It would be great to see Playground really let loose with a future entry, as it's now getting a little too comfortable with the tried and tested template.
Andrew ThorntonNov 12, 2021
Despite a few minor quibbles, Forza Horizon 5 is a triumph for its series, taking everything the last several titles set up so well and making a bigger and better game than its predecessors. Any fan of racing games needs to check it out now, and even if you’re not usually into the genre, you may surprise yourself with how well it pulls you in. Forza Horizon 5 is a taste of gaming nirvana that is not to be missed.
C.J. KellerNov 04, 2021
Forza Horizon 5 is ultimately a game in the franchise that continues to evolve in a more and more enjoyable direction, even if there is a core to the game that feels very familiar.
GameCentralNov 04, 2021
The last game’s introductions of seasons was a clever gimmick but the unique selling point with Forza Horizon 5 is simply that the map’s bigger and more varied than ever before. That is a perfectly valid improvement though, especially in a genre where true innovation is almost impossible, and for the third time in a row it’s fair to say that this is not just the best Forza Horizon so far but the best new arcade racer any format.
Paul RenshawNov 10, 2021
In conclusion, play Forza Horizon 5. There has never been a better looking game, and it plays like an absolute dream. It’s full of cars, full of challenge, full of glorious visuals and played out across a world like no other. I really wish I could give it more than 5/5, but as I can’t, a perfect score will have to do.
Magnus Groth-AndersenNov 04, 2021
There's no narrative-driven singleplayer campaign as such, no motivations or characters with agendas to strengthen the core player path, no weird gear system, no new modes of transport. This is just more Forza Horizon, slightly tuned to perfection through years of gradual improvement. It is, however, still the pinnacle, and that's more than good enough for me.
Dan WebbNov 04, 2021
Ultimately, it’s hard to fault Forza Horizon 5 at all. Sure, it may not be brimming with exciting innovations, but it’s packed to the rafters with the entire franchise's most memorable, compelling content, informed by everything that Playground Games has learned over the last nine years. Forza Horizon is most definitely a jewel in Xbox's crown, and Forza Horizon 5 is quite possibly the shiniest of them all.
Ibrahim KNov 13, 2021
Forza Horizon 5 looks phenomenal, plays well and is practically flawless. It is undoubtedly the best entry in the series and has the most detailed open world in any game to date.
DefaNov 04, 2021
Siguiendo al pie de la letra su propia fórmula en temas de gameplay, controles, estructura y diseño de mundo abierto, Forza Horizon 5 se convierte en el nuevo pináculo de la franquicia por la manera tan especial que nos transporta a los bellos paisajes mexicanos, sacando provecho de todo el poder del Xbox Series X para convertirse en uno de los primeros juegos de esta nueva generación que indudablemente se sienten como de nueva generación. Algunas asperezas a nivel e interfaz y de progresión lo frenan de la verdadera perfección, pero sus virtudes opacan a esos defecto y claro, lo convierten en uno de los mejores juegos de este 2021.
Rafa Del RíoNov 04, 2021
Forza Horizon 5 vuelve a demostrar la maestría de Playground con un exclusivo de Xbox y PC que marca un nuevo estándar tecnológico en el género
CritixDec 06, 2021
Par son contenu et la beauté incroyable de sa représentation du Mexique, Forza Horizon 5 offre une expérience fidèle et un dépaysement sans pareil. Ce cinquième opus s’impose comme la référence du jeu de voiture.
DopamineNov 04, 2021
Forza Horizon 5 représente la quintessence de la série. Il reste bien campé sur les fondations d’Horizon, en garde des aspect agaçants pour certains (notamment le ton surjoué de toutes les voix off), mais ne fait que relever tout ce qui a déjà fait le sel des quatre opus qui l’ont précédé. Beau à en faire tomber les pare-chocs, raffiné à en péter une durite, c’est un très beau bébé. Il est (très) bien parti pour être un system seller dans l’écosystème Xbox et je ne serais pas étonné que des bundles arrivent très vite pour la fin de l’année. Tout possesseur de machine capable de le faire tourner devrait y goûter. Roulez jeunesse !
Pedro PestanaNov 04, 2021
Forza Horizon 5 respira liberdade, adrenalina e diversão arcade, num México cuja dimensão rivaliza com a sua beleza de cortar a respiração. Com centenas de carros à disposição, dezenas de eventos e uma experiência de condução imaculada, é de longe o melhor jogo de corridas de arcada do ano, com uma profundidade considerável que até pode vir a surpreender os puristas das corridas de simulação.
Davide ManciniNov 04, 2021
Il meglio di tutti i Forza Horizon in un'unica compilation ambientata in un Messico da realismo magico.
Denis KoshelevNov 04, 2021
Изрядно поругав Playground Games за излишнюю осторожность, я всё равно получил огромное удовольствие от Forza Horizon 5. Старая формула ещё не надоела — она стала только лучше. И пусть я всё ещё считаю, что менять что-то надо, я не могу притворяться, что Forza Horizon 5 не заслуживает места в списке лучших игр этого года. Можно ли сделать лучше? Конечно. Есть ли что-то лучше на сегодняшний момент? Нет. Forza Horizon 5 — это эталон.
Eren EroğluNov 07, 2021
Forza Horizon 5, neredeyse kusursuzluğa yakın bir yapım. Keşfederken manzaralarına hayran kalacağınız ve Meksika'nın sokaklarındaki etkinliklerle oldukça güzel saatler geçirebileceğiniz bir oyun. İçerisinde, incelemede bahsettiğim bazı minik teknik problemler barındırıyor olsa da, 9 Kasım'daki çıkışıyla birlikte bu sorunların önemli bir kısmının düzeltileceğini düşünüyorum. Eğer tamamen gerçekçi bir simülasyon deneyimi seviyorsanız, Forza Horizon 5 sizlere göre bir oyun değil; fakat, daha çok 'arcade' bir yapım olan Forza Horizon 5, herkesin mutlaka deneyimlemesi gereken bir oyun. 9 Kasım 2021'de Türkçe dil desteği ile birlikte piyasaya sürülecek olan yapım, çıkar çıkmaz Xbox Game Pass PC ve konsol kütüphanesine de dâhil olacak.
Mari Stas Nov 20, 2021
Forza Horizon 5 biedt de bekende actie die we gewend zijn van de serie, maar dan beter dan ooit. Mexico is de tofste, meest gevarieerde locatie in Forza Horizon tot nu toe en het zal niet snel vervelen om daar doorheen te racen. De game biedt genoeg vermaak om je een flinke tijd zoet te houden. In ieder geval minstens tot de volgende Forza Horizon game. Als de vervelende serverproblemen ook snel worden opgelost, staat eigenlijk bijna niets meer in de weg om Forza Horizon 5 de meest succesvolle game uit de serie te maken!
Wojciech GruszczykNov 04, 2021
„Forza Horizon 5 to hit” – w tym miejscu mógłbym zakończyć swoje podsumowanie, ale warto podkreślić, że Playground Games oferuje genialne wyścigi, które zachwycają. To produkcja, która potwierdza, że lata systematycznej pracy nie poszły na marne.
میلاد طاهرنژادNov 11, 2021
تجربه شما از این بازی قابل حدس خواهد بود: لذت محض، به شکل دیوانه‌واری اعتیادآور و دیتای بازی تا عرضه‌ی نسخه‌ی بعد، نصب روی هارد درایو کنسول‌تان. پلی‌گراند باتجربه‌تر از همیشه است؛ تجربه‌ای که حالا فورتزا هورایزن را در قامت بهترین سری ریسینگ مدرن و به عنوان پرچمدارجدید اکس‌باکس معرفی می‌کند.
Παναγιώτης ΠετρόπουλοςNov 08, 2021
Το Forza Horizon 5 έχει πολύ μέλλον μπροστά του. Νέοι αγώνες θα σχεδιαστούν από τους παίκτες του, χιλιάδες Clubs θα σχηματιστούν και θα κοντραριστούν μέχρι τελική πτώσεως, εκατομμύρια διαφορετικά σχέδια αμαξιών θα κατακλίσουν τους servers του και θα ανταλλαχθούν μεταξύ της κοινότητάς του.