Far Cry 6 for Xbox Series X|S
Xbox Series X|S

Far Cry 6

Oct 7, 2021
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Developer: Ubisoft Toronto
Content Rating: Mature


Welcome to Yara, a tropical paradise frozen in time. FAR CRY®6 thrusts players into the adrenaline-filled world of a modern-day guerrilla revolution. As dictator of Yara, Anton Castillo is intent on restoring his nation back to its former glory by any means, with his son, Diego, following in his bloody footsteps. Become a guerrilla fighter and burn their regime to the ground.

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Nov 9, 2021

Played on an Xbox Series X.

  • Great graphics and artistic design. Beautiful and rich environments, dense forests, sandy beaches, valleys with running rivers, swamps riddled with crocodiles, poor villages and mountainous camps. This game has it all and looks great at every moment, at every sunrise or sunset, at every sunny day or stormy night .
  • Fantastic music and sound effects. The soundtrack of the game is absolutely amazing. Even though i am from Europe and do not listen much of Latin music, i must say that it is absolutely amazing. It really "clicks" with the game and creates great mood. I found myself driving all the time so i could listen to the songs from the radio and when i found a radio somewhere at a random spot i would pause to listen for a while. Sometimes even in combat......Awesome!!!
  • Bug - free gaming....no, really. I can't believe that this is a Ubisoft Game .More than 70 hours of gaming and didn't encounter game breaking bugs or glitches. Weeell i did find some minor ones, but there where more amusing than anything else.
  • Good gunplay, good variety of weapons and great moment to moment fun. Get this... Upgraded my car's bumper to the max so i can have more hitting force. While i was driving uphill a small mountain road i accidentally hit a horse. The horse flew of the road to the crevice below hitting and destroying a passing enemy helicopter. I laughed for 10 minutes straight. That said the game needs a little balancing. Stealth and armor piercing bullets are very powerful.
  • Oscar winning acting. If there was an Oscar for video game acting, then this is it. Right here. An outstanding Giancarlo Esposito as cold ruthless dictator opposed by a really good fleshed out Danni ( especially the male character )who is surrounded by many colorful character's. Some funny, other serious. Some warm and heartfelt. other cold and calculating. I really enjoyed the story of the game and the way it is unfolded. It is not something new, but then again it does not need to be.

And that right there is the whole resume of the game. This is not something totally new. This is not something that you have not seen or played before, It is after all number 6 of the franchise. Far cry 6 is exactly this. it is another of the Far Cry games. Those games that we love. Those games that we wait for three or some years for the next installment. If you do not then this probably is not for you. If you do not like Far Cry games then this not the one to change your mind, imho. If you grew out of the franchise at some point then this probably is not for you either. THIS IS FAR CRY. But better. But more beautiful. But funnier. but still Far Cry.

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Brian SheaOct 06, 2021
Far Cry 6 is a compelling open-world action game from the early moments through the final confrontation. The main storyline is exciting, and I never ran into a shortage of side content to enjoy. Far Cry 6 isn’t revolutionary in its accomplishments, but it executes the franchise’s formula better than any entry before it.
Borja RueteOct 06, 2021
Lo que sí nos ha gustado son Los Supremo, los jet packs, un instrumento que aporta frescura al sistema jugable. Por lo demás, una historia plagada de giros, acción desbordante, sigilo, eventos de mundo... falla la inteligencia artificial, un aspecto que en Ubisoft tendrán que revisar de cara a la nueva generación. En definitiva: diversión directa y al pie, muy recomendable.
Gianluca MussoOct 06, 2021
Ma al netto di questo difetto è innegabile che Far Cry 6 rappresenti il nuovo standard del franchise. Il gioco di Ubisoft ne innova talmente tanti elementi e in modo così azzeccato, da essere potenzialmente il migliore di tutti, almeno dal punto di vista della qualità del gameplay.

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