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Cris Tales

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Graham CameronAug 04, 2021
Cris Tales is a beautiful 2D JRPG with an interesting story and great use of time manipulation. Each of the characters are unique and bring something different to each battle. The way the screen splits to show you the past, present and future is delightful to see and invests you into the game to try and improve the future, while using time powers in battles is well executed and kept me keen on trying different strategies.
Stacey HenleyJul 27, 2021
When Cris Tales works, it’s a wonderful experience, and there’s a great game in here somewhere, but it sabotages itself at every turn. I’ll be keeping a close eye on Dreams Uncorporated - but Cris Tales is a near miss that looks to the future, while clinging too hard to the past.
Travis NorthupJul 23, 2021
Cris Tales tells a charming JRPG tale in a gorgeous and weird world, but it's hobbled by incredibly monotonous combat. Its battles undoubtedly overstay their welcome, but this unique odyssey still manages to shine through them a bit thanks to its style, characters, and the inspired (non-combat) time travel mechanics that make it so memorable.
Lyle CarrJul 23, 2021
Cris Tales is a refreshing and unique take on the JRPG. It mixes new and exciting ideas with staples of the genre with fantastic results. Using Crisbell’s time powers in and out of battle is truly rewarding, and the timing based combat is engaging. It’s a real shame that the Switch version of the game has some huge issues. Otherwise, this gorgeous game is so good that I still played 20 hours of it in 2 days regardless.
Paul RenshawAug 08, 2021
In conclusion, Cris Tales succeeds in what it sets out to do. It isn’t as good as Chrono Trigger but is still a very good RPG in its own right. I hesitate to call it a JRPG as it doesn’t have that feel, but is still as competent and enjoyable a game as I’ve played in a long time, all helped along by a great art style, enjoyable time-bending mechanics and a story that will keep you hooked.
Ben LyonsJul 21, 2021
Cris Tales really is a game that, to me, has various hits and misses. There are parts that I adore, and parts I despise, and it makes for a conflicting experience. With some slight tweaks to make the combat feel less punishing and exhausting, Cris Tales can be something genuinely fantastic, but right now, it's hard to see it as more than a display of mesmerising scenes telling an unusual yet unique story, dragged down by hollow world design and often frustrating combat.
Fiama PinedaJul 31, 2021
Cris Tales es un buen JRPG que supone una vuelta de tuerca a la jugabilidad clásica por turnos, ya que incluye la posibilidad de influir en el tiempo. Posee una historia muy interesante y presenta un magnífico aspecto visual acompañado de una genial banda sonora.
Laura LunaAug 03, 2021
Cris Tales ya llamaba la atención en sus primeros tráilers por un apartado gráfico sobresaliente. En efecto, este jRPG es una delicia audiovisual que adquiere profundidad cuando te sumerges en un mundo de fantasía que va un poco más allá de los elfos y los dragones de siempre. Asimismo, la cronomagia ofrece unas mecánicas muy refrescantes.
Sebastian QuirozJul 29, 2021
Cris Tales es fenomenal, no hay otra forma de decirlo. La historia que se nos presenta se puede ver simple a primera instancia, pero ofrece un trasfondo y temas bastantes interesantes que se exploran de gran forma, al menos hasta donde esta aventura estilo libro infantil lo permite. El apartado visual es excepcional, y algo que seguramente recordaré. Si bien el soundtrack y el trabajo de voz pudieron ser mejor, lo que se nos entregó vale mucho la pena. Por último, el gameplay es magnífico y un deleite de explorar, esto pese a que algunas de sus ideas no se llegan a explorar a detalle o concretar con todos los personajes.
MidnailahJul 24, 2021
Oui, Cris Tales est à la hauteur des attentes suscitées par la démo et confirme l'engouement ressenti lors de sa preview. Avec son concept innovant et sa direction artistique pleine de charme, le premier titre du studio indépendant Dreams Uncorporated a de quoi convaincre les amateurs de RPG traditionnels au tour par tour, à la recherche d'une expérience inédite aux bases solides.
Andrea GiulianiAug 01, 2021
Cris Tales rimane comunque un grande omaggio ai JRPG classici a turni e una fiaba piacevole con diversi spunti di riflessione, per cui non posso che consigliare a tutti di dargli un’occhiata. Se poi avete Xbox Game Pass, non avete scuse visto che è compreso nell’abbonamento!
Chris BoersAug 09, 2021
Cris Tales is een RPG die veel kwaliteit bezit in uitvoering en met de tijd-manipulatie een interessante invalshoek introduceert, die helaas niet altijd ten volle benut wordt. Het vasthouden aan oude concepten als save-spots en random encounters is jammer en schaadt de game meer dan het goed doet. Het verhaal en de zij-missies zijn dan weer interessant en brengen je op heel diverse plekken die elk hun eigen puzzels met zich mee brengen.