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Oct 5, 2021
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Developer: Awe Interactive
Content Rating: Teen


BPM is a rhythm-action FPS rogue-like where you must shoot, jump and dodge to the beat of an epic rock soundtrack. Delve into a randomly generated dungeon where one missed note can lead to your death. Gain game-changing abilities and loot powerful weaponry to defeat your ancient enemy: Nidhogg.

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Daniel HollisOct 05, 2021
Despite its shortcomings, we were always drawn to come back for 'one more run'. It nails the roguelite gameplay hook and has a unique gameplay mechanic to support it all. While it at times feels as though the game's fighting against you when everything comes together, there's nothing quite like it. Clearing a room of monsters in time to the guitar shredding soundtrack never gets old and the constant progression of unlocking new characters and skills is an incentive to keep trying. It's not a home run, but those who buy into BPM: Bullet Per Minute's charm will certainly have a good time.
Luke AlbigesOct 05, 2021
BPM is an amazing concept, realised wonderfully. It's not the easiest of recommendations due to the game's brutal difficulty level and heavy metal skew, but if you're on board with those things, willing to learn something new (and get your ass handed to you repeatedly in the process), and prepared to overcome the whims of some random elements to bring down Nidhogg, you're in for one hell of a time. Honestly, well executed passages are next-level satisfying, from triple-tap kill combos to the beat to the simple act of reloading some of the fiddlier weapons. Completionists beware, though — the list is a bit silly.
TaivenNov 25, 2021
Avšak môžete mať aj smolu, keď prídete o všetky obchody, neobjavujú sa truhle ani mince a kým sa prestrieľate celým bludiskom k bossovi, zostane vám minimum života, s ktorým väčšinou neustojíte ani jeden základný útok. Takéto chvíle vedia extrémne frustrovať, ale napriek tomu má BPM v sebe akési kúzlo, ktoré vás prinúti skúsiť toto peklo pokoriť znova.