Back 4 Blood for Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

Back 4 Blood

Oct 12, 2021 NEW
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Content Rating: Mature


Back 4 Blood is a thrilling cooperative first-person shooter from the creators of the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead franchise. Experience the intense 4 player co-op narrative campaign, competitive multiplayer as human or Ridden, and frenetic gameplay that keeps you in the action.

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Phillip TinnerOct 11, 2021
Back 4 Blood is a premium multiplayer game that feels quite complete at launch, a rarity in the current games market. It misses the mark with Swarm and needs an offline mode, but its core shooter mechanics and card-driven gameplay combine for an excellent evolution of the co-op formula.
Brendan LowryOct 11, 2021
I've been excited to play ever since I went hands-on with the Back 4 Blood beta this summer, and now that it's here, I'm confident in saying that Back 4 Blood is the "Left 4 Dead 3" that myself and many others desire. There are some things that disappoint me, but overall, Back 4 Blood is a bloody good time that any fan of Left 4 Dead (or any other co-op shooter) will love.
GrayshadowOct 17, 2021
Back 4 Blood is such as strange experience as it implements some great dynamic elements with the card and corruption system. On the other hand, the sheer amount of special infected makes them less unique and just more annoying, especially since most of them have abilities that can incapacitate survivors with the only option of freedom being an ally or a limited use stun gun. Swarm is a fun competitive option but that rush only lasts so long.

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