Xenon Racer for Xbox One
Xbox One

Xenon Racer

Mar 26, 2019
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Developer: 3DClouds.it
Content Rating: Everyone


It’s the year 2030. In an era of flying vehicles, a one-off championship for traditional wheel based vehicles has been organised, with cutting edge electric cars boosted by Xenon gas. Drift through cities like Tokyo and Dubai at breakneck speeds and claim your eternal victory!

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Ken McKownApr 17, 2019
Xenon Racer looks good at first glance, but like the racing, the more I played the more I noticed its flaws. The track design is very basic and not that interesting. As for visuals they are slick and the game runs at 60 on the X. There is an option to switch between performance and graphics, but never ever use the graphics setting. It drops the frame rate drastically and is not even a consistent 30fps. It is abysmal to play like that and the visual upgrade isn’t even that impressive.
Jeremy PeeplesMar 30, 2019
Xenon Racer is a good game that so desperately wants to be great, but it falls short in too many areas to reach that status. Cars feel a bit too weighty while tracks lack life due to low-quality trackside details. The game’s tough learning curve won’t be for everyone, but does offer a greater sense of reward than most games when it comes to making a victory feel like a true accomplishment. Unfortunately, visual problems and a mundane soundtrack hurt the overall presentation. The end result is a game that comes as a mild recommendation for racing fans until some of its issues are hopefully fixed with patches down the line.
Javi OriaApr 08, 2019
Xenon Racer es un juego directo, veloz, requiere reflejos y un control preciso sobre su propuesta simple y sencilla, pero no tan fácil de dominar. Por eso mismo es exigente con el jugador, ofreciendo una curva de dificultad bastante elevada especialmente en sus inicios y para jugadores menos hábiles en este tipo de juegos, del mismo modo que conlleva un reto bastante entretenido para los aficionados a juegos de velocidad arcade de este corte, totalmente alejados de cualquier realismo imaginable.

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