Wulverblade for Xbox One
Xbox One


Jan 30, 2018
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Developer: Darkwind Media
Content Rating: Mature


Its 120AD and the Roman army have seized control of the south of Britannia. Their goal, to march north and conquer the rest of the island with brutal and bloody efficiency. The 5000 strong 9th Legion are preparing for war, but little do they know what lies in wait for them. Caradoc, a guardian of the northern tribes has rallied the war bands and is ready to bring the war to the Romans. Caradoc bares a gift that even he is not aware of. And soon, the Ninth Legion will discover its true power.

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Mark SherwoodJan 25, 2018
Wulverblade is brutal, gory, and gorgeous in its design. It comes packed with collectibles and unlocks that constantly rewards the player with fascinating insights. Putting some difficulty inconsistencies to the side, fans of side-scrolling brawlers will be thrilled with what’s on offer. The game is well designed, diverse, and above all else it’s hard to put down.
Richard SeagraveJan 31, 2018
If you're a fan of the side-scrolling beat 'em up genre then Wulverblade certainly does enough for you to consider checking it out, but it just doesn't feel mechanically sound enough to truly impress. It's a shame, given the game's strong art direction, historic bent and variety of gameplay modes.
Mick FraserFeb 09, 2018
Wulverblade is a solid beat ‘em up with heaps of old school spirit, only really hampered by some stiff side-switching and an occasionally cluttered floor that can lead to you picking up a severed head instead of that apple you desperately need to somehow heal all your recent knife-wounds. This can also lead to multiplayer games being a little hard to keep up with, though you can usually mash your way through most encounters. It’s nothing hugely original, but Wulverblade certainly has heart and style.

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