World to the West for Xbox One
Xbox One

World to the West

May 5, 2017
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Developer: Rain Games
Content Rating: Everyone


A young Teslamancer, an optimistic underdog, a seasoned explorer and a strongman aristocrat out of his depth find themselves flung into an adventure none of them signed up for. In a land that holds secrets best left forgotten, the four heroes must use their unique abilities to find glory, get revenge, and for some, simply find a way home.

Critic Reviews

5 Reviews
Steven John DawsonJun 11, 2017
The graphics boast a colourful yet simple approach, giving the world a cartoonish, lively feel. It fits the world perfectly, allowing the gameplay to be the focus of the title, without being distracting. Musically, it’s much the same, tinkling along in the background allowing gameplay to take centre stage.
Ford JamesMay 04, 2017
The unfulfilling exploration and repetitive, one-dimensional combat really bring the experience down, especially when you consider those needed to be the areas it excelled in. The presentation in the cutscenes is great, and the music is simple and chirpy, but when it's boring to play and there's little to no draw to find out what happens next, unfortunately it's just another name to add to the list of Zelda-inspired indie titles.
Alberto PastorMay 05, 2017
La nueva aventura de puzles y exploración de los creadores de Teslagrad lo tiene todo para convertirse en un gran videojuego pero le ha faltado algo más de inspiración en sus rompecabezas, y una mejor forma de llevarnos por su gran mundo de fantasía, para alcanzar el nivel de calidad de los más grandes.

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