World of Tanks for Xbox One
Xbox One

World of Tanks

Jul 28, 2015

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Content Rating: Teen


Take command of history’s most powerful tanks and experience the intensity of tank combat on console like never before. Charge into the fray and engage in epic 15-v-15 multiplayer tank battles. Hundreds of stunningly realistic mid-20th century armored fighting vehicles await your command. Take the helm and fight the enemy in beautifully realized environments where your careful aim and steady hand make you a force to be feared. Share your greatest battle moments and, for the first time ever, battle with players on Xbox One and Xbox 360 with cross-play.

Critic Reviews

11 Reviews
Brett MakedonskiAug 03, 2015
There might be something special to World of Tanks, but it's not something that's immediately apparent; it's something that only shows itself after a significant investment. The gameplay can be rewarding at times, but most won't have the patience (or the money) to ever get to that point. Thus, World of Tanks won't ever be more than a quick detour on the way to something that's easier to comprehend.
Jaz RignallAug 11, 2015
World of Tanks is an entertaining and enjoyable tactical shooter with a surprising amount of depth. If you're not prepared to pony up some cash, it does become a grind eventually – but if you reach that point and you still want to play, spending some money is very likely a worthwhile investment.
Jeremy PeeplesAug 07, 2015
World of Tanks on Xbox One is the definitive way to experience the game on consoles. The Xbox 360 was a nice teaser for what it could be, but you can see the concept fully formed here. It plays better than it did on 360 and looks fantastic. New weather effects add a lot of life to the action and make for a more exciting experience. As a free to play game, there’s no barrier of entry to speak of.

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