Wolfenstein: Youngblood for Xbox One
Xbox One

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Jul 26, 2019 NEW

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Developer: Machine Games
Content Rating: Mature


Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a standalone followup to last year’s Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, putting players in the shoes of series protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz’s twin daughters (Jess and Soph) in 1980s Paris, continuing their father’s fight against invading Nazis.

Critic Reviews

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Richard SeagraveJul 30, 2019
Despite its issues though, Wolfenstein: Youngblood remains yet another solid entry in the Wolfenstein series. It’s considerably lighter on story than BJ Blazkowicz’s recent outings, but it makes up for it with its lighthearted tone and balls-to-the-wall gunplay. This is a game all about killing Nazis and having fun while doing so, which is made easy thanks to your range of weapons and abilities. It’s no doubt better when played with a friend, but even if you plan on playing it alone, Wolfenstein: Youngblood is worth picking up.
William SchwartzJul 25, 2019
It’s incredibly hard to recommend Youngblood to the player who only wants to play this solo.  This is a game that was clearly designed to be played with others.  When playing solo the A.I. is bad enough to infuriate you and the rules in place only exacerbate these issues.  The problems you’ll encounter here are numerous, enough to lower your enjoyment of the game.  If you are, however, looking for a straight forward co-op shooter with plenty of customization and collectibles, you might enjoy the game with friends or random online players.
Cade OnderJul 30, 2019
If you're looking for something to tide you over until the inevitable Wolfenstein 3, Youngblood probably won't scratch your itch. It takes many steps back to the point where it feels like a lesser experience even when compared to shooters beyond this series. There's little of value added and it fails to even be declared average at best thanks to bugs and poor AI.

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