Wolfenstein: Youngblood for Xbox One
Xbox One

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Jul 26, 2019

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Developer: Machine Games
Content Rating: Mature


Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a standalone followup to last year’s Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, putting players in the shoes of series protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz’s twin daughters (Jess and Soph) in 1980s Paris, continuing their father’s fight against invading Nazis.

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Elton JonesJul 29, 2019
Wolfenstein: Youngblood comes off better than expected. It retains the top-notch gunplay, standout humor, and wonderfully designed stages of the rebooted entries in the series. The way it incorporates light RPG mechanics and a non-linear approach to stage progression are also commendable. However, Youngblood’s lack of a moving tale and less prominent cinematic touch is disappointing. Plus the game’s constantly repeating side missions and non-endearing microtransactions are also a sore spot. Even still, Youngblood’s fun factor and co-op gameplay make it a worthwhile summer blockbuster experience.
Alec SandarAug 04, 2019
Wolfenstein: Youngblood took some radical, bold modes, and it is paying the price for it. However, you can’t just make the same game over and over again and call it a different name. Ultimately, you have to evolve the story and the characters, and in this respect, this game is a good idea overall. It only needs to solve some of its in-game problems, fix the AI, and perhaps rebalance some mechanics. As a Co-Op experience, this game represents a good opportunity to have fun and it is at least worth a try.
Drew LeachmanAug 13, 2019
Youngblood is a budget priced spinoff that works in the gameplay department just like the previous games, but lacks in a lot of other areas. I would suggest it to players that have a co-op partner to play with and with the Deluxe Edition, a co-op pass code is available. Even then, players may find themselves burned out on this one much faster than the mainline games that came before it.

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