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We Happy Few

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Dan HastingsAug 12, 2019
We Happy Few is a fantastic game but is not without its flaws. The combat and stealth leave you wanting that little bit more. Stealth, combat and crafting have a lot of potential but are implemented very minimalistically. The game manages to save itself through the delivery of an incredibly unique and almost magical world that will quickly make you forget about the shortcomings. From the spooky Bobbies to the drugged up citizens.
Mack AshworthAug 09, 2018
For $60 I needed to see more quality, and instead became overloaded with quantity. Despite the game’s shortcomings, I am excited for the season pass, which promises to explore more characters and take a deeper dive into the world. Hopefully we’ll also be treated to a smattering of patches to add more polish to the experience. In its launch state, however, We Happy Few pleases the eyes and ears, but much like the fictional drug it features, the Joy is great… until it wears off.
Rachel WeberAug 09, 2018
Precisely because the story and the world stunned me so much, I can forgive it for some of the more technical issues that popped up here and there. A wonky framerate, cookie cutter NPCs - I must have seen the same little old lady a hundred times - and animation glitches were all dotted through my hours and hours (and hours) of gameplay, but at worst they were a distraction, a tiny pinch on the arm from the real world.
Brittany VincentAug 09, 2018
We Happy Few is like a mix of some of the best games over the years to successfully marry combat, crafting, puzzle-solving, and narrative into one beautiful amalgam of curiosity. It has its more frustrating moments and predictable elements, but overall it's a polished and exciting prospect that isn't afraid to try new things. It isn't afraid to offer colorful accents out in the field instead of relegating players to the same browns and rusts.
Brendan GraeberAug 10, 2018
We Happy Few’s focus on story over survival is a good choice, and at its best when dropping bombshells of truth that the drugged people of Wellington Wells have tried so hard to ignore. In its Early Access, I felt like wandering between procedurally-generated islands to stay alive wasted the intriguing setting and premise of its opening act.
Dan WebbAug 16, 2018
We Happy Few is a case of quantity over quality. A by-the-numbers venture whose game world seems to have been populated by a script rather than being handcrafted. Despite moments of what could only be described as brilliance, We Happy Few is full of fetch quests, boring busy-work and some of the most baffling design decisions in the history of video games. Oh, and it’s broken as shit too. Happy? Not really, no.
GameCentralAug 13, 2018
The game is absolutely no fun to play, with highly repetitive quests and a survival element that seems wholly unnecessary. Overcomplicated crafting, weak combat, and lots of bugs. A joyless and confused mix of BioShock, Fallout, and Rust that wastes its intriguing setting on repetitive action and tedious survival mechanics.
Kosta AndreadisAug 20, 2018
In the end, whether that’s enough to excuse some of the bland fetch-style quest design or the repetitive nature of traveling from one side of Wellington Wells to another, comes down to personal taste. And a willingness to stick with a severely flawed release to experience a fascinating tale of regret, shame, and addiction that’s full of ambition, charm, and memorable detail.
Brodie GibbonsAug 21, 2018
After being revealed to a reasonable amount of fanfare, it's fair to say that We Happy Few is one of the year's biggest disappointments. Though there's a lot of the BioShock fingerprint evident here, this lineage isn't ever lived up to. The story, characters and the character of the world itself are positively to die for and exist as the game's few triumphs.
Paula CroftAug 12, 2018
El título presenta un simple y rudimentario sistema de combate y una Inteligencia Artificial mejorable que no ayuda a potenciar el sistema de sigilo. Diversos fallos y bugs lastran la experiencia y dejan la sensación de que el disponer de unos meses más para pulirlo hubiera ayudado a ofrecer una versión final del producto a la altura de las altas expectativas que se tenían.
Juan RubioAug 13, 2018
Compulsion ha conseguido crear una interesantísima historia e implementarla en un juego de supervivencia sin que se le noten demasiado las costuras. El resultado es bueno, pero es innegable que ‘We Happy Few’ necesitaba un par de meses más en el horno.
Damien GreffetAug 20, 2018
Au total, We Happy few permet environ 40h de jeu, bien qu’on n’ait pas forcément envie d’aller jusqu’au bout à cause des nombreux problèmes du jeu. Il faut préciser qu’en plus, un mode sandbox sera proposé, bien qu’on ignore la date à laquelle il sera disponible.
Julien InvernoAug 15, 2018
En résulte un titre mutant et branlant dont on espère que Compulsion Games saura tirer des enseignements pour ces prochaines productions, tant son univers est une réussite et alors que le studio canadien, racheté cette année par Microsoft, aura peut-être dans le futur un peu plus les moyens de ses ambitions.
uniAug 27, 2018
Niektorí hráči od We Happy Few možno očakávali viac, ale to neznamená, že sa jedná o zlú hru (no tá cenovka pri premiére je rozhodne prestrelená). My sme sa do nej zažrali a bavila nás - minimálne počas prvej desiatky hodín. Potom už sa prejavilo určité vyčerpanie podkladu a zrejme aj naša únava, ale pritom v nás hra stále intenzívne rezonovala. Možno preto, že mestečko plné vyškerených masiek a ohlupujúcich piluliek nám pripomenulo aj niečo zo súčasného reálneho sveta, ktorý je falošný podobne ako Wellington Wells.