Watch Dogs 2 for Xbox One
Xbox One

Watch Dogs 2

Nov 15, 2016
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Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Content Rating: Mature


The establishment is exploiting technology to silently amplify its control over you. Using the skills and anonymity of hackers, ignite the rebel in you, and break the rules. For the lulz, for what’s right, and most importantly, because you can.

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Dan StapletonNov 23, 2016
Watch Dogs 2’s distinctive hacking and puzzle mechanics do a great job of reminding you that you’re not playing just another Grand Theft Auto clone as you tear through it’s beautiful Bay Area map. Marcus is a bit too friendly of a guy to be believable as our instrument of mayhem, but the flexible missions let you get through mostly non-violently if you’re good enough at stealth. And when it works, multiplayer is good unconventional cat-and-mouse fun, too.
Risky MaulanaNov 26, 2016
Watch Dogs 2 adalah sebuah sekuel yang di satu sisi lebih baik dibandingkan Watch Dogs pertama, namun di sisi lain masih meneruskan kekurangan yang diderita iterasi sebelumnya, yakni dalam penyampaian cerita. Terlepas dari kekurangan ini, Watch Dogs 2 merupakan game open-world yang menarik untuk dimainkan, dan saya tak sabar untuk mencoba mode online berfungsi seperti yang dijanjikan Ubisoft.
Elise FavisNov 16, 2016
Watch Dogs 2 addresses many of the issues of the first game, putting hacking at the forefront, but its narrative struggles to stay engaging. Although the cast is unlikeable, the parodies and its ability to not take itself seriously brings charm. The stellar hacking mechanics can make your actions, such as taking control of a satellite in outer space, feel grandiose and unstoppable in entertaining ways.

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