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TJ HAFERMar 29, 2019
The amount there is to do and the depth of its political mechanics make Tropico 6 stand out over its immediate predecessors. It's a tropical vacation worth taking when you're looking for an in-depth city-builder with strong personality and a touch of humor, which is something of a rarity outside of this long-running series. But drink too deeply of its perplexing economic systems and you may find yourself feeling a bit queasy.
Anthony ColeOct 02, 2019
Tropico 6 is a fun sandbox strategy game, with some new additions that provide some reason to upgrade from the previous entry. I enjoyed my time with the campaign, even if some of the objectives and demands sometimes got a little too overwhelming. At least sandbox mode is there, allowing you to de-stress with no pressures and just enjoy the act of creating your own little empire.
Cade OnderOct 07, 2019
Tropico 6 continues to excel in being a series that oozes personality but can struggle in its efforts to be a fairly balanced sim. Its frustrating lack of sometimes easy to understand problems and communication can make for an experience that will cause permanently raised eyebrows. If you're looking for a new city-building sim, you will still enjoy Tropico 6 but at the expense of sometimes being easily confused or having your progression halted.
Matti IsotaloMar 29, 2019
Tropico 6, in the end, is still an enjoyable dictator-em-up with a laid-back quirky attitude, but the next version must either reinvent the formula or give up on the theme. Six El Presidentes might be enough for the world, so maybe Haemimont went to survive on Mars because of it.
Roy WoodhouseOct 07, 2019
All in all, what we have is a solid entry into the series. It adds enough to give fans of the series encouragement to get this one, but when Tropico 7 comes along, it might be time for a total overhaul with a new location and theme. That said, if you're new to the franchise, it's definitely something you should be looking at getting.
Edgar WulfDec 23, 2019
Tropico 6 on Xbox One is a tasteful satire on the inner workings of politics. But it’s also a satisfying simulator of building and organising your very own nation. It’s a fun and challenging process of gradually erecting a complex infrastructure and then seeing everything function like clockwork. And of course, it’s also all about the contents of that Swiss bank account.
Lane MartinMar 29, 2019
Now, Tropico 6 is hardly a perfect game. The series has always been a bit janky in spots. I ran into one particular bug where I needed a certain number of citizens in prison to meet an objective, but the game refused to notice my already depressingly high incarceration rate. Luckily, bugs like this can be patched and a lengthy beta promises to have addressed glitches like this as soon as possible.
DededeMar 11, 2019
Trópico sigue siendo Trópico, y eso es una buena noticia para los aficionados a la franquicia y para quienes aún no la hayan disfrutado. Esta nueva entrega deja en el camino algunas de las novedades de anteriores entregas pero a cambio recupera el tono y sentido del humor que se había desvirtuado con el tiempo para ofrecer una sólida y divertida experiencia a medio camino entre la gestión urbana y la política.
Maurice WeberApr 03, 2019
Vielfältiges Aufbauspiel mit großer Freiheit bei der Staatsgestaltung, die wir aber zu selten voll ausschöpfen müssen.
Damien GreffetMar 29, 2019
Sans révolutionner la franchise, Haemimont Entertainment a fait de Tropico 6 un excellent opus, et ce, grâce à tout un tas de petites améliorations. La gestion est incroyablement plus exigeante, cassant avec le côté city-builder bateau des anciens opus, tandis que l’humour reste toujours aussi corrosif.
Daniele SpeltaMar 29, 2019
Dall’altra parte non si può certamente parlare di un cambio di marcia: qualche ottima novità c’è, come tutto il lavoro svolto a livello di map design e l’abbondanza nella scelta degli edifici, ma sotto questa spolverata di innovazione resta sempre il medesimo sostrato fatto di gestione economica e spietato realismo politico, con lo spettro di qualche DLC che già campeggia all’orizzonte. Ma in fin dei conti va bene così, ormai Tropico ha una sua storia alle spalle, consolidata e apprezzata dalla sua fan base e poi è impossibile non amare El Presidente.
Luca Di LulloOct 08, 2019
Giocare a Tropico 6 è stato come incontrare nuovamente un vecchio amico che magari evade le tasse, fa arrestare gli avversari politici e vende armi alla Germania nazista, ma insomma, pur sempre un amico. Il nostro El Presidente è così, un simpatico tiranno che in Tropico 6 è più maturo ma non stanco, solo ben consapevole di essere un dittatore di successo. Se siete amanti del genere, il titolo è altamente consigliato; se non apprezzate i titoli gestionali, dategli comunque una possibilità perché, tutto sommato, non resterete delusi.
Furkan SakoğluApr 02, 2019
Uzun lafın kısası Tropico 6, strateji ve tycoon türünü seven oyuncuların oldukça beğeneceği bir yapım olmuş. Bir önceki oyuna kıyasla çok ciddi gelişmeler içermese de, eklenen yeni özellikler keyifli bir oyun deneyimi sunmayı başarıyor. Eğer siz de başında saatler geçirebileceğiniz bir strateji oyunu arıyorsanız, Tropico 6'ya bir göz atmanızda fayda var.