Transformers: Devastation for Xbox One
Xbox One

Transformers: Devastation

Oct 6, 2015
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Developer: Platinum Games
Content Rating: Teen


Optimus Prime and the Autobots face off against classic Decepticons when Megatron discovers a way to harness the enormous power of Plasma Energy to Cyberform Earth. Fueled by the Plasma Energy, the Decepticons are stronger and more powerful than ever. Can the Autobots stop them?

Critic Reviews

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Sean EngemannOct 07, 2015
Transformers: Devastation pays incredible respect to its source material, and yet that esteem could have easily been marred by poor gameplay had publisher Activision not chosen PlatinumGames, a heralded producer of quality action titles, to develop their game. Though a dedicated fan of the original series, I do feel the $49.99 price tag is about ten dollars too steep for the amount of content the game provides. However, the heart-pounding rush of playing iconic Autobots in their classic form is real, and very hard to resist for a fan, either old or new.
Ken McKownOct 15, 2015
Transformers: Devastation is a fantastic trip down memory lane for fans of the Generation One cartoon. As a video game, the combat is extremely satisfying, if not a tad repetitious. This game feels incomplete in some areas, like there should simply be more of it. That makes it hard to recommend to anyone not completely gaga over the cartoon.
Jose OteroOct 08, 2015
Transformers Devastation’s nostalgia-fueled fisticuffs are a fun way to revisit the classic TV show. Sophisticated combo-based combat delivers a fast and furious barrage of action, but the gear and perks systems left me wondering why they were there at all in a game all about over-the-top boss fights and robot dinosaur beatdowns.

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