Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for Xbox One
Xbox One

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Jan 28, 2014
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Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Content Rating: Mature


Tomb Raider delivers an intense and gritty story of the origins of Lara Croft and her ascent from frightened young woman to hardened survivor, armed with only raw instincts and the physical ability to push beyond the limits of human endurance. Superb physics-based gameplay is paired with a heart-pounding narrative in Lara's most personal, character-defining adventure to date.

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Apr 21, 2021

Doesnt feel normal in the case of the other games but Its good that there taking a step into the future.

Jan 27, 2021
A gripping reimagination of Lara Craft, bolstered by terrific gameplay. A great adventure filled with variety, cool environments, and gritty action. Just the right length in terms of balancing story versus open world exploration.
Filip Renholm

Filip Renholm

Dec 28, 2021
Thatcher Runyon

Thatcher Runyon

Nov 3, 2021
Bryce Herrera

Bryce Herrera

Aug 11, 2021
Kimberly Bellow

Kimberly Bellow

Jul 22, 2021


Jul 14, 2021

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Tom Mc SheaJan 27, 2014
What's most remarkable about Tomb Raider is how its many elements so perfectly complement each other, so that no matter which activity you're currently engaged in, you're fully invested. ...Tomb Raider is a great reinvention of this enduring franchise that made me eager to see where Lara goes in her future.
Shawn PetraschukJan 27, 2014
The amount of work put into offering next-gen consoles an upgraded Lara Croft makes the Definitive Edition much more than a simple cash grab. One of the pinnacles of last-gen gaming is presented as one of the best looking games on offer for your new console if not one of the best looking games you’ve ever seen, period. Perhaps not worth the full price tag if you’ve already played it there is no doubt that if you missed it on round one that it’s better than ever now and worth every penny.
Nick CowenJan 27, 2014
The Definitive Edition's most obvious drawback is its price. At the time of release it will cost you almost three times more than the last-gen or PC versions. ...Tomb Raider is a great game and if you've never experienced it before, it's certainly worth picking up a copy, but it's hard to unreservedly recommend the Definitive Edition at full price.

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