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Elton JonesOct 04, 2019
Ghost Recon Breakpoint gets in its own way far too often. The intriguing plot becomes an afterthought thanks to lame cutscenes, exploring the gorgeous island of Aurora loses its luster due to the tired Ubisoft open-world formula and the pay-to-win mechanics blatantly cater to anyone who’s sick of taking on destructive drones. You’ll experience moments within this military shooter that inspire a little bit of confidence. But those fleeting moments of fun quickly dissipate as the game’s unfinished feel and lack of polish spring up far too often.
Ethan WillardOct 09, 2019
The world seemed beautiful, the switch to a loot and gear system appealed to me in theory, and as a Latinx person, it wasn’t turning an entire group of people into drug lords. Breakpoint has so much to do and so much to see, but the sheen of endless possibility quickly wore off after I realized that “endless possibility” mostly meant “go here, shoot people, run away”. Though there is enough to like and keep me around for a bit longer, at least until the raid releases, I don’t know how many more uninspired missions I can complete.
Benjamin MaltbieOct 08, 2019
In a way, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is like listening to rock, jazz, and reggae, only you’re doing all these things at the same time, none of the albums are that good to begin with, and the end result is a confusing cacophony of noise that is far less than the sum of its parts. You’d be better off participating in a more focused experience.
Dean JamesOct 08, 2019
Feeling like an attempt at a best of experience for recent Ubisoft games, Ghost Recon Breakpoint fails to capture what has made the series special in the past in all of the important areas.
Clayton CyreOct 04, 2019
I noticed a handful of frame rate dips and encountered several disconnections (Error: Mountain-00006) but despite this and the glitching, when Ghost Recon Breakpoint is working as intended, it’s a great game. I hope the visual and audio glitches are fixed over time as this is one of many constantly evolving games on the market right now. Things like the Sniper Rifles will need to be better balanced for multiplayer and upcoming DLC will likely add to the great story as gamers grind out their Year One Pass. After many hours with Breakpoint, I can safely say I’m looking forward to what’s coming next.
Mark DelaneyOct 07, 2019
Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the reigning poster child for the late-generation live service game. There is more on offer here than most people could ever dream of playing unless you retired from all other games — and maybe your family and your job too. But players should measure their content in quality, not quantity. There’s still a lot of fun to be had in Breakpoint, but you’ll need friends or good co-op partners to see a lot of it. For solo players, the gameplay loop wears out fast and even the awesome Jon Bernthal can’t save the project’s clashing design principles.
Michael GoroffOct 04, 2019
Looting for better gear is a trend that’s taken over gaming, but it’s never seemed as unnecessary and as cynical as it does in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Turning the game into an amalgamation of Wildlands and The Division, Breakpoint’s gear system ruins any immersion you may have felt in pretending to be an elite spec ops soldier. If that was the game’s only issue, it might have still been salvageable, but its predictable story, graphical infidelity, and obnoxious open world make this a failed experiment at marrying two or three different properties from the same publisher.
Richard WakelingOct 05, 2019
It would make sense if the addition of loot were in service of guiding people to spend real money on better guns, but even then the stats are so meaningless it would take a lot of convincing. There's some surprising fun to be had stealthily infiltrating enemy compounds and playing with friends, but Breakpoint is still a generic and distinctly sub-par game. It's essentially every Ubisoft open-world game rolled into one, failing to excel in any one area or establish its own identity. Breakpoint is a messy, confused game and a ghost of the series' former self.
Kim SnaithOct 14, 2019
With a gorgeous, massive world that begs you to explore, enjoyable gunplay, an extensive amount of loot and weapon upgrades on offer, and a surprisingly enjoyable narrative, it’s the type of game you can get lost in for days. Throw in the fact that its difficulty options allows Breakpoint to be tailored to suit practically any playstyle, and it’s hard to find any real faults with it. If you’re a fan of open world action, Ghost Recon Breakpoint needs to be high on your list.
Brandin TyrrelOct 10, 2019
Ghost Recon Breakpoint seems to be trying to please everyone. Its slow-burn of a single-player story coexists with an open-world bombastic romp with friends, which leads into a play-everyday grind for PvP-rewards, faction and raid gear with seasonal content, and a realistically gritty wargame of survival. But almost every ingredient clashes with another, making them all feel a little more padded, underwhelming, or contradicting than they need to be. But fun can be salvaged if you focus on one or two of those and just limit your expectations.
Drew LeachmanOct 24, 2019
It seems like Breakpoint saw the Assassin’s Creeds, the Far Cry’s, and The Divisions and decided it wanted to incorporate that into its own game. The issue is that throwing everything and the kitchen sink into the game isn’t going to make it great. They have a decent frame for Breakpoint and the feel of it is fine, but when trying to navigate the world or even the menus gives you a headache, it may be time to take a step back and think on what you need to do to make it better. The only way to play this game is with co-op friends. Single player people should avoid this one.
Andrew ReinerOct 08, 2019
This final moment with Breakpoint sums up the game perfectly. There was a sense of victory, and then it all fell apart and became a maddening mess. I had some fun playing with friends, but constantly found myself wondering how this follow-up could go so wrong. Ubisoft's newest open-world experience struggles to deliver reliable combat and interesting things to do.
Paul RenshawOct 16, 2019
In conclusion then and Ghost Recon Breakpoint on Xbox One does have a lot of ambitions and ideas, but then drowns them in a tide of nonsense and poor design. I have enjoyed the game at least in the PvE environment, as the multiplayer PvP is not very good at all. Grinding for levels, exploring, and finding missions is a great deal of fun, but the problems are never far away. The parallels to the early Destiny game are quite appropriate, as it feels like with a little bit of care, a few patches and some attention paid, then it could be a contender.
Mick FraserOct 09, 2019
Ghost Recon Breakpoint is arguably the most disappointing game of the year, if only because the franchise has fallen so far from what it was. It has now become just another looter-RPG bogged down with microtransactions and checkbox gameplay, with a less interesting setting than The Division 2, Far Cry 5, or Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey which somehow play out almost exactly the same. Ubisoft have achieved something with Breakpoint that other franchises could only dream of ten years ago: they’ve killed Ghost Recon dead.
Richard WalkerOct 04, 2019
Not as good as Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ubisoft Paris' follow-up has a few new ideas up its sleeve, but is ultimately lacking. Sadly, Ghost Recon Breakpoint feels like it's been hastily gaffer taped together, then kicked out of the door, bugs and all.
Eirik Hyldbakk FuruOct 04, 2019
Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is definitely a fun game at its core, but its identity crisis and focus on quantity over quality shines through in a way that lessens the experience. Those of you who still enjoy Wildlands and are just looking to have more fun shooting stuff with friends in a more diverse world with a few new mechanics to spice things up a bit will definitely get what you're looking for. The problem is that those of you who've grown tired of Ubisoft's well-used formula, Ubi-ed out if you will, where stuff like a loot system, collectibles, and even the story just feels tacked on should definitely look elsewhere.
Steve WrightOct 02, 2019
As a multiplayer mode, Ghost War is fun enough — I got destroyed in my first 4v4 games before realising I had to play like the realistic military shooter I was expecting in campaign. Once you get your head around things, you’ll enjoy working as a team to best your opponents. But whether or not I’d choose Ghost War over, say, the Crucible? Hands-down, I’m out. Sorry, Breakpoint.
Bart De la CuevaOct 05, 2019
Ghost Recon Breakpoint ofrece diversión, un vasto terreno a explorar y cientos de oportunidades para que mostremos de qué estamos hechos. El multiplayer es un apartado que deberíais visitar muy a menudo y su roadmap tiene muy buena pinta, ¡si hasta van a meter un evento de TERMINATOR!. Lo que está claro es que Ubisoft Paris debería estar trabajando ya, muy rápido, en subsanar errores y dejar de tomar dudosas decisiones. Aún hay esperanza para Auroa. Aunque dudo que la haya para la saga Ghost Recon.
Sergi BlanchOct 10, 2019
Breakpoint es una amalgama de ideas nacidas en otras franquicias de Ubisoft que encajaban bien sobre el papel pero que no terminan de funcionar en el juego. Es el claro ejemplo donde el total es inferior a la suma de sus partes. Es posible que todavía exista un buen producto dentro de este Ghost Recon porque el núcleo del juego, los disparos, funcionan muy correctamente pero Ubisoft va a tener que trabajar de lo lindo para que todo lo demás vaya mejor.
Alfonso CánovasOct 06, 2019
Ubisoft vuelve a la carga con la undécima entrega de la saga Ghost Recon y dos años después del lanzamiento de Wildlands. Breakpoint es el resultado de un trabajo en el que los cambios ponen de manifiesto la llegada de novedades a la saga que si bien entretienen en muchos aspectos puede no convencer demasiado a los amantes de la saga.
Ghost Recon Breakpoint nos trae un intenso y notable shooter que se queda a medias en introducción de novedades. Con contenido para aburrir (y abrumar) que hará las delicias de los amantes de la acción táctica cooperativa.
Pedro Pérez CesariOct 11, 2019
Difícilmente puedo recomendar Breakpoint a alguien y de hecho, le recomendaría a la gente que se aleje de él. Lo único que le puedo ver de positivo es que tiene un cooperativo que probablemente entretenga a uno que otro; sin embargo, hay otros juegos que ofrecen lo mismo y son mucho mejores. Así que mejor ahorra y pásala increíble con alguna alternativa. En verdad, no pierdas tu tiempo ni tu dinero.
Marcel KleffmannOct 09, 2019
Den guten und spaßigen Co-op-Gefechten mit viel spielerischer Freiheit stehen Bugs, unausgegorene Ideen und zu viel Beschäftigungstherapie gegenüber.
Dimitry HalleyOct 07, 2019
In Ghost Recon: Breakpoint steckt ein guter Open-World-Shooter für Koop-Fans, der fast komplett unter Service-Game-Marotten begraben wird.
Fabien PellegriniOct 06, 2019
A la manière d'un gloubi-boulga, Ghost Recon Breakpoint pioche allègrement dans différentes recettes, et intègre des tas d'ingrédients sans jamais se soucier de leur cohérence. On se retrouve donc avec un hybride de Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, The Division, Metal Gear Solid V et Destiny 2, qui nous propose/impose un monde ouvert, l'obligation de jouer en ligne, des microtransactions, du jeu en tant que service, du loot, un niveau d'équipement, et quelques vagues mécaniques de survie et de craft car c'est la mode du moment.
Camille AllardOct 03, 2019
Ghost Recon Breakpoint est un titre en demi-teinte. Le problème majeur vient du fait que certains aspects du titre semblent avoir été ajoutés au pied de biche. Ubisoft a clairement voulu faire de Breakpoint un mélange entre The Division et Destiny, mais force est de constater que ça ne fonctionne pas vraiment si l'on regarde l'oeuvre dans son ensemble.
Silent_JayOct 03, 2019
Ghost Recon Breakpoint reprend parfaitement le flambeau après un Wildlands mémorable. Ubisoft parvient à sublimer sa vision du TPS en monde ouvert et à y insuffler suffisamment de nouveautés pour séduire les fans de la franchise. Généreux tel est le terme à dégainer pour qualifier cette nouvelle aventure des Ghosts. L’authenticité et la survie, centrales à l’expérience, accentuent l’urgence des situations et ce sentiment oppressant d’être la proie, et non plus le chasseur, sur Auroa.
Angelo BiancoOct 06, 2019
Al netto di novità e miglioramenti, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint non è riuscito a compiere quel salto di qualità che ci si aspettava.
Andrea GiulianiOct 09, 2019
Ubisoft ha già trasformato diversi titoli grazie ai continui aggiornamenti post-lancio, e Ghost Recon Breakpoint ha comunque una base interessante che, se supportata a dovere, potrebbe trasformare il gioco in qualcosa che valga davvero la pena di provare. Al momento mi sento di consigliarlo solo se proprio amate la serie e volete godervi una buona storia sulle Forze Speciali, altrimenti aspetterei per vedere nei prossimi mesi se la situazione migliorerà o meno.
Gian Filippo SabaOct 08, 2019
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint è, dal punto di vista del gameplay, un’esperienza di gioco al massimo mediocre, impacchettata da tutte le peggiori pratiche che l’industria videoludica è in grado di regalare e completamente decimata da un livello di rifinitura imbarazzante. In tutto e per tutto, questo looter shooter sembra voler sperperare il suo ampio budget, mancando di sviluppare la sua premessa in un modo almeno lontanamente pieno di significato. Guardando dall’alto in basso i propri giocatori, abbandona qualsiasi parvenza ludica per svelare senza riserve la propria natura di becero prodotto, frammentandosi e rivendendo i propri pezzi nel tentativo di spillare qualche euro in più.
Valentino CinefraOct 11, 2019
Ghost Recon Breakpoint è un mezzo inciampo. Come quello che fanno i Ghost quando corrono troppo velocemente da una ripida discesa. Vorrebbe rinnovare l’esperienza di Wildlands ma, a conti fatti, non serve un occhio allenato per accorgersi che non si distanzia poi così tanto dal titolo del 2017. È effettivamente un po’ meno un parco giochi dove il caos regna sovrano, ed anche grazie ad una maggiore attenzione per il gunplay riesce a restituire una pavida sensazione di realismo, costringe i giocatori a pianificare i movimenti e l’azione di gioco.
Олег БеляевDec 23, 2019
У Breakpoint были все шансы стать шедевром. Однако ее элементы не встраиваются в единую механику, а микротранзакции и баги уже успели поднять весь Интернет против разработчиков.
Furkan GülerOct 15, 2019
Sona geldiğimizde Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’in özgünlükten uzak olduğunu ve seriyi yeni bir boyuta taşımak konusunda başarısız olduğunu rahatlıkla söyleyebilirim. İlk oyunda güzel çalışan mekanikleri bölüm tasarımları ve görev yapısıyla hiç eden Ubisoft, beklentileri karşılayamamış. Eğer tüm bunlara rağmen sıkı bir Ghost Recon hayranıysanız, oyunu satın almak için indirimi beklemenizi öneriyoruz.
Stefan StuursmaOct 09, 2019
De vele pijnpunten zorgen er alleen voor dat Ghost Recon Breakpoint nu enkel aanvoelt als een simpel tussendoortje in plaats van een grote release zo vlak voor het najaarsgeweld. Een spelwereld die niet heel levendig aanvoelt gecombineerd met technische mankementen en nieuwe elementen die niet veel toevoegen gooien roet in het eten. Wil je toch op avontuur op Auroa, doe dat dan samen met vrienden. De co-op is net als in Wildlands namelijk prima te doen. Breakpoint speel je niet voor het indrukwekkende verhaal, maar voor het neermaaien van een heleboel baddies.
Dariusz DM MatusiakOct 07, 2019
Co z tego, że Breakpoint jest ogromny i ma ładne widoki, co z tego, że codziennie czeka tu na nas aż dwanaście powtarzalnych misji, skoro ten świat niczym nie przyciąga, a mechaniki bardziej irytują, niż sprawiają frajdę. To w zasadzie bardzo podobna gra do naszego Snipera: Ghost Warriora 3 – tylko z ładniejszą grafiką. Tam też próba zmieszania ze sobą mechanizmów z innych tytułów oraz futurystycznych wątków kompletnie się nie powiodła.
بهرام بی غرضOct 08, 2019
در نهایت به نقطه‌ای رسیدم که باید باور کنم عنوان Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint هنوز کامل نشده و سازندگان آن حداقل یک سال دیگر برای توسعه آن نیاز به وقت داشتند. در تمامی موارد بازی دارای ضعف و کمبود هایی است که از تبدیل شدن آن به یک اثر قابل قبول جلوگیری کرد‌ه است. در کنار تمام موارد، خرید های درون برنامه تیشه به ریشه یکی از بهترین عناوین شوتر تاکتیکی تاریخ است. عنوانی که هیچ شباهتی به آثار Tom Clancy ندارد و بیشتر یک ادامه معنوی برای عنوان Just Cause است.
saverOct 11, 2019
Celkovo je Ghost Recon Breakpoint rozporuplný. Niektoré veci sú veľmi dobré, iné sa tam vyslovene nehodia alebo nie sú dotiahnuté. Miestami sa zdá, akoby autori niektoré prvky začali pridávať v polovici vývoja a nakoniec sa nevedeli rozhodnúť, čo z hry má byť. Spája sa tu tak taktická hrateľnosť, levelovanie a zbieranie vecí na štýl „looter shooter "hier, pritom prekvapivo nepriatelia nemajú levely a online lobby tiež nemá hlbší zmysel. Pritom sú to veci dizajnované na rôzne cieľové skupiny a nakoniec si to odnáša samotná hrateľnosť.