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Kirby YablonskiMar 13, 2014
Respawn Entertainment has managed to take new gameplay ideas and mix it in with what we have already come to expect from first person shooters making Titanfall a game that definitely stands its own. Sure, there are some oversights that I think could have made it an even better game, but as a whole it is very, very good game.
Adam SesslerMar 10, 2014
Matt DannevikMar 14, 2014
Peter BrownMay 07, 2014
Campaign issues aside, Titanfall's expert mix of light-footed pilots and massive Titans brings something entirely new to the competitive arena. These systems mesh perfectly with existing shooter tropes, and the combination of new and old has reinvigorated my interest in a type of game I had all but written off. If getting back into shooters after Halo 3 was challenging for me, I can only imagine how hard it will be to find a game that can live up to the new standards set by Titanfall.
Arthur GiesMar 10, 2014
Titanfall is the rare game that feels like it came out on top of the few compromises Respawn has had to make. Sliding the spectacle and holy shit moments of an epic campaign among bold, fast multiplayer that steals unlikely elements, Respawn has made them shine like they belonged there all along. Titanfall may not mark the same kind of sea change that Modern Warfare started but the pieces are all there in a game that delivers on its potential as the next big thing.
Mike WilliamsMar 11, 2014
Even more surprising, the game is still balanced no matter how you choose to play. It's multiplayer-only, so strict single-player gamers need not apply, but if you're open Titanfall has a lot to offer.
Edge StaffMar 25, 2014
It’s a thoroughly successful evolution of the twitch shooter, broadening its scope both upwards and outwards as well as expanding its toolset. The genre’s focus on fast, responsive movement reaches bold new heights, too, letting you chain wall runs and double jumps into the sky before thundering back down in the cockpit of a giant robot. Titanfall might not be Xbox One’s killer app, or Azure’s proof of concept, then, but it’s a long-overdue adrenaline shot for a genre that seemed in danger of flatlining.
Chris SchillingMar 10, 2014
Though in truth, there's little reason to. It says much about Titanfall that its training courses are all but irrelevant: you'll pick up the controller and pretty much instinctively know how to play the game. Some will see that as a bad thing, and it's true that Vince Zampella, Jason West and co haven't strayed far from what they know. As debuts go, this is pretty safe territory, and not a Titan-sized stride forward.
Robert WorkmanMar 11, 2014
But even with the usual launch jitters, Respawn has reinvigorated the multiplayer experience by incorporating campaign elements, and focusing on fun. While the long-term enjoyment of competitive play will be tested over the coming months, Titanfall establishes a solid base--one that should be rewarding for those who invest in the game for a prolonged period of time. This is no "flash in the pan," and we're eager for more.
Joshua BruceMar 11, 2014
In short, TitanFall has the goods. If you have an Xbox One, buy this game. If you don’t have an Xbox One or gaming PC and love FPS multiplayer games, go buy an Xbox One and buy TitanFall. They even have a convenient bundle for you. Even though I wish TitanFall had a more complete campaign, it doesn’t detract from the fact that it is probably the most fun multiplayer FPS I’ve ever played. Sorry Battlefield. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my Titan is ready.
Ludwig KietzmannMar 10, 2014
When it's not all a clash of the you-know-whats, when there's a volatile mix of scampering boots and earth-rattling bipeds on the battlefield, Titanfall truly excels. It subsists on imbalance and the race to bear big arms first. It feeds on the fallout that results when equality means the other guy gets a robot too. Titanfall isn't tuned to perfection for everyone yet, but it starts as a smart, swift and startling movement in well-traveled space.
Jeremy PeeplesMar 14, 2014
Titanfall is a flawed game that winds up being greater than the sum of its parts. ...Titanfall offers up a lot of variety and the execution feels fresh and exciting. ...Titanfall has some noteworthy shortcomings, and yet the accessible gameplay makes it an easy recommendation not only for FPS veterans, but those who normally avoid the genre as well. As a result, Titanfall is the best gateway FPS ever created and is a must-buy for anybody with an Xbox One.
Luke BrownMar 13, 2014
Though Titanfall doesn’t add much new to the first-person shooter formula, its unique features do help it stand out quite a bit. ...It’s definitely one of the most entertaining multiplayer shooters we’ve ever played, but it’s still too rough around the edges to truly challenge any of the incumbents right now. Still, Titanfall stands on the cusp of this new generation, ready to blaze its own path to greatness. Titanfall is not a perfect game, but it sure is fun. Sometimes, that’s all you need.
Edwin Evans-ThirlwellMar 10, 2014
In the face of considerable odds, and with plenty of panache to spare, Respawn Entertainment has put together the first truly essential next generation shooter. ...An imperfect but utterly unmissable tour de force of multiplayer design, bustling with so many new ideas that it's a wonder it doesn't fly apart in mid-air.
CvgMar 10, 2014
Rohan RivasMar 10, 2014
In the end, Titanfall presents a collection of gorgeous, well-designed multiplayer maps, with a variety of game modes that change their flavor. It is an ambitious game in some aspects, while playing it safe in other others. Although the campaign multiplayer strives to entertain, the multiplayer experience easily overshadows it with its balanced battlefield choreography. ...It doesn’t redefine first-person genre, but it certainly threatens the status quo, and that’s a welcome step forward.
Jim SterlingMar 11, 2014
No game can live up to the level of hype foisted on Titanfall, but few games can be this hyped and still satisfy the end user. Respawn Entertainment most certainly satisfies, providing a solid shooter with a laudable amount of unique extras draped over a durable and familiar framework.
Joe VargasMar 18, 2014
William SchwartzMar 12, 2014
Respawn Entertainment seems to have cherry picked the very best aspects of contemporary shooters for Titanfall, and it works incredibly well. The dynamic between the Pilots, Titans, and AI is fun and fresh, and it works surprisingly well in every mode offered. Titanfall is pure, unadulterated multiplayer gaming.
Daniel BischoffMar 12, 2014
If you can turn your brain off and enjoy the carnage with like-minded friends, you might have the best experience of 2014 in your hands today. If you want something more from your video games or if you want to be transported to another dimension to learn the true role of an intergalactic soldier, you should probably hit the books. If Titanfall is representative of man’s aspirations, we’re going nowhere fast.
Chris CarterMar 12, 2014
Titanfall has all of the pieces to make a very nice FPS puzzle -- a wide variety of well crafted maps, a decent amount of familiar game modes, and a prestige system to hold the interest of veterans. In that sense, it's a very welcoming game that many disenchanted genre fans will enjoy. Just don't expect anything monumentally different, or a worthwhile world to enjoy while you're having fun shooting everything in sight.
Steven BurnsMar 10, 2014
But for all its strengths, its reliance on tried and true modes and rigid maps stops Titanfall achieving its full potential. Capture the Flag, Attrition, and Domination are the best gametypes, but none of them show the same invention that's occurring elsewhere in the title, leading to a feeling of natural fatigue. Some of the maps also feel too similar to each other, lacking in distinction, and campaign multiplayer is sadly non-dynamic. A very good first instalment then, but the best is yet to come.
Hollander CooperMar 10, 2014
Titanfall blends familiar concepts with innovative ideas in remarkable ways, leading to a nearly nonstop supply of awesome moments. But for as fun as it is, you'll likely find yourself wishing Respawn was more ambitious when it comes to game modes, since there's a good chance you've captured enough flags for one lifetime.
ScrewAttack!Mar 26, 2014
Rob SmithMar 10, 2014
The balance between the size and power of each combatant is a nuance that has been expertly managed, and as a result makes each map and game mode challenging. ...What matters is what Titanfall is. And that is an expertly formed shooter. It lacks many built-in charms gamers might expect, like obvious eSports functions and game modes that really promote how this experience is truly different. But it’s also clear that this is stage one of an ongoing process.
Stefan LMar 14, 2014
Respawn’s first game is a bold push to create that new must-have multiplayer game, and in so many ways they succeed. It fails to deliver on the potential of an online campaign, almost falling into the same trap that befalls their single player-laden competitors, and doesn’t really attempt to create new and interesting game modes.
Matt MillerMar 12, 2014
Respawn took a chance with Titanfall, embracing what it knew best with a multiplayer-only experience and pushing the envelope with its imaginative twists on classic competitive play. The result feels like a new breed of multiplayer that is inviting to established shooter players, but also compelling for people intrigued by everything from the free-running to the giant robotic titans. Titanfall is enormously entertaining, with long legs that should have players exploring its depth for many months to come.
Ken McKownMar 18, 2014
Titanfall was heralded as “the game” for Xbox One, which is a little unfair. It is a very niche audience that will dedicate themselves to the title. Also considering it is (eventually) coming to 360 and already out on PC, it is hardly exclusive. Still it takes a lot to bring me back into the online shooter fold, and Titanfall has definitely dragged me back in.
Ken BarnesMar 20, 2014
Titanfall is a genuine improvement on the standard multiplayer FPS fare that we’ve come to expect. By turning the game’s campaign mode into a series of well-balanced multiplayer matches, Respawn ease you into the gameplay slowly. Once you’ve ploughed through those 18 rounds though, you’ll realise that you’re unashamedly hooked.
Gillen McAllisterMar 10, 2014
You forget whatever marketing and money that's been poured into the team that this is one studio, making one game, and are trying to add something new to the genre. There's no sense here the team have held back; this is work made with their heart and soul. Have they cut stuff to make sure the game gets out? Likely. But I don't think it's wholly with the idea cobble together a Season Pass to fund their future work. More, they won't release it until it's good to go.
Dan WhiteheadMar 17, 2014
In its current form, then, Titanfall is perhaps more of a step forward for shooters than a giant leap. But that still represents the most positive momentum seen in the genre for at least five years. Quite simply, if you feel like you're in danger of falling out of love with multiplayer shooters, Titanfall is the game to win you back.
Adam CookMar 11, 2014
When you’re in the thick of the action, Titanfall is like no other shooter. It succeeds in making you feel like a superhero, piloting a giant mech to destroy your enemies with ferocious aggression. The fact there’s no option for private matches is an odd one, and there’s not a huge amount of guns on offer, really, but it’s arguably unfair to come down too hard on a developer choosing to focus on gameplay innovation over peripheral issues. If you own an Xbox One, you already know you’re getting this.
Matt MaguireMar 11, 2014
Design that empowers the player to feel like a badass whether on foot or in a Titan. Meaningful customisation. Titanfall is the game Microsoft's new-gen console has been waiting for: a fast, frenetic mix of parkour gunplay and agile mech combat that makes for an incomparable shooter experience.
JoabyMar 11, 2014
Titanfall is a very good shooter, and I'm always a fan of any game that lets players use movement to separate themselves from the herd. Nevertheless, I feel like Respawn is simply setting the foundation here -- what they really want is for us to prepare for Titanfall 2.
Xavi RoblesMar 17, 2014
Es un juego deliberadamente compacto, con escenarios que saben concentrar perfectamente la acción, que saben crear miles de situaciones que puedes resolver como te apetezca. Es plug and play y se desenuelve muy bien; por ahora es más que suficiente. Titanfall ha sabido reinterpretar los FPS con muchas ideas frescas que encajan perfectamente con lo que sabíamos del género, y tiene un brillante futuro por delante.
Alejandro PascualMar 12, 2014
Titanfall es frenetismo y rapidez. También es un juego muy conciso que sabe lo que quiere y que, comparado con la variedad que suele haber en el género, puede resultar algo escaso en cuanto a modos. Pero si lo que buscas es una experiencia multijugador y realmente las campañas no son de tu devoción, encontrarás en él uno de los mejores shooters online de los últimos tiempos, con suficientes mapas y vida útil para el resto del año.
Salva FernándezMar 10, 2014
La falta de más riesgo a la hora de añadir modos de juego –la mecánica de juego puede dar para más ideas- y la escasa incidencia de los eventos en la campaña multijugador son los peros que tiene un título que cuenta con todas las premisas para convertirse en un juego para disfrutarse durante meses sin posibilidad de aburrirse. Subida de niveles, personalización, desafíos, acción frenética y, sobre todo, la sensación de que cada partida nos brinda una nueva ocasión para hacer algo nuevo. Y épico.
Michael KrostaMar 14, 2014
Es ist flott, intensiv und der perfekte Adrenalin-Kick für zwischendurch – vom ersten Absprung bis zum dramatischen Epilog. Es ist ein unbeschreiblich cooles Gefühl, mit Jetpack und Wandläufen über die großartig designten Karten zu flitzen, auf den blechernen Schädel eines Titanen zu springen und ihm anschließend die Schaltkreise zu zerbrutzeln. ...Dabei ist es besonders bemerkenswert, wie gut Respawn das Balancing zwischen beiden Spieltypen gelungen ist.
Jean-Baptiste RecoletMar 13, 2014
De l'autre, son manque de contenu, ses options en ligne faiblardes et son hyper accessibilité risquent de lasser les joueurs aguerris qui ont besoin de plus qu'une bonne idée pour rester sur le long terme. Avec ses nombreuses qualités, le titre de Respawn Entertainment n'en demeure pas moins un jeu aussi efficace qu'accrocheur qui apporte un peu d'air frais à un genre surreprésenté. Dommage : avec un peu plus de contenu et d'ambition, il aurait pu être exceptionnel.
Fabien PellegriniMar 10, 2014
En revanche, impossible de ne pas tiquer face au peu de modes disponibles et à leur classicisme. On a donc tendance à vite tourner en rond, d'autant plus que la montée en expérience est très rapide. Mais "heureusement", les joueurs peuvent compter sur les futurs contenus téléchargeables pour enrichir le jeu...
PanthaaMar 11, 2014
Difficile de juger Titanfall tant son gameplay s'avère savoureux et son contenu, un peu décevant. L'expérience plaira assurément aux débutants du FPS qui trouveront un titre au fun immédiat. ...Titanfall se veut avant tout comme un jeu extrêmement plaisant et franchement addictif, jusqu'à ce que l'on voit les limites de la durée de vie. Comptez donc trois heures pour boucler la campagne et une vingtaine d'heures pour atteindre le niveau 50 en multi.
Filippo FacchettiMar 13, 2014
Con Titanfall, quindi, i Respawn hanno dimostrato ancora una volta di avere le idee chiare su come rinfrescare il genere degli sparatutto. La formula a base di mech e parkour è divertente e gratificante, ma la povertà in termini di opzioni e di modalità non può essere ignorata. In sostanza ci troviamo di fronte a un ottimo punto di partenza, con margini di miglioramento ancora ampi.
Marco MotturaMar 12, 2014
...Titanfall è senza ombra di dubbio la prima grande IP di nuova generazione, un titolo imperdibile inesorabilmente destinato a lasciare traccia di sé negli anni a venire. Non lasciatevi scoraggiare dalla realizzazione tecnica sottotono o dalla sua natura esclusivamente multiplayer: raramente vi capiterà di imbattervi in un distillato così puro e cristallino di gameplay, per quello che è un autentico e gigantesco capolavoro di game design.
Laura KempenaarMar 22, 2014
In de basis lijkt Titanfall op menig andere shooter. . ...Toch zijn de toevoegingen van Titans en het feit dat er zo’n gloednieuwe mooie gamewereld is geschapen absoluut dingen die Titanfall een eigen smoel geven. En dat smoeltje is dan ook wel weer zo mooi, dat hij zeker het wennen van de Xbox One controls waard is.