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Titanfall: Expedition

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John WhitehouseMay 26, 2014
With all the money and development time thrown at this game, is this really all they could come up with for their DLC – three maps and no new modes? Even with a cheaper price point, it’s hard to recommend this pack. I’m sure that the fans that are still playing Titanfall will be happy to have some extra ground to run riot on. But if EA wants to bring back lapsed players, then they need to do a damn sight better than this for the next two DLC drops.
Paul TaylorMay 17, 2014
As the adage goes, two out of three ain't bad, and the two that stand out are very good. Expedition is definitely one for the fans, and shows that Respawn are full of good ideas. Let's hope the studio can keep them coming. ...Titanfall's first load of DLC is a mixed bag of three maps, one dud but two gems. Fans of the game will find it essential, and if you're looking to come back in this is a great temptation.
Kirby YablonskiMay 26, 2014
Overall the Expedition DLC for Titanfall is solid add-on for the game. With three very different maps Respawn has shown that they take pride in their level design. Even my least favourite of the three, Runoff, still has the ability for some enjoyable moments. This is a great start to the Season Pass of DLC and Titanfall fans would be silly not to add these maps into the game.
Jon DentonMay 16, 2014
As the first instalment of the Titanfall Season Pass, Expedition is very good indeed, if a little bare. There's no common theme running through these arenas, just a trio of new locations in which to execute robotic carnage. Keen players will hope for new game modes and perhaps new weapons and loadout options as the game continues into its adolescence - and of course, that needed performance boost on Xbox One.
Salva FernándezMay 16, 2014
Titanfall: Expedición es un primer DLC para el juego de Respawn Entertainment que cumple con lo que propone, tres mapas extras con un diseño ideal para el tipo de batallas que se libran en el juego, pero que se queda corto si lo comparamos con otras propuestas similares. ...Encajan con la mecánica de juego y con las modalidades del juego, con mención especial para el mapa Pantanos, un imprescindible ya del título. Eso sí, siguen siendo sólo tres mapas y no se ha arriesgado con más novedades.
Alejandro PascualMay 23, 2014
Es un pack de mapas puro, sin ningún añadido que no habría estado de más como algún arma que intentara variar la supremacía de la carabina, algún modo de juego extra o cualquier tipo de aporte jugable. Recomendable sobre todo para aquellos jugadores que no han quitado el disco de su consola ni el acceso directo de su PC desde su lanzamiento, y estén ansiosos por más Titanfall a la espera de las expansiones mayores.
PanthaaMay 19, 2014
Titanfall : Expedition ne brille pas vraiment dans la catégorie des DLC de FPS. Son contenu est à l'image de celui du titre d'origine : très faible. ...Le plus gênant dans l'affaire, c'est que Titanfall a le potentiel pour devenir un excellent titre, il lui manque juste des modes de jeu et un contenu plus conséquents, mais EA et Respawn ont décidé de livrer des maps payantes, alors que le titre n'en manque absolument pas.
Filippo FacchettiMay 19, 2014
Le tre mappe del pacchetto Expedition si sono dunque rivelate ben studiate e perfettamente in grado di inserirsi all'interno della struttura di Titanfall. Se avete apprezzato il lavoro svolto da Respawn per questo FPS e fate parte dei giocatori che ancora oggi affollano i server del gioco, investendo 9,90 euro avrete tra le mani materiale di qualità con cui arricchire ulteriormente l'esperienza.