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They Are Billions

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Chris WrayJul 15, 2019
They Are Billions offers an almost perfect gameplay loop, mixing tower-defence with city building and exploration, as you balance resource-management, defence and offense, all against your ever-impending doom at the hands of a world infested with the undead. The only downside to a game that looks and sounds great, offering a tense experience in a compelling setting, is a campaign that doesn't fully make-use of the gameplay loop perfected by Numantian Games, leaving the campaign feeling weak, compared to the survival mode, which is the real draw.
Becca S.Jul 09, 2019
Due to They Are Billions’ difficulty, compounded by its permadeath feature, it’s easy to assume that only hardcore gamers will feel welcome in its hostile steampunk world. It’s true; players looking for strategy game that’s going to hold their hand likely will feel out of their depth here. But stick with it and take the time to learn the game’s intricacies, and there’s a lot of fun to be had with They Are Billions. It isn’t for everyone, but there’s not much else that compares to the rush of thousands upon thousands of zombies swarming your settlement all at once.
David WildgooseJul 03, 2019
They Are Billions remains a tight and compelling strategy game. The knowledge that you're always just one misstep away from disaster creates a gripping, tense atmosphere that's unusual for the genre. And the cycle from defense to offense and back again as you progress from one wave to the next offers both well-paced urgency and the ability to set clear short-term goals. It's a smartly designed game at its core. It just needed to realize that sometimes that's enough.
Daniel TackJul 23, 2019
They Are Billions is an interesting mashup of classic RTS, tower defense, and survival that successfully conjures up that “one more game” feel, assuming you can persevere through countless defeats.
Matt KeithJul 17, 2019
They Are Billions is a brilliant game that breaths fresh life into the RTS formula. Its setting, concept, and execution make it a wonderful addition to the genre. However, the console port with poor controls will most likely leave players frustrated and wishing they had picked it up on PC. As much as I loved the title I cannot recommend it for a console. So if you’re interested in They are Billions I would strongly recommend taking a look at the PC version of this zombie survival RTS.
Gareth ChadwickJul 10, 2019
They are Billions is a great game that is lacking in content. The idea behind it – a survival strategy with "realistic" zombie mechanics – is fantastic and the actual mechanics behind it are well thought out and make for a deep and enthralling strategy, if one that may be a little too challenging for some. If that sounds great to you then being light on content may not matter, as there aren't many, if any other games that fit into this particular niche.
Mick FraserJul 11, 2019
They Are Billions is a unique and relentlessly tense take on the Civ-Sim and one that will reward any failure with swift and sudden destruction. But it’s a lot of fun, too, and every attempt will see you get closer to your goal, and become more advanced and better equipped. Or it’ll just see hundreds of your colonists ripped apart and infected in front of your watering eyes, while it laughs at you and points.
Kosta AndreadisJul 19, 2019
In the end there’s a reason They Are Billions has received a groundswell of support and appreciation over the past year, and that comes down to it excelling as a defensive RTS experience you’ll come back to time and again. That mission to build up a little town and hold a position on the back of incoming waves of attackers, where unpredictability plays a role and you’re somewhat in charge of the pacing. Because when the horde arrives – they’ll be running.
Xavi MogrovejoJul 10, 2019
La falta del modo campaña y las dificultades en su manejo con mando no hacen de las versiones de consola de They Are Billions las mejores, aunque su esencia divertida y desafiante sigue intacta.
Saúl GonzálezJul 04, 2019
Un juego muy disfrutable para los amantes de la estrategia, con algunas buenas ideas y que resulta especialmente divertido en su modo supervivencia, pero que pierde impacto en una campaĂąa que no estĂĄ demasiado inspirada.
Martin DeppeJun 29, 2019
Knallharte Echtzeitschlachten gegen Zombiemassen, mit gut verzahntem Basisbau & Wirtschaftssystem. Toller Survivalmodus, schwache Kampagne.
Κωνσταντίνος ΚαλκάνηςApr 21, 2020
Παρ’ όλα αυτά, έχουμε να κάνουμε με έναν αν μη τι άλλο ενδιαφέροντα τίτλο, που σίγουρα θα κρατήσει για πολλές ώρες όσους ελκύονται από το συγκεκριμένο είδος. Μόνο που οι ενδιαφερόμενοι πρέπει να οπλιστούν με πολλή υπομονή. Πολλή όμως.