The Swindle for Xbox One
Xbox One

The Swindle

Aug 7, 2015
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Developer: Size Five Games
Content Rating: Everyone10+


The Swindle is a steampunk cybercrime caper about breaking into buildings, hacking their systems, stealing all their cash, and quickly running away again before the police show up. All the buildings you’ll be robbing are randomly-generated, so you’ll never get the same level twice. Meanwhile, from the safety of your rickety airship up in Outer Space, you can modify your thief with new skills, tools, and all manner of advanced technological horrors, allowing you to take on bigger buildings with better security, for gargantuan rewards!

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John WhitehouseAug 20, 2015
The Swindle is a well produced rogue-like, with great style and clever mechanics. The controls are perfect and the 100 day limit creates a sense of urgency and focus. However, it’s not without its flaws, and there are lots of other similar games in the market at the moment. I don’t think this game is for those new to the genre, but if you’re a fan of rogue-likes and crave something super challenging, then you may just want to take a swipe at The Swindle.
gamesTMOct 01, 2015
The Swindle suffers at the hands of its own design. The procedural generation can sometimes spawn stages that are simply impossible to finish, with some vaults being buried underground with no entrances or in rooms that simply can’t be escaped with your current set of abilities. The game even admits that this is an issue, telling you early on that some stages can’t be completed and the only option is burglar suicide. That in itself would be fine, but that ever-ticking clock of the 100-day limit makes this frustrating; it’s an irritation to know you’ve wasted a day simply because of the game’s level generation.
Sam BishopOct 11, 2018
After all, it's got a healthy mix of simple controls within a challenging concept, it offers a fine balance between saving and spending your money, and there's a lot of variety in terms of what you can unlock. Considering it's procedurally-generated nature and roguelite loop there's also a lot of replayability, so Size Five Games isn't swindling you with this game in the slightest.

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