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Will BorgerSep 25, 2019
The Surge 2 has great combat, but no areas stand out visually, a forgettable story, and the feeling that you've done all of this before makes Jericho City a place you'd want to visit, not live.
The Surge 2 is a challenging and thrilling science-fiction adventure. It doesn't make massive improvements from the original game but it does amplify the best qualities of the first title. You still get to brutally cut off body parts, fight against incredible bosses, and collect incredibly designed equipment. You will die a lot and navigating the various environments can be a struggle but The Surge 2 is about success through trial and error.
Kenneth AraulloSep 23, 2019
The Surge 2 is a perfect example of a sequel done right, and in this case Deck13 hit it out of the park to deliver an enhanced action-packed experience with the coolest-feeling combat and a great difficulty curve to match. While not entirely flawless, the sum of all its parts is a game worth the price tag and play time, as The Surge 2 steps out of the shadows of Souls-likes and into its own as a standout action RPG, one of the best I've played this year.
Leo FariaSep 29, 2019
Issues aside, The Surge 2 is a phenomenal improvement over its predecessor. It’s bigger, faster, a lot more ambitious, and above all, it’s a lot more fun to play. Thanks to its neat story, crazy setting, and fantastic combat mechanics, The Surge 2 is a great achievement by Deck13, looking less like “yet another Dark Souls clone” and more like a well-crafted action RPG that can easily stand on its own.
Mehrdad KhayyatOct 18, 2019
The Surge 2 feels more like a heavy update for the original game with minor gameplay changes, new world and settings, and well-designed bosses. It still delivers an enjoyable hardcore experience, thanks to the balanced and smoothly working combat system, but you need to get along with a superficial story and dated graphics.
Richard SeagraveSep 24, 2019
Meaningful changes have been made to address the criticisms aimed at the original game, new features have been added to enrich and expand the gameplay, and storytelling has been put more at the forefront. It’s definitely one of the best Souls-likes currently available, though it’s doing the game a bit of a disservice to call it one; The Surge 2 further takes the series into its own territory, enabling it to stand on its own two feet. If you like challenging action adventures and dystopian sci-fi worlds, it truly deserves your attention.
Anthony ColeSep 24, 2019
My time with The Surge 2 is far from over. Lessons from the original have clearly been learned, with the whole production having a better feel to every aspect, from combat through audio/visual presentation. While in some parts the difficulty spikes to an almost frustrating degree, it’s worth persevering with. An absolutely brilliant entry into the Souls genre, and well worth picking up.
Albert LichiNov 06, 2019
The idea of Dark Souls but "sci-fi" is not exactly a great idea, but Deck13 truly made the most out of what is possible. Realistically, there would be much more guns than there are and probably hacking would have been more present in the gameplay, but since this "sub-genre" relies so heavily on melee combat, it is unavoidable. Finally, there's someone other than From Software who has nailed it.
Kieran HarrisSep 26, 2019
We found The Surge to be one of the most overlooked and underappreciated Souls-likes and this sequel is no different as it manages to deliver much of the same magic whilst dishing out some sizable improvements. Its environments feel more open and varied, side quests provide variety and ease the chore of grinding, and there have been some subtle but appreciated tweaks to combat particularly with your accompanying drone. The camera can still be a pain, however, and having a mute protagonist this time around had us feeling even less invested in the story.
Carlos SantuanaOct 02, 2019
Overall though and if you’re a fan of the original outing in The Surge universe and have been craving more of that futuristic Dark Souls feel, then The Surge 2 on Xbox One isn’t a bad way to get your fill. Whilst the story isn’t the strongest showing, the combat is truly exceptional and for those who like a risk/reward feel to their gameplay, preferring not to rush, this is certainly a game that will force you to wait in the shadows to make each and every attack count.
Evan NorrisOct 01, 2019
The Surge 2 might not represent a giant step forward for the franchise, but it doesn't have to. Like the overlooked first game, it's an entertaining and engaging action-adventure title with a unique sci-fi setting, rewarding exploration, and a visceral combat system. It suffers from some storytelling and technical woes, and its experiments with a larger, more populated world aren't totally successful, yet in terms of structure, level layout, and moment-to-moment gameplay it earns its place among the better Souls-likes of the last few years.
Roberto RodríguezSep 28, 2019
The surge 2 es un buen juego «soul-like», es entretenido y algunas de sus mecánicas son originales y satisfactorias. Pero es un juego que no va a abarcar a un gran número de jugadores. Los amantes de este tipo de género, puede que se sientan frustrados antes algunas de las carencias del juego, y por la otra cara de la moneda, el aspecto rolero puede hacer que muchos otros neófitos en los juegos estilo «soul» se aventuren a probar el título.
Ángel AlmansaSep 24, 2019
En general mejora la fórmula de su predecesor manteniendo la personalización y el sistema tan novedoso de saqueo. La jugabilidad del combate es más fluido y menos ortopédico aunque en ciertos momentos haya movimientos demasiado rápidos o hitbox exageradas. Los gráficos no mejoran en demasía, aunque el diseño en general es mucho menos industrial y más apocalíptico, además de una variedad más amplia y abierta en los escenarios. Flojea en el tema técnico, aunque tengamos fe en que arreglaran estos problemas en algunos parches. En esencia es más atractivo y rejugable que la primera parte.
Nicole SälzleSep 24, 2019
Gamer, denen schon The Surge ans Herz gewachsen war, werden sich freuen, mit The Surge 2 abermals in ein blutiges Action-Spektakel einzutauchen, in dem es nach und nach aufzudecken gilt, was geschah. Wem schon Teil 1 zu schwach war, wird schnell feststellen, dass The Surge 2 zwar einiges verbessert hat, die ganz großen Sprünge voran aber ausblieben.
Manuel FritschSep 24, 2019
Gelungene Fortsetzung, die das Kampfsystem sinnvoll erweitert und mit spielerischer und optischer Abwechslung punktet, aber erzählerisch sch
Jörg LuiblSep 24, 2019
Das ist ein sehr gutes Kampf-Abenteuer! The Surge 2 kann technische und erzählerische Schwächen mit einem klasse verschachtelten Leveldesign, Erkundungsreizen und motivierender Charakter-Entwicklung ausgleichen.
Fabien PellegriniSep 25, 2019
The Surge 2, c'est The Surge mais en mieux ! Ce constat n'a évidemment rien d'extraordinaire, mais il aura au moins le mérite de rassurer les amateurs du premier épisode et des Souls-like en général. Ceux qui aiment les ennemis coriaces, les combats lourds et puissants, et les niveaux truffés de raccourcis malins ne seront pas déçus. Les allergiques au "die & retry" et au respawn systématique d'ennemis pourront en revanche passer leur chemin.
[87]Sep 25, 2019
The Surge 2 s'inscrit dans une belle continuité des bases établies par son prédécesseur. Plus nerveux, plus intense, un peu plus varié, et toujours aussi brutal, le titre de Deck 13 a consolidé les forces de son premier jet sans pour autant évoluer autant qu'on l'aurait voulu. Avec des boss plus nombreux certes, mais assez anecdotiques pour la plupart, son univers plus varié et son gameplay offensif largement peaufiné, The Surge 2 pêche encore par sa caméra capricieuse, son scénario en retrait et l'homogénéité de ses environnements.
André HenriquesOct 02, 2019
"Souls Game" é a meu ver um termo que cada vez mais devemos tentar abolir do nosso vocabulário. The Surge 2 é muito mais que uma cópia de Dark Souls, é um título que pega nas qualidades do primeiro, melhorando-as, adicionando mecânicas inovadoras, diferentes daquilo que alguma vez vimos nos jogos de Hidetaka Miyazaki, num setting distinto da concorrência. Conta com os seus problemas de narrativa e cenários repetitivos que ainda assim não são motivo suficientes para deixar de congratular o que a Deck 13 foi capaz de criar.
Domenico MusicòSep 23, 2019
In definitiva, nonostante le evidenti migliorie, l’aggiunta della parata direzionale e un più attento approccio al design dei livelli, The Surge 2 riesce a migliorare in toto il capitolo precedente, ma non fa quel portentoso balzo in avanti che avrebbe potuto avvicinarlo ai giganti del genere. L’opera di Deck 13 è certamente più ambiziosa, complessa e godibile rispetto a quella di due anni fa, ma non basta per essere definita memorabile come i titoli congeneri più in vista.
Mirko RuscianoSep 27, 2019
Ci si aspettava un salto di qualità maggiore rispetto al primo capitolo, ma purtroppo questo The Surge 2 non decolla più di tanto. Siamo di fronte ad un titolo migliorato molto sul fronte del sistema di combattimento ma considerando che ormai lo studio è ben più rodato dopo il discutibile Lords of the Fallen e il buon The Surge, ci si aspettava quel guizzo in più in tutte le aree di gioco. Purtroppo The Surge 2 arranca su altri aspetti importanti come level design ed art design, presentando peraltro una narrazione scialba e poco convincente.
Simone RampazziSep 24, 2019
The Surge 2 è frenetico, cattivo quanto basta e relativamente performante al punto di entrare a gamba tesa nella classifica dei migliori soulslike presenti in circolazione. I difetti ci sono e ve ne abbiamo parlato, ma sono abbastanza sicuro che questa nuova avventura saprà coinvolgervi come si deve, offrendovi persino la possibilità di scegliere il vestito giusto per la giusta situazione. Se avete amato il primo, sicuramente ne vedrete delle belle!
Алексей ЕгоровSep 24, 2019
Главная проблема The Surge 2 кроется там, где не ждали. До предрелизного патча в игре падала детализация, прыгала частота кадров и мерцали текстуры. Заплатка эти проблемы решила, но принесла новую — вылеты на рабочий стол. Теперь, судя по всему, исправят уже в патче первого дня. Это, впрочем, не делает саму игру хуже. The Surge 2 — уверенный шаг вперед, в высшую лигу. Все еще не Dark Souls, но очень хорошо.
Олег БеляевOct 06, 2019
С третьей попытки у Deck 13 получилась хорошая игра в жанре «соулслайк». Она не трепет нервы так, как это делали «Души», но при этом и не дотягивает до них по уровню исполнения.
Czarny WilkSep 24, 2019
Dlatego zanim zdecydujemy się na romans z kolejną produkcją Deck13, warto jest być świadomym, na co się piszemy. Jako weterani NioHa, Bloodborne’a, wszystkich Dark Soulsów i pierwszego The Surge możemy dzięki temu uniknąć dużego rozczarowania. A z drugiej strony – jeśli zawsze chcieliśmy spróbować tego typu gier, ale baliśmy się, że mogą być one dla nas zbyt trudne, to właśnie The Surge 2 wydaje mi się w tym momencie najlepszym punktem wejścia, by zobaczyć, o co w tym wszystkim chodzi.
Gam_erOct 11, 2019
The Surge 2 je dôstojným pokračovaním prvého dielu a značku posúva vpred. Hlavným lákadlom sú rôzne vylepšenia a stále zábavné, teraz oveľa vyladenejšie súboje. Aj napriek jednoduchosti predstavujú skutočnú výzvu, ktorú ocenia fanúšikovia Souls hier. The Surge 2 však nie je žiadna kópia a v tomto žánri si razí vlastnú cestu. Ak sa vám páčila jednotka, pokračovanie je pre vás povinnosťou. Oceníte ho aj v prípade, ak fandíte Dark Souls, nechce sa vám čakať do vydania ďalšieho dielu a máte chuť na niečo, čo ponúkne dôstojnú výzvu pre vaše schopnosti.