The Raven Remastered for Xbox One
Xbox One

The Raven Remastered

Mar 13, 2018
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Developer: KING Art Games
Content Rating: Teen


London, 1964. An ancient ruby is stolen from the British Museum. At the crime scene: a raven feather. Is somebody trying to follow in the footsteps of The Raven, the legendary master thief who disappeared years before? Constable Anton Jakob Zellner finds himself in the middle of the kind of murder mystery he so far only knew from reading his favourite crime novels. Nothing is what it seems. Everyone has something to hide. And the Raven is always one step ahead...

Critic Reviews

3 Reviews
Richard SeagraveMar 14, 2018
The Raven Remastered is a good example of why ports and remasters are important in the right circumstances; they allow more gamers to lay their hands on quality titles that may have flown under their radar or that they simply didn't have time for in the past. Gems like this are easily buried and forgotten about in a swathe of AAA releases, but now you've got another chance to delve into it, and this time with more bells and whistles.
Jamie BaldockMar 27, 2018
The Raven Remastered isn’t a bad game. Besides its sub-par control mechanics and linear feel, the game actually has a compelling story with interesting characters. It’s no Sherlock Holmes, but it does have its good points and may well appeal to fans of such games as Black Mirror.
Sam BishopMar 05, 2019
The Raven Remastered is pretty much your standard detective plot with an old-fashioned feel reminiscent of a lot of detective fiction from yesteryear, but that doesn't stop it from being a fun romp through various countries where you meet some unique characters. It wears its inspirations on its sleeve, and while it's a little rough around the edges, it's a great yarn for anyone who loves a whodunnit or a mystery, especially one with personality and surprises along the way.

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