The Dwarves for Xbox One
Xbox One

The Dwarves

Dec 1, 2016
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Developer: KING Art Games
Content Rating: Mature


The Dwarves is an RPG based on the bestselling novel series of the same name by "Markus Heitz". You control Tungdil and his ever-growing group of companions on their journey through "Girdlegard", go on exciting adventures, and have to hold your own in epic battles against hundreds of enemies.

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Aaron MainDec 09, 2016
Overall The Dwarves is a game that needed some extra development time. With another six months of development, a better battle system, more effective powers and abilities, and much less glitches, this could have been very enjoyable. But it wasn’t. If you’re just interested in the story then start the game on easy and make your way through a game with a great voice cast, and wonderfully epic music.
Nicholas PlouffeDec 10, 2016
The only really good part about The Dwarves is the characters and the world they live in. It’s an interesting tale, and one I’d gladly sit through if the combat was improved, load times were decreased, or any of the RPG elements had more depth. Unfortunately as it is currently, I can’t recommend this game unless you’re a die-hard fan of everything Dwarven and need your next fantasy fix right this very second.
Ken McKownDec 06, 2016
I loved the diversity of characters and their abilities in battle. There are some truly interesting mechanics at play here. The bottom line though, is that it is rarely fun to engage in combat. I got frustrated at the useless AI, and starting over battles constantly was a real drag. The world of The Dwarves is interesting, and maybe with some patches down the road this can become a game I can get behind, as it stands now though, this is a tough sell.

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