The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit for XB1

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit (XB1)

Released: New
The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit for XB1
Content Rating: Mature


Have you ever dreamt of being a superhero? Meet Chris, a creative and imaginative 10 year old boy who escapes reality with fantastical adventures as his alter ego, the Awesome Captain Spirit!
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Easy Allies

Michael Huber Jun 25, 2018



It ends on a gratuitous cliffhanger, and that's so predictably frustrating. But Captain Spirit uses its two hours well to craft a narrative that leaves us wanting more. That was the whole point. Chris may be a superhero but he's also an underdog. Everyone loves a good underdog story.

Brett Makedonski Jun 25, 2018



Life is Strange gained a huge cult following, and whether you're a veteran or a newcomer, Captain Spirit captures a lot of the original game's appeal. Regardless of how you classify The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit--whether it's a standalone adventure, a demo, or a prologue--it's a beautiful game, and one that leaves you all the more excited about Life is Strange 2.

James O'Connor Jun 25, 2018

Games Radar+


There’s more charm and genuine human drama packed into these 120 minutes than most games manage in 20 hours. The final scene of this game neatly sets up the start of Life is Strange 2 and, based on this early slice, it’s going to be another gripping, accomplished story game. Can’t wait.

Andy Hartup Jun 25, 2018



Strong characters and environmental storytelling make The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit enjoyable overall. Despite the main objectives being underwhelming and the decisions seeming weightless, I became invested in the outcome of the story thanks to Chris’ lovable sense of wonder against a well-painted dreary backdrop. Captain Spirit makes me optimistic about what's to come in Life is Strange 2.

Louisa Blatt Jun 26, 2018

Game Informer


It only takes a couple hours to finish, and depicts a routine day in the life of Chris and his dad. It has explicit connections to the upcoming Life is Strange 2 that have me excited, but The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit also stands alone as a clever and heartbreaking look at a kid who deserves better.

Joe Juba Jun 26, 2018

Game Revolution


Captain Spirit’s failures closely mirror Life of Strange; a whimsical nature dampened by its on-the-nose dialogue and wavering performances. It feigns subtly with that mediocre dialogue for some of its heavier themes then awkwardly doubles down and shoves those same themes in your face. Some genuinely great moments shine through, but the game starts to buckle under the weight of the writing it depends so heavily on.

Michael Leri Jun 25, 2018

Video Gamer


There are some heart-wrenching moments and there are poorly executed ones, but as a palette cleanser from Chloe and Max’s story, and something to tease season 2 of Life is Strange, it does its job. I’m just not sure where Captain Spirit himself fits into a full season, and it’s possible there may even end up being more than one playable character.

Adam Cook Jun 25, 2018



I walked away from Captain Spirit wanting to know more about where the story is headed, but even without the game's overt hints pointing to the eventual Life is Strange sequel, I enjoyed Chris' story for what it was. And given the current state of the world, it's nice to experience a story from the eyes of an innocent child. Captain Spirit challenges players to approach it with a different perspective and that challenge is one everyone should welcome.

Ozzie Mejia Jun 25, 2018

Gaming Bolt


The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is an impressive accomplishment, which is made even more impressive when you consider the fact that it does everything that it does in the space of just a couple of hours. On top of that, the fact that it's completely free makes it a ridiculously easy game to recommend.

Shubhankar Parijat Jun 26, 2018

Hardcore Gamer


Captain Spirit is a journey into the mind and life of a trouble child — and one that never stops being entertaining. It’s a highly-replayable adventure and something that anyone who craves more depth in a game’s story should try out. It may not be a long tale, but this pre-amble to what’s to come for LiS showcases that there is plenty of life in the franchise no matter who is in it thanks to the rock-solid storytelling foundation on display.

Jeremy Peeples Jun 29, 2018



Announced at E3 and available to play right now at no cost, developer Dontnod Entertainment and publisher Square Enix’s The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a new narrative title set in the Life is Strange universe. As per pre-release material and notifications within the experience itself, it depicts events and characters that will tie into Life is Strange 2 – which is all but set to ditch Arcadia Bay in search of a new location, cast, and stories to tell. That being said, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a standalone heartfelt adventure where you get to spend a day in the life of 10-year old Chris and his superhero alter-ego, Captain Spirit. Awesome Adventures may only provide a single location and afternoon for the story it tells – but the scope is much larger. Dealing with the tragic loss of his mother and a distant father, players are given an almost sandbox narrative to spend a wintery Saturday afternoon checking in on various toys that double as supervillains, finding the right material to put together a costume, and even practise telekinetic powers on snowmen thanks to firecrackers. Alternating between emotional and charming, there’s an indie-movie quality to how Chris’s imagination is visualised within the small-town setting. From seemingly being transported to another planet when venturing into a darkened room, to sound-effects layered over Chris sitting in a pick-up truck that doubles as Captain Spirit’s spaceship. Which is a testament to the wonderful art direction and set design that can present a believable and identifiable world and protagonist in Chris long before a single word is spoken. The setup or premise of the adventure is simple but effective too, after cooking breakfast for Chris and retiring to the living room to watch basketball and drink whiskey, Chris is left to pretty much do as he pleases. Whether that’s a list of trackable objectives tied directly to exploration and the goals of Captain Spirit, or simply doing the dishes and other household chores. At any point waking up Chris’s father triggers an end-game state, so the open nature of players getting to discover and explore presents a narrative snapshot of a character and moment in their life. How it handles the idea of a drunk or alcoholic parent is mostly subtle and far more realistic than the outspoken cartoonish versions we’ve seen before - as recently as Detroit: Become Human. Chris’s father’s abuses aren’t immediately apparent, nor explicitly stated, instead a portrait of a troubled man who lost his wife yet loves Chris is deftly presented. With the finite nature of the story it tells, and even if you spend time to soak up as much detail as you can, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is over in handful of hours. In that time, you can choose the look and direction to take Captain Spirit, while also solving various puzzles in-order to get more back-story into exactly what happened to Chris’s mother. One of which, involving unlocking a phone, is almost impossible to figure out. Other shortcomings found in the sometimes-clunky writing and overly scripted emotional moments can feel unearned or sloppy. But the spirit and charm found in the surprise-hit Life is Strange is certainly here in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

Kosta Andreadis Jun 26, 2018



Las increíbles aventuras de Captain Spirit es una demo inteligente y un juego interesante: un par de horas en las que la empatía es la mecánica principal y la interacción con lo que nos rodea, la clave para conocer a los personajes. Aún nos quedan unos meses para conocer cómo será la segunda parte de Life is Strange.

Marta Trivi Jun 25, 2018



Las increíbles aventuras de Captain Spirit nos ha gustado mucho. Es un episodio un tanto diferente a lo que estamos acostumbrados con Life is Strange, pero creemos que hace muy bien lo que quiere hacer. Es una propuesta muy interesante, más centrada en redescubrir lo que nos rodea desde los ojos de un niño, y vivir sus aventuras y sus problemas con ese prisma tan único que le da su imaginación.

Juan Rubio Jun 25, 2018



Die Geschichte des kleinen Chris scheint eine tragische zu sein, hört aber genau dann auf, wenn es in der knapp ein bis zweistündigen Episode spannend wird – das erste Mal. Sie aus der naiven Sicht eines kleinen Kindes zu erleben ist ein interessanter Ansatz, täuscht aber nicht darüber hinweg, dass die Spielmechaniken der Life is Strange-Reihe erste Ermüdungserscheinungen zeigen.

Alexander Schneider Jun 25, 2018



Enfin, les scènes contemplatives n’ont pas vraiment de plus-value dans une aventure aussi courte, même si elles permettent de se concentrer sur la BO du jeu qui reste une franche réussite. Néanmoins, les nombreux choix laissés aux joueur permettent une certaine replay-value, puisque si la fin reste écrite dans le marbre, on pourra faire osciller Chris entre un fils dévoué ou un garnement prompt à jouer avec les nerfs (déjà bien mis à l’épreuve) de son père, ce qui donne une tonalité totalement différente à l’histoire.

Damien Greffet Jul 07, 2018


A priori étourdissant de simplicité, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit surprend finalement par la justesse de son propos. Aux commandes d'un petit garçon prêt à braver l'hyperespace pour oublier la banalité mortelle d'un samedi matin emprunt de solitude, le chapitre introductif de Life is Strange 2 parvient à tirer intelligemment son épingle du jeu, en jouant à fond la carte des aventures fantastiques pour mieux leur opposer la triste réalité d'un père alcoolique et paumé.

Thomas Pillon Jun 25, 2018

Spazio Games


Chris ritornerà in Life is Strange 2, così come alcune azioni intraprese in questo piccolo antipasto saranno riportate all’interno della nuova serie. Ed alla luce di quanto abbiamo visto c’è di che immaginare, ma soprattutto sperare, e non vediamo l’ora di scoprire la prossima avventura del nostro nuovo supereroe preferito.

Valentino Cinefra Jun 25, 2018


Бесплатный мини-эпизод — это, пожалуй, лучшее, что может случиться с эпизодической игрой. Он не воспринимается как демоверсия (а это ведь она и есть), рассказывает свою маленькую историю и одновременно дает понять настрой грядущей Life is Strange 2.

Александр Преймак Jun 25, 2018



Przygody młodego Chrisa to wspaniałe uzupełnienie uniwersum Life is Strange. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit serwuje niezwykle barwną opowieść, która posiada drugie dno.

Wojtini Jun 25, 2018