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Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

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Mark SherwoodJan 09, 2019
Despite the occasional flaw, the game does a remarkable job of keeping things simple and easy to understand, at the same time as embedding depth through its fluid, interconnected gameplay elements. Whether you’re here for the satisfying combat, the deep and engaging story, or the vast and diverse quests within, Tales of Vesperia will certainly deliver. That, together with its additional extras, makes this edition a must have.
Ashley BatesJan 09, 2019
Even the voice acting troubles fail to truly dampen the overall experience. Despite being around for a decade, Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition still manages to be worthwhile journey for old fans and new. If you’re looking for something expansive to fill the time between now and Kingdom Hearts 3, this game is for you.
Elton JonesJan 19, 2019
This JRPG remaster does right by its legendary source material. The original version of Tales of Vesperia is still worth returning to on its own merit. But the Japanese PS3’s features that are a part of this remaster’s current-gen package turns it into a must-play for series fans. The extra characters/party members, skits, battle abilities, and costumes do a lot to endear itself to those in the know and those who want to experience it for the very first time.
Will BorgerJan 16, 2019
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition amounts to a fine package, and easily the best version of a beloved game. While I wish that Namco Bandai had taken better care to ensure that the experience was more uniform by bringing back the original voice actors and fixing the cutscenes and certain parts of the script, but this is still a very good game that does a lot well, even ten years after its original release, and it’s easily the best version of the game available.
Richard SeagraveJan 09, 2019
Let’s not forget the game’s biggest draw for Tales fans though: fully voiced dialogue and the chance to get to grips with content that previously hasn’t been available in the west. Those certainly don’t disappoint. This is indeed the Definitive Edition of Tales of Vesperia, just don’t expect it to blow your socks off like it once did, that’s all.
Paweł MatyjewiczJan 09, 2019
You'll laugh and cry with the characters, live through their struggles and joys, and after a satisfying finale, you'll immediately start missing them. Well, that's what New Game Plus is for, right? The developers took into account our likely return to the world and added a lot of modifications for repeat plays. We wholeheartedly recommend it.
Mary BillingtonJan 26, 2019
Playing Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition will bring back memories of simpler JRPGs that offered fun characters, engaging stories, and colourful worlds. Thankfully, the few issues that make it show its age don't take much away from its overall enjoyment.
Jens BischoffJan 11, 2019
Tales of Vesperia hat auch nach knapp zehn Jahren kaum etwas von seinem Charme eingebüßt. Die hochskalierte Cel-Shading-Grafik sieht auch heute noch ordentlich aus, die Vertonung wurde stark erweitert und wer will, kann dieses Mal sogar den japanischen Originalton aktivieren. Wer die nur in Japan veröffentlichte PS3-Fassung nicht kennt, wird sich zudem über zahlreiche neue Inhalte wie zusätzliche Charaktere, Schauplätze und Ereignisse freuen, die sich jetzt auch überspringen lassen.
DottorKillexJan 09, 2019
Se lo avete già spolpato a dovere dieci anni or sono, Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition non è un acquisto essenziale, perché la quantità di contenuti inediti non è tale da giustificare un secondo esborso. Eppure, rivivere le avventura di Yuri e Flynn ci ha saputo ancora emozionare, e per tutti coloro che non avessero avuto una Xbox 360 nella scorsa generazione di console, l’acquisto è assolutamente consigliato, perchè si parla di un gioco di ruolo giapponese solido ed ispirato.
Andrea GiulianiJan 09, 2019
Se dovessi valutare Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition unicamente per il lavoro di rimasterizzazione, la valutazione sarebbe insufficiente. Il gioco risulta comunque gradevole all’occhio, ma solo grazie allo stile in Cel Shading, non di certo grazie al lavoro degli sviluppatori che anzi sembrano aver totalmente trascurato gli scenari e altri dettagli che sembrano identici a quelli di 10 anni fa.
NikorinJan 15, 2019
Co tu dużo mówić - Tales of Vesperia to moja ulubiona część serii Tales of i naprawdę porządna gra, która po ponad 10 latach dalej jest warta ogrania. Nowa zawartość sprawia, że nawet starszy fani tego tytułu znajdą coś dla siebie i będą mogli poznać nowe postacie oraz nowe wątki fabularne (ale nie tylko). Jeśli natomiast nie graliście jeszcze w ten tytuł, to nigdy nie znajdziecie na to lepszej pory niż teraz!