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Jul 16, 2020 NEW
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Developer: SUPERHOT Team
Content Rating: Teen


You stand in the center of a firefight. A hail of slow motion bullets is inching slowly towards your face. You see bright red enemies frozen in place as they run towards you. Weapons in hand, they’re stepping over the shattered remains of the foes you just dispatched. Everything is sharp, silent, and still. Light flickers in the red crystal shards coating the cold concrete floor around you. There’s a gun slowly turning in flight right in front of you. An enemy must have dropped it as their dying body exploded in a shower of brilliant red shrapnels.

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Becca S.Jul 15, 2020
In the end, Superhot: Mind Control Delete is simply an amazing title. Back in 2016, SUPERHOT really was the most innovative shooter we’d played in years, and four years on, the series is still as exciting as ever. With new levels, cool weapons, more creative settings and excellent sound design and music, there’s nothing quite like it.
Chris WrayJul 09, 2020
The taut and well-thought-out nature of the levels is lost due to the roguelike nature of the game, with the thought and surprise of the originals story lost in what is mostly meandering waffle here. Is it a good game? Yes, it's well worth playing if you just want the combat. If you want more, you'll likely be disappointed.
James BentleyJul 10, 2020
It’s fair to say this is true of the whole experience. Whilst MIND CONTROL DELETE is not quite as brilliantly unique as its predecessor due to the nature of sequels, it is a very thoughtful addition to the series. Its narrative is intriguing and its balancing systems work well. Whilst the repetition of levels can occasionally become grating, the end result is polished, interesting and a great value.

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