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Super Mega Baseball 2

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Andrew ReinerMay 04, 2018
Super Mega Baseball 2 delivers a rock-solid baseball experience that may come up light on modes, but homes in on the fun and skill of pitching and batting. I hope this becomes an annualized series, as Metalhead has a great foundation to build upon.
Caley RoarkMay 01, 2018
Super Mega Baseball 2 is a grounded baseball simulation wrapped in an arcade-style look and feel. An accurate physics engine generates realistic hits, and it keeps stats and models fatigue and morale in interesting ways. This realism is betrayed by a few control issues that affect the timing when batting and an AI that doesn’t always behave as you’d expect.
Erin CastilloMay 17, 2018
With nothing to compare it to, this sequel is more than just a pretty little baseball sim. From the Wii-like characters and its entire eye-popping arcady graphical design to its surprising variety and depth, Super Mega Baseball 2 provides a fun and exciting twist to a sometimes boring and cumbersome sport (sorry baseball fans). Overall, and despite a few relatively small annoyances throughout the game, Super Mega Baseball 2 provides an enjoyable for the entire family!
Jorge JimenezMay 11, 2018
If you’re looking for fun arcade baseball action with a bombastic presentation, Super Mega Baseball 2 is a no-brainer. The easily adjustable difficulty makes these a great game to play with kids. While it won’t have any of the big names in baseball, you can still find a lot of fun in the deep customization and easy-to-pick-up controls.
Chris BowmanJun 18, 2018
All in all Metalhead Software Inc. hit another one out of the park with Super Mega Baseball 2. The gameplay is fluid and fun for all ages. Tie this in with the online multiplayer feature that is offered and you will have fun for hours. You don’t need to be the best-skilled game player to play this game which gives it a big positive note for any players.
Mark SherwoodMay 02, 2018
Super Mega Baseball 2 is a fun blend of arcade and simulation baseball. Its decent and believable physics, grouped with its unique design and alluringly fluid gameplay, gives it a definitive edge over the half-baked RBI Baseball 18. Despite the lack of diverse stadiums and licenses, this game achieves everything that it set out to accomplish, ultimately delivering a polished, wacky and robust experience.
Ethan ButterfieldJul 06, 2018
All in all, is Super Mega Baseball 2 worth picking up? Absolutely. Though it may not be as robust as other baseball games, this title certainly has the fun factor down to a tee. So, if you strive for a simpler time in sports gaming, then Super Mega Baseball 2 is going to be right up your alley. If not, then there are other options out there.
Pedro D'AvilaMay 01, 2018
For those wanting to spend less, Super Mega Baseball 2 offers enough content to be fun and easily learned by people of all skill levels. It may not be as flashy as an EA Sports property, but for the price point, it’s a home run.
Mattia ArmaniMay 08, 2018
A prima vista Super Mega Baseball 2 potrebbe sembrare un arcade scanzonato, e chi pretende licenze e realismo assoluto potrebbe restarne deluso, ma dietro alle gambette corte e alle mascelle poderose dei giocatori si nasconde un titolo in ottimo equilibrio tra leggerezza e simulazione, ancora imperfetto ma fedele quanto basta al vero baseball senza per questo pretendere una conoscenza enciclopedica del celebre sport statunitense.