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Stranger Things 3: The Game

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Rhett WaselenchukAug 04, 2019
As a big fan of Stranger Things, I found some decent fun to be had with ST3TG. It’s genuinely exciting to take control of these characters we’ve gotten to know over the past three seasons, even as 16-bit renditions of themselves. I also really loved discovering the locations we’ve seen on the show. The fan service on display here might be enough to sell enthusiasts of the show, however, it’s tough to recommend this for anyone who hasn’t seen it.
Mark SherwoodJul 08, 2019
Deep, fun, and wholly entertaining, Stranger Things 3: The Game is a must-have treat that sits remarkably well with its exceptional source material. Despite some hit and miss puzzle work, everything from the combat and the progression framework, right the way through to the world design and its many hidden secrets, collectively put forward a well paced, well balanced adventure that rarely grows tiresome. If you love the show, you’ll love this.
Mark DelaneyJul 11, 2019
If you like neither retro games nor Stranger Things, you're probably safe skipping this one, but for anyone who likes either and everyone who likes both — likely a great number of people — Stranger Things 3: The Game is a fun homage to the old school and a proper tie-in game that will hopefully bring about more similar projects. The TV series appeals to a wide age range and the game surely will too. Bring someone skilled for the boss battles and this will be a frustration-free extension of your season three binge.
Sian Francis-CoxJul 06, 2019
For such young actors, the cast of Stranger Things completely blows other performances out of the water. The finale has to be some of the finest television I’ve seen in a long time, shattering all my expectations. I’d recommend leaving breathing time in order to appreciate it fully as a standalone episode. Stranger Things might have risen to fame as a binge-show and a cheap gimmick to experience nostalgia, but its visceral performances, thoughtful screenwriting, and attention to cultural phenomena prove that there’s more to it than initially meets the eye.
Lisa DahlgrenJul 16, 2019
It may sound like we're being overly harsh, but ultimately it left us feeling a little underwhelmed, especially considering the source material it's based on. It is satisfying to relive the moments from the great, '80s nostalgia-driven TV show and the design, the narrative and the music all present a pretty package that is relatively fun to play, especially in local co-op. The thing that bugs us it the oversimplification of it all.
Joel CastilloJul 12, 2019
Como producto complementario a la serie Stranger Things 3: El Juego es un título interesante. Tiene elementos muy acertados, como la estética y los diálogos, pero falla en otros más estructurales, como las misiones secundarias.
Ayden_Jul 09, 2019
Porté par une ambiance géniale – même si la bande-son tourne un peu en rond – le jeu de BonusXP est, dans l’ensemble, une réussite. Il ne marquera pas les esprits comme peuvent le faire certaines productions indépendantes mais demeure un chouette prolongement de la série. Attention, on le répète encore une fois : il est plus que recommandé de regarder l’intégralité de la saison 3 avant de lancer le jeu.
Gabriele BarducciJul 12, 2019
Stranger Things 3: The Game si è dimostrato un titolo ben più maturo e complesso di quello che ci si poteva aspettare, avendo tutto ciò che serve per intrattenere per molte ore: quest secondarie, sistema di combattimento e abilità uniche, personaggi da sbloccare, infarinatura di meccaniche GDR e possibilità di picchiare Demogorgoni e Mind Flayer a ripetizione. Il dolce perfetto e gustoso da accompagnare alla portata principale presente su Netflix.
Tommaso PuglieseJul 14, 2019
I numerosi personaggi vengono gestiti bene, con attacchi e special differenti, e la risoluzione degli enigmi ambientali porta a usare spesso la testa per individuare questa o quella combinazione. Tuttavia il succo del gameplay si riduce a poche, semplici meccaniche e a una struttura piuttosto banale, che dispensa senz'altro alcuni piacevoli momenti ma anche un bel po' di ingenuità difficili da mandare giù.