Straimium Immortaly for Xbox One
Xbox One

Straimium Immortaly

Dec 24, 2019
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Developer: Anthony Case
Content Rating: Mature


Straimium Immortaly is a shmup roguelike dungeoncrawler. Explore the butts-hard procedurally generated Cubicus battling beasties, looting endless item and weapon upgrades and defeating huge boss meanies in your vengeful quest to eradicate the Queeni Emperess.

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Graham CameronDec 16, 2019
Straimium Immortaly is a very odd game and a lot of it doesn’t make sense, though the weird designs and colourful layout has some charm about it. However, the game is not very fair and is downright tough when you can’t tell on screen what can or can’t hurt you and what is a power-up. The game has an old-style feel to it that you always strive to do better than your previous attempt. But with such childish writing and busy screens it may put a lot of people off.
Paul RenshawFeb 02, 2020
All in all though and the hook and addictiveness of the gameplay of Straimium Immortaly on Xbox One just about overcomes these drawbacks. Seeing your skills improve, taking out the bosses after numerous attempts, getting new mutators and hats, and unlocking new modes like the boss rush option keeps you coming back for more. Yes it’s weird, and yes it’s wacky, but Straimium Immortaly is worth a play.

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