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Dean JamesDec 06, 2016
December is the perfect time of year to release a winter sports game as the temperature is dropping and snow is starting to fall in many parts of the country, and Steep transports players right into the Alps themselves for a wintery experience. The recreation of the mountains looks fantastic and it is a lot of fun to traverse them using the four different sport options, but unreliable input controls and many buggy moments are a steep hill to overcome to classify Steep as a great game.
Leif JohnsonDec 16, 2016
Steep is a game that's never really sure what it is, and its vagueness and lack of meaningful rewards causes it to suffer in any comparisons to the likes of SSX. But there's a quiet thrill to exploring the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc, and snowed-in Alpine villages.
Rashid SayedDec 07, 2016
Despite its glitches and uncomfortable control scheme, there is a lot of fun to be had in Steep. The sense of racing down the mountain and competing with other players is second to none. Pulling off insane and over the top moves is a lot of fun and the games encourages you to participate in a plethora of actives set across this massive open world. If anything, Ubisoft’s Steep scratched the SSX itch.
Brett MakedonskiDec 06, 2016
These also aren't things I found myself thinking about when I was hellbent on earning a gold medal in yet another event. In those moments, Steep is a simple yet functional form of escapism. It's afterward, when unsure where to go and what to do next, that it hits you: Steep really isn't what it aims to be.
Ken McKownDec 14, 2016
Steep is a great game marred by odd design decisions that drag it down a few notches. With some tweaks and band-aids this could easily be one of the better games of 2016, but the nagging issues found here are enough to make me not want to play it for more than an hour or so at a time. That said, with so many other great titles hitting this time of year Steep is likely to be forgotten, but if they manage to solve its issues, and it gets a sort of fresh launch early next year, definitely keep your eyes out for it.
Whitney ReynoldsDec 12, 2016
Too many extreme-sports video games gate the fun of exploring what they offer behind endless challenges, forcing players to retry over and over until they get bored and move on. Steep sets itself apart by never holding players back and never slowing down. Across hours spent with the game, I was free to throw myself down the mountain as many times and in as many ways as I wanted. As it turns out, that made for a damn good time.
Dan WebbDec 04, 2016
Steep is an admirable effort from Ubisoft Annecy, one that is chock full of decent ideas, but held back by others. This simulation extreme sports title lays down the foundations for what could turn out to be another staple in Ubisoft’s ever growing catalogue.
Kieran HarrisDec 08, 2016
While the open world is extremely polished and easy to navigate, the lack of varied courses, a shallow progression system, and weak AI works to diminish its lasting appeal. This isn't to say that Steep is a poor a game, far from it, but this otherwise enjoyable experience has been held back a little by a handful of disappointing decisions.
gamesTMFeb 06, 2017
It could have been something special, and there’s tremendous potential for a sequel, but for now, Steep feels like a game of two halves. It tries to do too much and fails to capitalise on what it does best, and as such, makes for a tricky game to recommend.
Alberto PastorDec 09, 2016
Steep es un videojuego valiente. Recupera un género que ya casi se daba por perdido, y lo además hace con la ambición propia de una superproducción. Tienes ante ti un vasto mundo abierto que puedes explorar con libertad; recorrer sus pistas con una tabla de snow o lanzarte al vacío mientras practicas wingsuit. La experiencia es emocionante, pero al videojuego de Ubisoft le falta algo más de complejidad en su acción y pruebas más variadas.
Julien HubertDec 09, 2016
Bref, à condition que la glisse vous manque terriblement depuis les quelques années que ce genre a presque disparu de la circulation, alors il y a de fortes chances pour que Steep comble bon nombre de vos attentes, malgré ses imperfections.
EpyonDec 06, 2016
Le jeu d'Ubisoft Annecy repose sur des bases solides, et malgré une réalisation technique décevante, réussit là où beaucoup ont échoué autrefois : il a une âme. Malheureusement, cela ne suffira probablement pas à séduire les joueurs qui découvriront un jeu intéressant par bien des aspects mais manquant terriblement d'enjeux, de fun.
Damien GreffetDec 07, 2016
Aucune histoire, pas de véritable progression, le jeu d’Ubisoft Annecy se présente comme un gros open world – d’excellente facture, qu’il s’agisse des choix en level design ou de sa taille massive – dans lequel on peut simplement se défouler. Malgré de nombreux défauts, le jeu reste pétri de qualités à condition de l’acheter en connaissance de cause.
Paolo GimondiDec 02, 2016
In definitiva Steep è un gioco che vuole farvi sentire la montagna, che voi ne siate già appassionati o che non l’abbiate mai vista. La struttura open world unita agli aventi selezionabili liberamente in ogni momento, dà una libertà d’approccio mai vista prima in un videogioco dedicato agli sport invernali. Se gli sciatori apprezzeranno la pacatezza dell’esplorazione in cerca di nuove cime e l’adrenalina di discese difficilmente replicabili nella realtà, i videogiocatori sopperiranno la mancanza di una storia, impegnati in ore e ore di sfide da portare a termine cercando di capire al meglio un gameplay ricco di sfaccettature. Dopo un primo contatto più che ottimo, è legittimo attendere un lavoro ancora più rifinito per un sicuro secondo capitolo.
Федор СивовDec 06, 2016
Она создает площадку для развлечений. Тут можно много кататься, участвовать в соревнованиях, искать интересные маршруты и бросать вызов другим игрокам. В общем, развлекаться и погружаться в атмосферу. Вот только у игры проблемы с самоопределением. До серьезного симулятора она никак не дотягивает, а для аркады здесь маловато безумства и чумового фристайла. Но ничего лучше на эту тему вы сегодня все равно не найдете.
Hürcan KöseDec 12, 2016
Steep, üzerinde az daha uğraşılsa çok daha sağlam bir oyun olabilirdi. Eğer bu tür sporları seviyorsanız Steep size iyi gelecektir, orası kesin. Ancak bir yerden sonra sizin bile yapacak bir şey bulamayıp Steep'i bir kenara bırakacağınıza eminim. Hele ki bu tür sporların müdavimi değilseniz Steep'i edinmenizi pek tavsiye etmiyorum. En azından şu anki fiyatı ile bunu hak eden bir oyun değil.
Andreas BlomDec 09, 2016
På det stora hela kan jag rekommendera Steep till de som vill ha snudd på total frihet, vackra vyer, adrenssalinskjutsar och de som drömmer om att snickra egna extremsportvideos. För att inte tala om att uppleva det bästa ljudet i år, näst efter Battlefield 1.