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Jason FaulknerMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 is a flawed game, and it seems to suffer from Microsoft's increased demand for exclusive titles. If it had about six more months or so of development time, it's likely that the tone of this review would be very different. However, it's undeniable that aspects of this game were rushed and there's not any significant jump in gameplay or design from the first game.
Caty McCarthyMay 17, 2018
If you can deal with a healthy dose of bugs, State of Decay 2 is an extremely satisfying and unpredictable management sim with a solid action-survival game laid on top. The sequel's improved UI, new multiplayer component, and additional maps help it stand out from its predecessor, even if the moment-to-moment is largely the same.
Ben MooreMay 25, 2018
Alex AvardMay 17, 2018
Zombie fatigue in popular culture can sometimes feel as widespread a disease as the blood plague itself, but by sticking to its guns and delivering on a smarter breed of zombie game, State of Decay 2 is a potent reminder of why the undead continue to be such a rich source for interactive entertainment.
Alessio PalumboMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 is every bit as fun and rough as the first game was in 2013. It feels like a game that would have massively benefited from additional resources during development given its numerous technical shortcomings, but even so, its core (improved in this sequel) remains unique and fun to play, especially with friends. It's one of those titles that can be described as being more than the sum of its parts.
Alessandro BarbosaMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 implements some interesting mechanics but fails to engage with them in a meaningful way.
Paul SullivanMay 17, 2018
I was about to launch into another broken situation here, but I’m sure you get the point. The point is this: although there’s a very competent core loop and entertaining resource management sim somewhere within State of Decay 2, it’s really, really, broken. Unacceptably so. It frustrated me mightily to see a flash of a game I wanted to play, only to be immediately reminded that it’s not ready for release.
Max MoellerMay 17, 2018
For all of its problems, State of Decay 2 keeps pulling me back in. Some areas should receive more polish, but what works is damn fun. State of Decay 2 is about killing zombies and building up your base, and it delivers on that front wholeheartedly. The experience isn’t going to blow anybody’s mind, but this is a solid game with something for everyone. Also, I’ve learned that I may do alright in a zombie apocalypse. I can’t say many other games have shown me that.
Dan StapletonMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2’s zombie-infested maps are good places to scavenge, fight, and survive in. Combat is satisfyingly brutal and the special zombies inspire some real fear of permanent death, even though the Blood Plague turns out to be more of a sniffle. But the bugs are just as persistent as the zombies, and after a dozen or so hours the repetition of both eventually take their toll, making the appeal of replaying feel more limited than I’d expected for a sandbox RPG.
Sean EngemannMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 is full of improvements and additions over its predecessor, yet strays little from the original blueprint. If you enjoyed the first game, then you will certainly lose plenty of hours in the sequel, scouring the undead ridden lands for supplies to keep your community alive and thriving. However, if you were hoping for groundbreaking changes to the horror survival formula and pristine technical accomplishments, you will be disappointed. Nevertheless, for a bargain retail price, and as a launch title for subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass, it’s definitely worth of a look while keeping some change in your pocket.
Chris McMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 is the best State of Decay has ever been. The addition of a co-op multiplayer mode will appeal to anyone looking for a little shared zombie-survival; and you'll find yourself getting surprisingly attached to your characters, despite the fact they have relatively little backstory. The amount of freedom is genuinely impressive, as is the sheer mayhem that the game can devolve into.
Charles Singletary JrMay 21, 2018
Overall, State of Decay 2 feels like a game that should have a home in the game preview section of the Xbox library. The community building is fun enough to engage my zombie survival fantasies but it’s held back by a consistent slew of bugs.
Alice BellMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 has some lovely elements that will make you want to keep playing, and yet others that make you want to turn it off again, so you get caught in a fretful loop of not knowing what to do with yourself. Like some kind of restless corpse shuffling back and forth with no purpose, perhaps…?
Dalton CooperJun 03, 2018
Due to its numerous technical issues and underwhelming gameplay, it’s difficult to give State of Decay 2 a wide recommendation. However, it’s easy to see how the game will appeal to a certain group of players, particularly those who consider themselves fans of the original game. And, since State of Decay 2 is available through Xbox Game Pass, anyone who is signed up for Microsoft’s Netflix-like game distribution service might as well give it a shot.
Ray PorrecaMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 comes together as a game that feels designed for players who like to make checklists and chip away at long-term tasks. That notion might sound contradictory to existence in a zombie apocalypse, where death comes fast and often, but engaging with the game from this perspective makes its rough edges seem more like minor smudges.
Ravi SinhaMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 isn't a bad game but it doubles down on too much of the first game's failings. For newcomers, the repetitive combat and mission variety, glitches and lack of polish can be a turnoff but the base-building and survivor management manage to shine.
Anthony ColeMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 is a huge step up from its predecessor. There’s a large and diverse variety of content within, all of which is upheld by well developed systems, fluid gameplay and easy to understand functionality. This isn’t going to be for everyone, however, there’s no denying that despite its niggling issues and bugs, it’s easily one of the best Microsoft exclusives in recent memory. It’s tense, action-packed and thoroughly entertaining.
Mollie L PattersonMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 builds upon Undead Labs’ original cult classic about surviving a zombie apocalypse, and in many ways, it’s bigger and better than its predecessor. In other ways, however, it’s too similar to said predecessor, resulting in an experience that often feels like it could have been deeper or more ambitious.
Ken McKownJun 01, 2018
State of Decay 2 feels like a pretty run-of-the-mill sequel. It packs in more while refining less. The addition of co-op is great, I just wish they would have focused more on streamlining and cleaning up some of its technical issues. Still with this game free in Game Pass and only carrying a $30 price tag I feel like it lives up to expectations. For those that enjoyed the original game, this will certainly satisfy.
Jeff CorkMay 17, 2018
See it through to its conclusion, and you can bring a trio of survivors along to build an all-new community, with unlockable end-game perks that let you save precious time in subsequent attempts. After seeing my first group’s story to the end, I wanted to see what came next for my survivors, who worked to bring peace and cooperation to the land. But I’m not going to, or at least not any time soon. It’s not worth the aggravation in its current state.
William SchwartzMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 follows a similar pattern of the first game.  If you can put up with a game that isn’t quite state of the industry when it comes to visual fidelity and performance, there’s a fun zombie survival game underneath it all.
Nicola Ardron May 17, 2018
There is still ambition in State of Decay 2, and there is certainly something that could keep players coming back, however it currently feels like a game that is still brimming with the potential of the first one, but at best is as unpolished as that one and at worst unfinished.quel, with some glitches that hinder the progress and the fun.
GameCentralMay 17, 2018
The State Of Decay concept still holds plenty of promise but this sequel is so broken that laughing at its bugs and glitches becomes its primary source of entertainment.
Dominic LeightonMay 17, 2018
If you’re looking for a compelling and atmospheric take on the zombie genre that’s more Walking Dead than Left 4 Dead, State of Decay 2 is an imperfect but enjoyable sequel to the superior original. The gameplay loop of scavenging, crafting and killing can begin to wear thin, but the human element is capable of pulling you back in.
Brandon J. WysockiMay 17, 2018
The story never really does anything more than serve as a loose form and guidance for your gameplay experience. In two playthroughs, no character or plot point was memorable. And yet, I’ve had a hell of a time playing the game, and many memorable moments during my time with it. Some of the execution has more room for improvement than you’d expect from a sequel, especially one published by Microsoft, but overall it provides a unique, fun, and satisfying gameplay experience.
Dan WebbMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 is a perfectly fine game. Nothing more, nothing less. Sure, it may be buggy and it might be a step back from the original, but it is nevertheless still a fun game, albeit one that doesn’t really motivate you to keep playing. To keep grinding. I imagine it’s what a real zombie apocalypse would be like, we just wanted more from a game about it.
Jon CalvinMay 17, 2018
Ultimately, there are some people that will love this game, a dedicated audience that finds the unique mix of third-person action, survival mechanics and management sim engaging enough to tackle multiple playthroughs. In that sense, it's an interesting take on the zombie genre that offers something different to the usual violent affairs, opting instead for a more emotive experience that utilises emergent gameplay to give players the power to tell their own stories.
Jed WhitakerMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 feels similar in ways to Microsoft’s other big exclusive that released earlier this year, Sea of Thieves, in that it feels incomplete, rushed, and lacking any real depth. Once you’ve played for a couple hours, you’ve seen pretty much everything the game has to offer and experienced far more bugs than any other first-party game in recent years has ever had at launch, in my experience.
Kosta AndreadisMay 17, 2018
There’s something about it that keeps you coming back, whether that’s the fun exploration or simply going on a quest to clear a few houses of infestations and then loot all the cupboards and drawers for goodies. But above all that it does nail the combat side, where headshots feel great as does getting up close with a machete. Gruesome and fun zombie-apocalypse survival, but also bug-ridden and poorly optimised.
James MitchellMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 is just as good as the original but fails to make good on its major promises. There’s some great quality of life improvements here and there, but the repetitive goals to work towards and cursory co-op options stop it from being any better than the original. Despite all this, State of Decay 2’s gameplay loop is strangely alluring, but many won’t put up with its technical shortcomings.
Alejandro Castillo EscribanoMay 22, 2018
Lo negativo sí es cierto que empaña el resultado global, pero mentiríamos si dijésemos que State of Decay 2 no es un juego divertido. Claro que lo es, y el trabajo en la mejora en su rejugabilidad gracias a los legados y a la variedad que permiten los tres mapas le sienta bien a la fórmula ya asentada.
Jose A. RodríguezMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 es un juego notable, que no obstante deja frío en mucho de sus apartados, empezando por el técnico en muchos aspecto, pasando por el ortopédico sistema de melé y acabando por lo repetitivo de su mecánica en especial si jugamos solos.
RodoMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 es un juego agradable y que se ve bien, pero que tiene una cantidad de errores considerable y escenarios reciclados que le quitan mucho de su brillo. Es agradable que los eventos que sucedan dentro de tu partida sean consecuencia de las acciones de cada jugador, dando esa sensación de que cada una de tus acciones es irrepetible.
Juan RubioMay 19, 2018
State of Decay 2 es un juego cuya fórmula sigue funcionando muy bien y la adereza con su modo cooperativo para hasta cuatro jugadores, si bien las limitaciones de este modo son más de las que nos gustarían. Habría estado genial que Undead Labs hubiese intentado ir un poco más allá e introducir algo que, a nivel de jugabilidad, de verdad te dé las sensaciones de una secuela, ya que apenas hay novedades en ese apartado.
pinjedMay 21, 2018
Es una apuesta arriesgada porque significa que estamos ante uno de esos juegos en los que cuesta entrar, uno al que la mayoría de advenedizos no le perdonarán los diálogos cuasi infantiles, los gráficos apocados, los bugs o la deliberada desconexión entre el esqueleto abstracto de sus mecánicas y la lógica de un universo hasta cierto punto realista. Pero uno acepta sus particularidades, como hemos aceptado que los zombis están en la cultura para quedarse, hay bastante diversión por rapiñar.
Álvaro CastellanoMay 17, 2018
A pesar de que es una secuela muy continuista, quizá incluso demasiado, hay mucha diversión que sacar de State of Decay 2. Si conseguimos pasar por alto sus asperezas, que no son pocas, tenemos entre manos un juego de supervivencia muy genuino y capaz de ofrecernos muchas horas de entretenimiento y tensión e inmersión máximas.
Alejandro AlcoleaMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 es una secuela muy continuista, algo que no es malo en absoluto. Undead Labs recoge lo mejor del primero y lo potencia añadiendo contenido, profundidad y nuevas mecánicas que encantarán a los amantes de los zombis, la gestión y la acción. Tiene algunos problemas técnicos e ideas que no terminan de casar, pero es muy recomendable.
Alexander SchneiderMay 22, 2018
Die Zombie-Apokalypse war noch nie deprimierender – außer vielleicht in der Form von Paul W.S. Andersons Resident Evil-Filmen. Im Fall von State of Decay 2 ist das aber kein Minuspunkt. Undead Labs zeichnet in der Spielwelt eine Zivilisation die aus ihrer Verankerung gerissen wurde. Das Spiel hat die Grundlagen für großartiges, scheitert aber an zwei konkreten Punkten: Dem Survival-Abenteuer fehlt eine gute Story und deren Inszenierung.
Jens BischoffMay 18, 2018
Mit State of Decay 2 haben Microsoft und die Undead Labs ihre Zombie-Apokalypse behutsam, aber sinnvoll erweitert: Die Spielwelt ist nun noch größer und abwechslungsreicher, die Aktionsmöglichkeiten und Charakterentwicklung sind noch vielfältiger und die stockfinsteren Nächte noch bedrohlicher. Doch am wichtigsten: Es gibt endlich den von vielen herbeigesehnten Mehrspielermodus.
Romain MahutMay 18, 2018
State of Decay 2 est incontestablement le simulateur de survie en monde infesté de zombies le plus complet et "réaliste" sorti jusqu'à présent. Il reprend l'idée déjà intéressante de gestion de communauté du premier épisode et y ajoute plusieurs nouveaux mécanismes bien sentis et surtout la possibilité de jouer à quatre en coopération.
Maximilien CagnardMay 18, 2018
Il faut tout de même prendre du recul : il ne s’agit en rien d’un jeu triple AAA et l’équipe derrière State of Decay 2 est convenue, ce dernier n’étant d’ailleurs que leur deuxième production. Cela dit, et le résultat étant ce qu’il est, il ne vous reste plus qu’à voir si vous êtes prêts à plonger dans ces longues, très longues heures de jeu en leur pardonnant une vraie redondance…
[87]May 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 est davantage une déception qu'un ratage complet. Néanmoins, Undead Labs a un peu trop abusé de la photocopieuse, faisant également l'écueil de reproduire les erreurs du passé. En raison de mécaniques assez mal fichues et d'une finition laissant à désirer, la lassitude et l'agacement s'emparent assez rapidement du joueur solo, qui pestera souvent contre une difficulté ou une répétitivité qui naissent d'un gameplay bancal.
Francesco DestriMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 è un bel gioco e avrebbe meritato ancora di più con un comparto tecnico meno modesto e con una struttura un po’ meno pachidermica. Se però cercate un survival a sfondo zombesco pieno di cose da fare, profondo e con un’atmosfera in stile The Walking Dead, avete trovato pane per i vostri denti. Basta solo non aspettarsi chissà quale stravolgimento rispetto al primo episodio, ma considerando anche il co-op online il divertimento è assicurato.
Paolo SirioJun 24, 2019
Se riuscirà a mettere insieme queste diverse anime senza ricorrere ai compromessi visti in Heartland, e raggiungendo in generale un equilibrio maggiore, avrà per quanto ci riguarda un sequel coi controfiocchi.
Rosario SalatielloMay 17, 2018
Se viceversa non avete gradito il primo titolo, difficilmente con State of Decay 2 cambierete idea. Resta comunque un titolo unico nel suo genere, senza dubbio migliorabile dal punto di vista tecnico ma tremendamente coinvolgente sotto il profilo delle dinamiche di gioco per chi ha voglia di sopravvivenza a un'apocalisse zombie.
Domenico MusicòMay 17, 2018
State of Decay 2 si rivela un'evoluzione del precedente capitolo, una vera e propria simulazione di sopravvivenza durante un'apocalisse zombi senza eguali. Consigliato a chi ha amato il primo capitolo ma forse poco adatto a chi è abituato alle storie e alle dinamiche dei videogiochi moderni, il titolo di Undead Labs ha evidenti carenze dal punto di vista tecnico e a lungo andare potrebbe davvero far perdere un po' d'interesse anche ai più grandi estimatori del genere.
Michael BrookhuisJun 08, 2018
State of Decay 2 is een vermakelijke game, die het beste te ervaren valt in co-op met vrienden. Ondanks dat het steeds weer zoeken naar voorraad eentonig kan worden, is het leuk om je community te zien groeien. Basebuilding had wat uitgebreider gemogen en de bugs wat minder, maar al met al kan je uren zoet zijn.
Luuc ten VeldeMay 17, 2018
Het is jammer dat de game grafisch ondermaats is en geplaagd wordt door verschillende bugs die soms leiden tot crashes. Hoewel het slachten van zombies goed aanvoelt, wordt het spel al snel eentonig door het gebrek aan een verhaal. Hierdoor weet State of Decay 2 de hoge verwachtingen na het eerste deel toch niet waar te maken.